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Jesus On The Mainline

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Soul




"Jesus On The Mainline - Self Titled EP"

You might not have heard of them yet, but if there's any justice then Jesus On The Mainline will doing the international rounds before too long - based on the evidence on their debut EP, this 15 piece collective have got their foot firmly on the accelerator.

With the recent success of similar artists like Hot 8 Brass Band, their sumptuous fusion of jazz, soul and funk in a Big Band setting could open some serious doors for the outfit if this release gets the attention it rightly deserves. We've covered opening track 'War' before with it's Chicago-meets-Aretha Franklin collision of brass, soul and jazz, whilst 'Sister City, Brother Bone' introduces a throaty Alabama 3 Americana to the proceedings, the honkytonk piano putting the icing on the cake.

The country-infused 'Angel From Montgomery' channels all-time classic 'Wichita Linesman' with a guitar tone that Glen Campbell would have screamed blue murder to achieve; out of all the tracks on the release this one shouts USA at the top it's lungs, but also probably best illustrates their unique ability to meld these genres seamlessly together and avoid the banality of the over-familiar.

Don't even get us started on 'Sweet High & Dry' - it may as well be titled "The Best Song Van Morrisson Never Wrote" - a stunning celebration of his particular brand of laid back jazz which explodes into the Deep South rock and roll of 'Jump Right In'.

Jesus On The Mainline are a wonderful example of the variety and virtuosity in the musical spectrum of America - they've got their fingers curled around the roots of modern music so tightly that it flows, seemingly effortlessy, in every note they joyfully produce.

We'll say it again in case you didn't get it the first time, this band are an incredibly exciting prospect for rootsy American music in a time where over-production, poor songwriting and generic music are king.

They deserve to be absolutely huge, but don't just take our word for it, listen to the EP here. - Glasswerk Magazine

"Jesus On The Mainline – Mercury Lounge"

The fifteen-piece jam band Jesus On The Mainline are poised to become one of the biggest bands in New York, delivering their unique blend of blues, soul, funk, jazz and bluegrass to eager hipster audiences around the city. A sold-out Mercury Lounge crowd found themselves transported to a bygone musical era channeling tinges of Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker and Stevie Wonder. For them, music-making seems to be about going onstage as much for themselves as for their audience, and reveling in the joy of hearing each other play. Inasmuch as it is fun to watch them enjoy performing, Jesus on the Mainline make sophisticated and wonderful music.

Frontman Andrew Neesley’s background in contemporary jazz lends a progressive and adventurous sensibility to the band’s arrangements. A full horn section, two drummers, keyboards, guitar, bass and even banjo allow Jesus On The Mainline to flow from style to style, giving them an expressive flexibility to explore a host of different music. Perhaps the most memorable offering of the night was a heart-stopping ten-minute cover of Nirvana’s “Lithium” led by backup singer Mel Flannery. One senses that the talent of this band runs very deep as solos bounce across the stage, one more heated than the next. On the night of the launch of their new EP, Jesus On The Mainline never let their energy falter for a second. The band is primed to thrill audiences everywhere as they preach the gospel of their self-titled debut. - Elmore Magazine


Getting fifteen people together for a jam is one thing; to start writing and recording fifteen people’s worth of ideas, influences and suggestions is quite another. But that is exactly what New York collective Jesus on the Mainline have done. Blending together bits of blues, soul, funk rock and a whole host of other things, they’ve created this soul-stomping sound of all their own.

Out now is the bands new single, Sister City, Brother Bone, taken from the bands forthcoming debut EP, which is out on July 1st. It stretches its blues rock legs at the open, almost arid in its nakedness, front man Andrew Neesly arching his Black Crowes like vocal over the top of things. There’s these moments of warmth, of the collective knitting their ideas together, stumps of guitar, rattles of tambourine, slabs of brass.

Sounds like getting everyone together was difficult, but its paid off. Big time. - Backseat Mafia

"Listen: Jesus On The Mainline - Sister City, Brother Bone"

After getting us all hot and bothered with last single 'War' (which we reviewed here) Jesus On The Mainline are back with their enormous fifteen piece soul-rock big band sound on latest single 'Sister City, Brother Bone'.

The track premiered on Folk Radio UK and is the second single off JOTM's forthcoming debut EP, out July 1st.

