Little Australia

Little Australia


Little Australia's music is a unique blend of horn-driven soul-rock and sophisticated songwriting. In any given performance you'll witness high class musicianship, a raw inclusive energy, passionate delivery, and maybe a few dangerous stunts.


Ask any musician how to describe his music and he’ll have a tough time answering you. When asked that daunting question, Eric Davich of Little Australia responded, “Imagine a young Eddie Vedder fronting a 1960’s era soul band.” A perfect description! Labeled by some as "soul-rock," Little Australia combines sophisticated songwriting with accessible pop-melodies and electrifying performances.

This sextet features core members Eric Davich (vocals/guitar), David Ostrem (bass), Dan Wilson (drums), as well as a rotating horn section most frequently consisting of Kevin Birk (Trombone), Sam Ryder (Sax), and Mark Morgan (Trumpet). Aside from Little Australia, Eric Davich has performed solo at the Bitter End, CBGB’s, the Baggot Inn, and Googie’s Lounge (upstairs at The Living Room). Both Davich and drummer Dan Wilson played together in jazz combos, funk and rock bands, and world music ensembles while students at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. Wilson got his start drumming for the nationally recognized William H. Hall High School Concert Jazz Band in West Hartford, CT. During his time with the group, he participated in both the Berklee High School Jazz Festival and the finals of the Essentially Ellington competition at Lincoln Center in New York City. Bassist Dave Ostrem, perhaps the most accomplished musician of the group, has performed with jazz legend Pat Martino and Brooklyn indie rockers Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears as well as the Nikhil P. Yerawadekar Quintet (NPYQ), the Jed Feuer Quintet (Bipolar), the Laura Thomas Band, the Regulars, and Ruby Bullet. Kevin Birk recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance from NYU and has performed with the Crevulators, Pete O'Connell's Interioration, Quintus, Ferraby Lionheart, the Walkmen, Brian Lynch, Teo Macero, Frank Wess, Gary Smulyan, Ryan Keberle, and Victor Goines. Mark Morgan has performed with the Undisputed Heavyweights, the Drifters, Lenny Welch, Doug Cameron, and Pearl Kaufman.

Since September 2006, Little Australia has been performing at NYC venues, including Arlene’s Grocery, the Annex, the Delancey, the Lion’s Den, Kenny’s Castaways, the Bitter End, and the Knitting Factory. In the spring of 2007, the band began playing shows in Philadelphia at the Grape Street mainstage and in Boston at the Bullfinch Yacht Club. With little more than a six-song promotional CD (recorded in one night!), Little Australia has received critical praise from, Indie Sounds NY, The Grove Magazine, and The band has gained a reputation for being an impressive group of young accomplished musicians who play with the professionalism of veterans and the raw energy of 20 year-olds. Their name might include the word “little,” but don’t be fooled - these guys are up to some BIG things.



Written By: Eric Davich

Maggie’s phone rings at 9pm
She gets her keys and drives into the city

On the ride she lets her hair down and puts her makeup on
She’s wearing a short skirt. She’s gonna show some skin tonight
Her outfit she’s been waiting to wear for a special day

Turns the stereo up and forgets about her mind for a while
While the music takes control, she smiles at the passersby
And her mind it don’t stray too long
She’s dancing to the rhythm of the song

Sees the sky lit up ahead
A view she’s seen before
Checks her makeup in her rearview
Puts the pedal to the floor
She can feel it in the air
She knows it’s gonna be
A good night

By midnight she’s made it to 14th street
Meeting beautiful new faces all around

she’s met some admirers to be her guide
take her to some places where she can unwind
when she steps onto the dance floor she lets loose with her eyes closed

she looks around at all the people, dancing, singing- lets the music take control
she can feel it on her skin on the floor, she can feel it in her soul
she knows this is a time she wants to share
looks around, plants some kisses, grabs some hair

she’s reminded of someone
someone she knows from her past
feels the sun on her forehead
smells the fresh cut grass
she knows she’s come to be
she knows she’s gonna be
she knows
it’s got to
she let’s her thoughts go… lets her mind go…


6 song Demo/EP.

Set List

We typically play 40-45 minute sets with mostly originals and 1 or 2 covers ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Norah Jones.