Little Birds

Little Birds


Folky Poppy Rocky Music With A Dusty Soul.


Brooke Opie has been writing and performing songs since she was born (perhaps before, but evidence is hard to come by). A lifelong singer, she began to teach herself how to play the guitar while in high school and developed a songwriting style that echoes the likes of Elliott Smith, The Magnetic Fields and Michael Nesmith.

While performing numerous solo sets in north Texas music clubs and coffee shops, she began recording her songs on analog four tracks and her laptop computer. These recordings revealed an artistic vision that simply could not be translated when performing alone, so she began to assemble a band to flesh out her compositions. Her band mates—Cliff Caster, Faye Caster, Justin Lloyd, Scott Lorenz, and Dan Ragusa—were already fans of her music; it didn’t take much to convince them to join. They decided to name their band Little Birds and began playing shows under the new moniker.

Little Birds is currently writing new songs and perfecting old ones. They are currently working on their new record.


Now I Understand EP
Now I'm Two EP

Set List

No Covers

"Song For You"
"New All Time Low"
"Is It Getting Better"
"The Fall"
"Paper Skin"
"New Fake Beard"
"Now I"m Two"
"The World Has Just Presented You"
"I Was Struck By Lightning"
"Moths and Musk"