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Band EDM Singer/Songwriter


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Etro Anime -See the Sound (full length album released through V2 records in 2000)
Etro Anime-Summer Rain (summer single for 2001 released through V2)
3 singles released with Alex Kid (french DJ on Fcom records Paris) all available on Itunes and presently still heard on Dance Radio stations and Clubs
-Come With Me
-Don't Hide It

Solo Album "NO SLEEP" released through EMI records in 2005
2 singles with videos available online as well as the album (available on amazon, CDbaby, and other sources)
-This Could've Been It
- No Sleep



I was born in Heavenly Havana on the verge of the 80's.The air smelled of Political tension so my mom and bro and I relocated to Costa Rica when I was very young. Eventually my father joined us (he was detained from leaving because he worked in the goverment as security at Fidel's secret backdoor entrance,he's now a happy baker in miami) Leaving the virgin rainforests and toilet-rattling tremors behind,we settled in Miami, where I spent the greater part of my youth eating mangoes with my hands and learning to make organised noise. High School happened at the New World School of the Arts in miami. At 19 I got the travelling disease (airportitis) and ventured over to New York. A few overpriced semersters were enjoyed at New York's New School University Jazz Conservatory. I liked to sing da blues...but then I discovered electronic music. The beep trink click clack fuzz wuz better. Met a band of brilliant musicians and we founded Etro Anime and we played the scene in city back when there were still small clubs in the east village where one could discover new music while enjoying a cigarrette. At 22 I quit school and my endless string of waitressing jobs and moved to Amsterdam with the band and my cat Ghibli (may he rest in kitty heaven). 2 years later, the band returned to the states and I moved to Paris for an exciting year of touring with french producer/DJ Alex Kid on his "Mint" album tour. Exiting and jubilant was the day Alex and I got one of the tracks we baked together on the 6 Feet Under Soundtrack,"Don't Hide It"...a rhythmically assymetric song about someone I never quite got over. check out our New joint venture "NIGHTSHADE" on Alex's Brilliant new album "Caracol". ok...back to the bio thing....I traded my mangoes for camembert and wine.Paris was distractingly beautiful and is still scratching at the door of my heart but I am now settled (as if I know what that word means) in england where I recorded my first album for EMI at The Townhouse Studios with producer Yoad Nevo, a colorful album Titled "NO SLEEP" which can still be purchased on various websites such as and others i guess.. In 2006 I was re-introduced to the exciting life of being an unsigned artist and although flirting with poverty,I am seriously loving life, writing new songs, reflecting, and waking up a little bit more every day. There is one motto that has been ingrained in my heart since I was 16 which a hiking instructor from Outward Bound shared with me whilst hiking up a particularly challenging summit in California's Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. As I was about to sit my ass down and give up because my legs were already shaking from the pain and I couldn't even see the peak (the point) because it was so high up, half the mountain was literally inside the clouds. that stupid mountain that almost crushed my will...i was all sobs and self-loathing and he says to me in that smiley new zealand accent: "Hey Liset, just think: STRONG SPIRIT OVER WEAK FLESH" i think i may have tried to kick a rock in his direction but nonetheless... Its more true now than ever.