Listen Up Kid

Listen Up Kid


Listen Up Kid is uniting genres with their 2013 full length release, The Process of Progress and The Possible Side Effects. 10 tracks split down the middle, branching into sub genres of rock and folk. Fit for any stage LUK represents roots in Thrice/Brand New along with City & Colour/Bright Eyes


The future has arrived. While technology has indeed opened up new grounds for musical experimentation, most of us can agree its taken it's toll on popular music. Listen Up Kid thrives to maintain the damaged bridges caused by our new found machines with hope that the patterns of history will repeat themselves, allowing honesty and authenticity to rise once again.

Listen Up Kid is a quartet comprised of four friends, capable of portraying the many styles that have influenced and shaped their lives, making use of the stripped down nature of the Swell Season, City and Colour and Bright Eyes, while blending their heavy rock roots such as Brand New and Thrice.


When I Wake

Written By: Dennis Clark

While the town swallows lives, I keep to myself on the inside.
Repeat the reel for the last time tonight. Reveal the credits when you read my rights.

Work all day but only live at night. Sleep is my only sacrifice.
Receiving hand-me-down hits from a life that flashes quick then passes on by.

I will run, linked to the bottle. carrying on and giving it away.
If i dive off and sink to the bottom then I'll wish i stayed

I often catch myself praying for rain or just an excuse not to do anything today.
Radio alarm let me snooze away. Stones will form from sand before my ways will change.

It might be easy not to have any friends, isolated in the east end.
It wouldn't be me to turn around before i hit the bend and i know that wont get me ahead.

I know I can never have it back(begin again)

Written By: Dennis Clark

I remember like it was yesterday a chemical blender causing true colours to change. Treated tender, too strong to pierce or break. I fiend for friends first. I fumble, you intercept the play.
Make way for big change in the atmosphere. Go and wait somewhere safe, it's already started. You can trick your watch but you can't reverse the clocks.

I could take you back to where you want to go, pull up on a horse and carriage. Run fast ahead, roll up the road, don't be scared.

We weighed our patience, poles point to parting ways. Estranged vacations, stand strong or separate. The old days now ancient, our hopeless hearts have changed. We once worked the way we should but our wills have worn weaker.

I can take you back to where you want to go, pull up on a horse and carriage. Run fast ahead, roll up the road, don't be scared.
It's not like you left it. You fought off life and still aren't dead yet. You've got to accept that you have to end to begin.
See what I see, maintain meaning. At least agree to meet me in between

Begin again. You've helped to many times.
You don't owe me and you never did. I know i can never have it back.

I always said that when I'm out of debt, I'll have you back with my first cheque. I found a way, at least until i get paid, to temporarily compensate.
You've helped too many times before. You've opened windows and I've slammed doors. You'd give me a kidney, you lift me off my skinned knees. I'll make it my mission to give it all back and more.


Written By: Dennis Clark

I put my love aside to be on standby. I know you want and deserve to know why.
I know how hard we tried but couldn't make time so I gave it up then i let it die.
Tell me what you want. i flipped it off

Had enough of always rewinding. The times were tough but I quit crying.
I put it off for way too long now it's right behind me.
It's creeping up but if I don't turn around then it's so easy not to see.

Tell me what you saw, tell me everything you thought if this is what you really want.
If you told me from the start it wouldn't have to be so hard but we've already gone too far.

A little noise kept getting louder. Then came the voices that had me over powered.
Lost my poise, yes i guess I ran like a coward but the final choice was not about her.

Tell me what you saw, tell me everything you thought if this is what you really want.
If you told me from the start it wouldn't have to be so hard but we've already grown apart.
We've already gone too far.

We're too young to be one so I run from your love.
We're too young and not quite ready to be one, i just won't let it be
so i run away from everything. Our love is not how you thought it would be.
oh it's the cause that killed me. it was and always will be.
Just trust that i am still me but lust killed the love that filled me.

A Home Inside His Head

Written By: Dennis Clark

He's taking off with no idea where he was going. Had enough, he knows there's nothing here worth holding. Losing touch, now he's forgetting what is golden. What was his is what left him out in the cold and he's lacking vision, doesn't recognize his own face. Can't make decisions, can't be broken from his old ways. Living fast, racing the clock, running a slow pace, now his thumb is cast out in the open on the road today.
He left alone to find a home inside his head. Write's a poem, reviewing what his mother said, "you can come back to sleep tucked in your bed or come back, do your laundry, get yourself fed." He fights his instincts, refuses, tells her "no". No one can show him how, he needs to learn it on his own. Family's advising, its about time you start to grow. Now finally he's listening, packs up and hits the road.

He walks the lines of the highway, risking danger. Patiently waiting to be picked up by a stranger. On foot for a full day, enraging anger. Nobody stops but he continues though his legs hurt. His lady didn't want him to leave, he had to beg her. She said she wanted to ride his sleeve but he knew he'd only drag her. He lies and says he has to take care of his baggage first but knows he has to keep her far away because he is a plagued curse.
He's lost his soul so deep in rock & roll. Nothing seems to matter but achieving all his goals. That feeling he's forced to feel still hasn't gotten old. He's gonna take that dirt path, lay the gravel then pave it gold. Then he'll walk down that road alone in the cold, searching for some structure til the signs start to unfold. He'll begin to tell the story, written how it should be told when everything has slowly taken shape to fit the mold.

You kick and you scream and you`re sick of your scene.
You itch and you fiend for one fix, just one tease.

You don`t see the big picture in your mind. You don`t apply for the things that take time. You see what you see and to all else you`re blind. You want now what you will find down the line.
You can`t just run away, that`s what you don`t realize. You`ll only be left with yourself when you`re out of lies. You`re at the bottom of the barrel and you`re barely getting by. The tunnel`s getting narrow and the wall is getting high.

But you can always dial home to my phone for advice.
Dial home, don`t die alone. Just drive home tonight.

You`re digging deep, beginning to believe that freedom exists underneath.
You know you`re not alone, you aren`t all alone.


A Familiar State of Mind (2011)

1. A Sermon For Our Suffering
2. Leather
3. Outside My Shoes
4. Lover
5. A Meeting in a Parking Lot
6. Your Mistake: The Life That You Gave Back
7. "Not Getting Back At You, Getting Back To Me"

The Process of Progress and the Possible Side Effects -Full Length (Post-Production, 2013)