Little Bombs

Little Bombs

 Upton, Massachusetts, USA

Tyler Hilton is both a musician and an actor. He's known as the character "Chris Keller" on the hit CW show "One Tree Hill", and played the role of "Elvis" in the Academy Award winning film "Walk the Line". He has toured with Boyce Avenue, Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat and Gloriana.


Little Bombs is a band inspired by the legendary alternative rock scene of their hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Formed in the fall of 2010 by good friends Kieren Smith and Derek Johnson, these guys believe in real, honest music that listeners can relate to at a visceral level - much like their Twin Cities predecessors.

And while the duo's last names may be common, the music on their self-titled debut album is not - with a sound drawing inspiration from The Replacements and early Weezer. The record was produced by hometown hero Ed Ackerson at flowers studio, another nod to their Minneapolis roots.

Currently the pair is playing anywhere and everywhere they can. After all, for these down-to-earth Minnesota guys, they don't care how long it takes - it's all about making one fan at a time.


Back Home

Written By: Kieren Smith

Back Home
E- Major
BPM 157

the moon is out tonight
its shining on your face
she reflects the sunlight
watching, keeps me safe

we all gonna die someday
but we all gonna die anyways

when i woke up today
i wasnt sleeping in my bed
my eyes opened wide
the dark was lifted from my head

and now i see that we're
going somewhere no one knows
the calm breeze in my hair
is taking me back home

and if you think im missing the point
you better start looking for
an answer for my friends
it is all that's good must end
we will end

Everybody's saying the sun wont rise
but the day always defeats the night
and every single morning the sky is bright
the night time always ends...

Cold Winter

Written By: Kieren Smith

Winter Cold
E Minor
BPM 135

grab your gloves and your jacket
we're going for a drive
i can see your breath
as we ride on the open road tonight

in the seat beside me
you've never looked so sweet
but i can't tell what's wrong
as you slip in to a dream

Can you feel it in your soul
the empty winter cold
that unforgiving pain
from the darkest days

im feeling lost inside
i grasp for every breath of air
what i dream and what i live
the difference isnt there

i spend these days away
in the days i stay awake
but the winter nights are long
on my cold escape

Can you feel it in your soul
the empty winter cold
the unforgiving pain
from the darkest days
if you leave it behind
no matter where you hide
you cant escape its hold
the endless winter cold

oh oh oh oh

She says
"my head is gone, my hear is stone,
I'm a vacant soul"

I cross my heart
and pray tonight
it's only a bad dream

Like trees in winter
empty branches
no more leaves or green

Don't Walk My Way

Written By: Kieren Smith

well im leaving town
feeling like a letdown
i have too many things
i don't like talking bout

and i feel like
i want a new life
i need a fresh start baby
so this time ill get it right

don't walk my way

cause its too damn late to get a drink in this town
and all the friends i know are nowhere to be found
the midwest summer is always late
nothings ever gonna come my way
i need to get out
we gotta get out

maybe you've noticed
i don't feel it
ive been numbing the pain
nothings been the same for weeks

people say that
i should feel bad
i need to face my problems
or they'll just follow me

cause its too damn late to get a drink in this town
and all the friends i know are nowhere to be found
the midwest winter is far too long
everything i knew is gone
i need to get out
we gotta get out

Watch You Go

Written By: Kieren Smith

Watch You Go
A Major
BPM 145

there is not a thing my lips can say
to bring you home back my way
there is not a beat left in my heart
everything i am is bruised and scarred

you told me to let go
you said theres no hope
you think its for the best but i dont
cause we're better than the rest so i wont

watch you go

my broken soul is wearing thin
this life alone, im lost within
if this is how i must repent
ill wait for you until the end

i wont watch you go

Deal With The Devil

Written By: Kieren Smith

my dear, was it something i said
cause the voice in my head
says the world's ending today

sit back, watch the people attack
one another, its a fact
everyone here is going insane

i know something you dont wanna hear

if you'll be the best man
you have to sell your soul
make a deal with the devil
and walk out on your own
it's ok to kiss and tell
cause the world has gone to hell
and so have we
wont you keep me company

ooh ooh, ooh oh oh
(in hell) background

everyone is gone and given up
for a life that they love
but truly, they lie to themselves

they live with their monetary sins
and the problems within
yea we've all died and gone to hell

i know something (last part of melody with lead guitar)

they sold it
we bought it
for the price we paid
was it worth it?
they sold it
we bought it


"Little Bombs" - LP
October 4, 2011
Produced by Ed Ackerson

Set List

Back Home
Feel This
Cold Winter
Deal With The Devil
Watch You Go
Skin And Bones
Here Comes A Regular (The Replacements cover)
Don't Walk My Way