Kansas City, Missouri, USA
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We are a Talk Music band from Kansas City, Missouri in the USA


If your best friend was a band, who would they be? I think they might be something like Listener.  Because Listener is a band of best friends, who have experienced the best and worst of times, and have survived on songs.  No one knows you like they do and no other band can describe how you feel like they can.  They have captured just the right words and just the right sounds and pinned on them all of our deepest emotions, our greatest fears, our toughest challenges, and our unbridled hopes.  This is a group that sticks close to your heart no matter where you go, who you're with, or how you feel.  When you put in a Listener album every song is like an old friend and every moment enjoyable.
Beginning in 2002 as a solo act the band Listener has evolved over the years into a full fledged rock and roll band, and has toured the world over playing their brand of Talk Music.  Based out of Kansas City Missouri with Dan Smith on vocals and bass and Kris Rochelle on drums. With thought provoking stage banter, music that keeps your mind busy, and words that quickly take hold of your heart, Listener is a near perfect balance of what words and music are supposed to be.


2010 -- "Wooden Heart"
2008 -- "Return To Struggleville"
2006 -- "Talk Music”
2005 -- "Just In Time for Christmas"
2005 -- "Ozark Empire"
2003 -- “Whispermoon” (Mush Records)

Set List

We do anywhere from 30 minutes to hour long sets. Just depends on the tour, and who is headlining.