Not many singers rock. And with a voice that is truly unmistakable, blending blues and rock while remaining beautiful and raw at the same time, Melinda does just that. Growing up in the steel city of Pittsburgh, Melinda first started performing with notable local musicians at the early age of 15. They recognized her natural talent and innate knowledge of rock and blues music that was rare in someone so young. She quickly became a staple throughout Pittsburgh’s hidden and diverse blues jams where her roots were established.

Soon a voice told her it was time to take the next step. She moved to Boston, MA after receiving the World Scholarship at Berklee College of Music. There she was selected by the voice department to perform in the prestigious Singers Showcase and was the recipient of The Aerosmith Endowment Award. While in Boston, Melinda was also a member of the all girl rock band Mass Ave, which received major interest from Epic Records.

Now, Melinda is making a mark with her own name and sound. Her latest single “The Hard Way,” which was co-written and produced by Grammy winning producer/songwriter Kevin Bowe (Jonny Lang, Etta James, Lynyrd Skynyrd) is just a preview of what’s to come on her new EP planned for release in 2009. In her music you can hear elements of the great artists that inspired her along the way such as The Rolling Stones, Heart, Sheryl Crow, and Aerosmith. “I view singing not as hitting all the right notes but as hitting the audiences heart with honesty and passion that comes straight from the soul.”


What If

Written By: Melinda Colaizzi, Richard Rosenblatt

Verse 1:
Sometimes I wonder
As I lie in my bed
What if we never
Found those hard words we said

What if I waited
What if we tried
What if I just closed my eyes
Went along for the ride

I know it’s crazy
Ain’t no use to ask
But what if we really
Could rewrite the past

Verse 2:
A voice deep inside me
Keeps cryin your name
I don’t want to listen
But it won’t go away

I should know better
cause I’m clear in my mind
You know I’m no martyr
I’m not the self-destructive kind

I’d be a fool
To love someone like you
But What if I am
And what if I do

Well the thing about imagination
So easy just to let it flow
But the thing about all your sweet, sweet precious dreams
When you wake up, baby where did they go

Verse 3:
What if we slept
In the bed we made
What if you asked me
And What if I stayed

What if you told me we’d be alright
What if you told me
You’d pluck the stars out of the night
I’d be a fool
To believe that it’s true
What if I am
What if I do

Don't Be Sweet

Written By: Melinda Grey/Kristian Habenicht

Verse 1:
I've known for a long time
Something was on your mind
But you had the heart to lie

A man like you
Tends to be true
We can't sleep on it another night

Don't be sweet
Just tell me what you've got to say

Don't be weak
And lead my heart astray

Don't be sweet
I know what you've got to say

Verse 2:
I've had my share
Of good thing going nowhere
So baby this ain't nothing new

Whatever you say
Is going leave a sour taste
So don't go and sugar coat the truth

Don't be sweet
Just tell me what you've got to say

Don't be weak
And lead my heart astray

Don't be sweet
I know what you've got to say

This ain't no dozen roses
No shiny diamond ring
Put away your poems
Their not gonna mean a thing

Those flowers are just gonna die
And that rock is just a stone
Let's get on with the hurtin' so I can't hang up the phone

Ad Lib and Fade


2007 EP
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