Littl'ans/Wounded Ears

Littl'ans/Wounded Ears


Love Sick, Fast, New Wave, Songs the postman can whistle.


Wounded Ears has been born out of city parks and early mornings. Influenced for better or worse by the bad and the good of US/UK 20th century musical delinquents. Our story is in our lyrics and easily recognisable. We have been together for four years and in that time played in many countries and had our own tours. We are into invention and bedrooms. To hear all our music go to and hear for yourself. For imagery goto and see an earlier history of our humble beginnings.


L.P. Primitive World Releasd US, UK ans Japan 2009
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Set List

1. Out and into Me
2. Idiot Son
3. Automatic
4. Living It Over
5. Here Comes the night

Sets are 25-30 mins