Traunstein, Bavaria, DEU

L.I.S.T - A young, passioned, ambitioned and worth seeing group with youthful charming to create an aggressive-indie-electronic-pop-sound with lovely and catchy melodies and lyrics, Aggregate guitar riffs, bohemian basslines and driving and filed drum-beats !


L.I.S.T from western Bavaria/Germany was formed in early 2007. They write their own songs influenced by various English, American or Canadian artists like Arcade Fire, The Killers, Coldplay, Keane or the Beatles - actually doesn't really sound like Bavaria. Aggregate guitar riffs, loud distortion bass lines and modern dancing beats mixed with rhythmic electronic sounds and the distinctive voice of Felix Hofer are creating a broad sound you can´t escape.
The band consists of the two brothers Jonny - drummer, pianist and vocalist - and Felix Hofer - guitarist, pianist and vocalist and their bassman and vocalist Erick Mätze. All members are around the age of 20.
In the last year and the latest months L.I.S.T started to play shows as support of "Cults" or "Crystal Stilts" from Brooklyn in several German cities. They also did some festivals like the "Sonnenrot Festival", "Digitalanalog 8" in Munich or the "Im Grünen Festival" with acts like "Kele", "FM Belfast", "The Ting Tings" or "We Have Band".

As L.I.S.T is going to be managed and booked by Marc Liebscher (manager and booker of Sportfreunde Stiller) they're planning to release their first EP later in 2011 and of course play more and more shows all over Germany and some other European countries.
The group will also take part in the Bavarian Tv-show "on3 Startrampe" starting in October '11.