LISH/ Carsen B. Vartell  &  Dav Douglas
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LISH/ Carsen B. Vartell & Dav Douglas

Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos




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3 Song Demo: Spiralling Down, Home, True To My Heart
Shmusicmusic Compilation CD 2007
Love Is Soul Healing EP 2007



LISH is an acronym for Love Is; Soul Healing.

Love for a person, love of a place, love of music can all be healing for the soul. LISH's music has been called "cry music","feel good music" and "real music", all in the same sentence. The purpose of LISH's music is to make you feel hopeful. LISH aims to uplift your life with lyrics of truth and moving rhythms.

LISH songs are produced by Ryan Hauschild (Winston, Adrienne Pierce, Elias, Anthill, Crystal McGrath). On the drums is Niko Friesen (John Wozniak, Adrienne Pierce, Marnie Mains). Playing the guitar is Marc Wild (Holly McNarland, Lily Frost, Whitfield). Bass rhythms performed by Tony Kerr (Winston, Greg Keating Band, Radiosonic). These musicians have worked with numerous producers such as Jeff Dawson, Thom Russo, John Sheep and Mike Fraser.

LISH has performed around Vancouver at The Media Club, The Backstage Lounge, Cafe Montmartre and The Nelson Cafe, playing with the likes of Melanie Dekker, Tom Howie, Jody Glenham, Aidan Mayes and more.

Carsen B. Vartell writes from her heart. She exposes her stories to let you know that you are not alone. Carsen knows the strength and determination necessary to change, and wants to encourage you that anything is possible. She believes that by staying true to your heart, life can only get better. Some of Carsen's fondest childhood memories are of spending time with her family during the winter holidays, gathered around her grandfather strumming his guitar. They would sing classics from Elvis, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys.

In 2002, inspired by life events, Carsen began writing lyrics to Dav's instrumental guitar work. LISH's journey thus far has been a very healing experience for Carsen B. Vartell, and she looks forward to many more songs of inspiration flowing out of her.

Dav has been writing songs since he was 13 years old. He continues to generate songs through a prolific and consistent flood of emotion. Love found, love lost, is better than love that never was; this theme runs through many of Dav Douglas' songs. Dav's influences include but are not limited to, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Neil Young and Tom Petty. Dav's ability to capture the mood of a song, combined with Carsen's heart felt lyrics, are what fuels this passionate duo to create and share their dream.