Artfully blending blues, jazz, soul and funk for an enormous deep-south-infused carnival sound, we're expecting this seriously exciting NYC-based musical collective to explode over the course of the next year so keep those eyes peeled.

We're eagerly awaiting some UK live dates but for now, stream the single here. - Glasswerk Magazine

"New Track: Jesus On The Mainline – War"

Today’s summery funk track comes to us from a fifteen-piece collective from NYC. Jesus On The Mainline have a huge sound that builds and builds until it explodes in a funky-filled soulful brassy wave.

The latest single from Jesus On The Mainline, War, has everything we’re into: sweet brass, funky riffs, soulful vocals, and that good time summer time attitude we’re all looking for this time of year.

Jesus On The Mainline sort of sound like the illegitimate love child of The Black Keys and The Budos Band.

Also, how awesome is “Jesus On The Mainline” as a band name?

Check it out, and turn it up! - Cut From Steel

"Jesus On The Mainline - War"

Here's a huge new tune from a fifteen piece rag-tag group of New York's finest young musicians. You might not have heard of Jesus On The Mainline just yet, but we're guessing it won't be long before they're making waves on this side of the Atlantic.

Blending blues, jazz, gospel and soul for a larger-than-life sound, new single 'War' is a bold statement from this retro-chic outfit. Part Chicago, part Mavis Staples, all kinds of soulful effervescence - we can only imagine JOTM are a force to be reckoned with live if this record is anything to go on.

There are massive church hall harmonies, a lead male vocal that could testify its way to the front of Soul Train, sharp and satisfying brass stabs and an underlying groove and beat that make it impossible not to move your feet - how could we not fall in love with this one?

We'll be mainlining 'War' for the next few days on heavy repeat and suggest you do likewise, check it out here: - Glasswerk Magazine

"Artist Spotlight: Jesus On The Mainline"

Who knew that Joe’s Pub in NoHo was such a nice music venue? It felt like more of a throwback to wartime concert halls that hosted big band, swing, jazz, and singer-songwriter style of music as opposed to the standing room only venues around New York with sticky floors and band stickers covering the wall that I’m used to. You’d think it’s a well preserved venue that has seen decades of show biz’s best come through and bless the stage with their talents. Although my assumptions would be totally wrong considering the venue’s only been open for about fifteen years. But I digress, as I suppose it doesn’t matter that I was totally under-dressed on a Sunday night to see local act Jesus on the Mainline, which would qualify as a ‘big band’ in their own right. The fifteen-piece band, including five horns, two background vocalists, two rhythm percussionists, and one heavily bearded man leading the charge somehow packed themselves on the stage and strutted their stuff to a packed house.

Lead by singer Andrew Neesley, the band takes all its elements to create fantastic modern music with roots of bluesy, dirty, R&B from the 50s and 60s. Their songs are almost reminiscent of Clapton and the funkier side of the Rolling Stones. Yet every member of the group brings energy and youthfulness that their musical predecessors no longer carry without a lot of coffee. Through each influence they’ve taken in throughout their music-listening lives, the band has certainly been able to create their own musical fusion. I’d like to categorize them as something like ‘New-Age Power Gospel’.

Like any great frontman should, Andrew brings the most out of his musical comrades. He lives, and breathes with each musical element his band mates give him and almost challenges them throughout their solos and lead parts as he knows what they can bring to the table if they reach down deep enough. With each challenge, his band responded with brilliant instrumentation that brought each song to life.

So what does Jesus on the Mainline show us? What do they bring to an already over-crowded table that is the NYC music scene? They give passion and unlimited energy behind every note in every song that they play. The bands large number of members is their greatest strength, not because they are louder with more members, but because they all work strongly together as a unit. If there was a member missing they might not be as powerful, which really says something considering they have plenty of members to spare. My adjectives can only do so much though, as this is a band you must experience for yourself to understand how fun they really are to watch and listen to. I’m sure if Jesus were still around and kickin’ he’d head over to an East Village venue to check them out himself! So you should too. - Pancakes and Whiskey

"Jesus On The Mainline - War (Single)"

Contrary to what your initial instincts might be, we will not be hearing Christian lyrical backgrounds today. Instead we have a technically sound combination of Rock with Soul. Today's single has a vibrant Indie Rock feel without delving head-first into cliche vicious circles.

