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Hayden, Idaho, United States | INDIE

Hayden, Idaho, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Saturday 7/19
Lithium.ID are one of the area's tightest punk-grunge influenced live acts, and they've got a headlining gig tonight at the Grail on Seltice Way. These boys are pretty good at the self-promotion thing, flooding MySpace inboxes and bulletin boards with upcoming shows and flyers. I love it, it makes my life much easier when bands send me updates, plus it's made them one of the most name-recognizable bands around. - !!GET OUT NORTH!! IDAHO

"5 live local original rock bands"

Lithium.ID are quite possibly the only band from Hayden, Idaho whose fan club has its own MySpace page. Zac, Ryan and Steve grind out old-school grunge rock, the kind that disillusioned young men made back before the big corporations caught onto it, back when it seemed like every garage in the great Northwest had a band practicing in it. Nirvana’s influence seems to be everlasting in these parts, and Lithium.ID are clearly Kurt Cobain devotees. However, unlike so many bands out there who emulate the Seattle sound, they manage to inject enough originality that they end up sounding like no-one but themselves. Live, they make a nice big noise that steamrollers over everything, and they bring a certain undeniable energy to their performance that makes audiences respond in kind. It’s driving, melodic punk that makes you want to start jumping up and down. I think these kids are onto something. Lithium.ID rocks The Grail in Coeur d’Alene on Friday, when they play with Spokane hard rock act Shoved. Recommended if you like: Nirvana, Pennywise, NOFX - Get out north Idaho


Lithium id -self titled 2005
Put some lithium in your diet 2009 .. 4 tracks on



Lithium ID
Coeur d' Alene Idaho's Lithium ID has been punk rocking the Inland Northwest for over a decade now. Working on their 3rd studio album, Zac Olson (guitar/vocals) Ryan Nelson (drums)and Jesse Jensen (bass/vocals) will be ripping it up at a stage near you.
Founders of the band, Zac and Ryan met in high school. Both had a love of underground music and just clicked and have been making their explosive music ever since. Jesse is Ryan's step brother and was a fan of the band, and when the original bassist Steve needed to be replaced, Jesse was just the best dynamic fit. Lithium ID draws inspiration from American west coast punk rock artists like early Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Nofx, Bad Religion, Vandals and others. Lithium ID co-writes most all songs together as a group with no leader so you get diverse/different styles in every song. Lithium ID has shared the stage with great bands like: Quiet Riot, Koffen Kats, Guttermouth, M.D.C. and members of Face to Face. Lithium ID thinks music should invoke emotion, awareness and passion but still have great lyrical content.