Little Boy Boom

Little Boy Boom


Little Boy Boom is a hip R&B/Soul band comprised of 4 of the top young working freelance musicians in Winnipeg. The project may only be a year old but the song writing is soulful and mature. Tight harmonies, great chemistry and kick ass musicians are what make this band a real stand-out.


Little Boy Boom is Winnipeg's freshest voice in R&B. Playing together professionally from the age of 14, and touring across Canada and the United States as an in-demand back-up band to various pop artists would lay the foundation for what has grown into one of the city's most happenin’ bands. Five years later, many miles under their belts and a wealth of experience, they are quickly developing a reputation for their deep digging grooves and tight harmonies. Their song writing is mature far beyond their years, cutting right to the chase with highly accessible lyrics and irresistible hooks. They are also infamous for their ability to draw an audience into each performance with their down to earth sense of humour and chemistry.
There is not one weak link in this foursome, each bringing a unique, skilful and creative take on their respective instruments. They’ve been working hard and steamrolling through the Winnipeg music scene garnering much attention and establishing a following through their weekly Wednesday night at The King's Head Pub and concerts with Winnipeg's hottest funk bands. Little…maybe. Boy…close enough. Boom…you have no idea.


Currently have a 5 song demo of which selected tracks have been played on local radio stations.

Our EP is on the way!

Set List

Enough material for at least three 45-50 minute sets.
Our sound is R&B/Soul with some pop and rock elements.

We have a mix of originals and covers.

Some of our covers may be more obscure to the mainstream ear (ie. prince, jill scott, erykah badu..etc)

But we also do some crowd pleasers. (ie. Stevie Wonder, The Band etc)