The brass helps a lot, and maybe it's all the extra musicians that make the song 'pop' in the long run. How the 15 piece band pull off such exquisite harmony is an overwhelming thought, so just store that in the back of your mind and enjoy what they offer.

It probably starts off just a little more majestic than the song actually is, but it takes none of the magic away from the finalized single. It evolves, it reacts, and if you're lucky it'll even evoke emotion. I can't think of a detail the track is really missing. If anything, I'd just add another minute's worth of smooth solos.

The real problem lies after it finishes. You've just heard some above average composition as displayed by quality musicianship, and there's not much more to follow up on. This single isn't even the warm up for a future album. It's just a single.

If it grew on you quick, it's up for sale. It might be a little expensive for what it is, but that's the price to pay for a 15 piece band. I still think it'd sound a lot better as an album with songs preceding it to cushion the emotion better.

Until that album is out, you can follow War up with their cover of Nirvana's Lithium (which I might like just a little more than the lead single.) It's a name your price track, so grab it while you can. Alternatively you can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp for the latest info. -

"5 Tracks You Gotta Hear"

New York City based musical collective that is Jesus On The Mainline are laying on the soul-stomping nostalgia with ‘War’. The 15-piece jam band, led by Andrew Neesly pinch portions of Joe Cocker with a dash of The Black Crowes and then add multiple members, ecstatic, charging horns and a vocal line that’s reminiscent of a chain gang stuck in the cornfields. This is larger than life blues and soul stomp. - Vulture Magazine

"Exclusive Premiere: Jesus on The Mainline Bring the Soul-Stomp on ‘War’"

Another exclusive premiere arrives on Crave today, this time from improvisational soul rockers Jesus On The Mainline. The New York collective are about to release their soul-stomping new single "War,” and we’ve got the jump for your listening pleasure.

The band's signature blend of funk and bluegrass calls to mind the likes of The Black Crowes and Joe Cocker, through a fifteen-piece ragtag filter of New York's finest young musicians. The group is led by Grammy-nominated musician Andrew Neesley, and first made waves with their soul-blast cover of Nirvana's "Lithium”. Now check out “War” below, featuring a rising sound that swells like a wave as it blends the spirit of Aretha Franklin into a soulful dance-romp through territories inhabited by Fitz and The Tantrums, Portugal The Man and beyond. Turn it up and have a listen, exclusively on Crave. - Crave Online

"Jesus On The Mainline is a tour-de-force ensemble"

Jesus On The Mainline is a tour-de-force ensemble led by ringmaster Andrew Neesley, but in this case leading isn’t so much a command position. Neesley sings and helps with percussion, while the likes of Adam Levy (guitar); Pascal Le Boeuf (Wurlitzer, Organ); Tomek Miernowski (bass); Dave Scalia (drums); Jake Goldblas (percussion); and David Whitman (percussion) play along. The band has released a single of the song “Lithium”, recorded live at Arlene’s Grocery (New York City) in 2012. On this particular recording two guest powerhouse vocalists sit in and steal the show. Mel Flannery (The Mel Flannery Trucking Company) and Amanda Brecker rip the roof off the place and throw it 40 blocks north into Time Square.

Between two truly diva performances on the mic and some amazing work on the Wurlitzer, “Lithium” ends up sounding like the sort of epic 1970’s concert recording that made live albums in their heyday. Nothing is rushed or taken for granted here. Brecker and Flannery make every note count, and sing their hearts out. The ensemble is spot on throughout, giving just the right support at every step along the way. “Lithium” is steeped in a mix of jazz and classic rock that is hard not to like, and the ensemble becomes more than the sum of their rather talented parts in the process. The enduring sonic image, if you will, is the dueling voices of Mel Flannery and Amanda Brecker. This is a recording you’ll reach for again and again.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)
- Wildy Haskell


Still working on that hot first release.



A fifteen piece rag-tag group of New York's finest young musicians, Jesus On The Mainline has played to capacity crowds since their inception in the summer of 2012. Led by GRAMMY-nominated musician Andrew Neesley, their music is reminiscent of The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, The Black Crowes, with a dash of Joe Cocker and Janis Joplin for good measure. Listen for their epic soul cover of Nirvana's "Lithium" and the striking original songs of Andrew Neesley and Tim Emmerick.

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