A solid band from Houston, TX who will remind you a lot of indie folk touchstones, some say Okkervil River--with a horn section that sort of sounds like that found on Samamidon's 'All Is Well.' Lot's of classic Americana and bluegrass influences can be heard too. A dark carbon copy of the times.


Critics have recently been calling listenlisten's musical style "anarchana" -- a name that hints at both its old-timey Americana roots and its anti-government sympathies. Their haunting new album, Hymns From Rhodesia, takes the lyrics from old church songs -- some dating back to the 19th century -- and reimagines them as modern-day hymns for tough times, whether it's getting through the Recession or simply dealing with the wreckage of getting old. Musically it's not a huge stray from acts like Mount Eerie, Smog, O'Death, Samamidon & Neutral Milk Hotel.


The "Wood" EP (2007)

Hymns From Rhodesia (2009)

"Safe Home, Safe Home In Port!" Single (2009)

"On The Water" Single/Music Video (2009)

Cooyamintad Compilation (2010)

Set List

"Funeral Dirge/Burial Service"
"Safe Home, Safe Home In Port"
"Hot Headed Filled With Extramission"
"Shall We Meet Beyond the River"
"Wachman Tell Me Pt. 1&2"
"Goodnight, Goodluck, Godspeed and Goodbye"

Usually about an hour long set pending encore.