Little Brazil

Little Brazil

 Omaha, Nebraska, USA

The four-piece, flat-out rock'n'roll act provokes dancing, eyes-closed head swaying and fans who belt out the powerful lyrics as though the songs are the anthems of their lives. With occasionally brooding and consistently exhilarating material, if Little Brazil doesn't suck you in, check your pulse.


Omaha, NE’s Little Brazil have peeled away layers of themselves: elation, desperation, tenderness, hope, sorrow and pain and found the tempestuous core of their shared experience—a series of narratives that make up their new album “Son” bound by the common thread of family dysfunction and tragedy. Tracing the arc of a relationship from it’s wonderful, romantic beginning through an ending that is all too familiar to the children of broken homes, songwriter Landon Hedges eschews the hackneyed boy/girl adolescent, melodrama of six-million inferior records and plows head-on into divorce, adultery, custody battles, parental alienation, abandonment, suicide and a child’s search for self. The type of grown up shit that would make Hedges’ former Saddle Creek Records band-mates proud, and even envious. With “Son”, Hedges firmly puts himself in the pantheon of great Omaha songwriters.

But Little Brazil is even more than the sum of its songwriting talent. A rock-solid rhythm section of Oliver Morgan and Danny Maxwell turning in workman-like performances, the sublime backing guitar work of Greg Edds and the masterful production work of AJ Mogis (Cursive, Bright Eyes, The Faint, Criteria, Tilly & The Wall, Rilo Kiley, etc.) of ARC Studios in Omaha.

Friends since childhood, Landon Hedges and Danny Maxwell grew up playing music that mimicked their older brothers’ Replacements and Superchunk records. Many high-school bands later, Landon had caught the attention of renowned Omaha natives Conor Oberst and Tim Kasher who recruited him for turns in their respective bands Desaparecidos and The Good Life. In 2002 while on a break from his duties as a sideman to these two venerable Midwestern indie institutions, Landon organized what would soon become the earliest lineup of Little Brazil. By 2004 Little Brazil had already released the first of two albums on Mt. Fuji Records and the additions of Oliver Morgan and Greg Edds to the lineup, were primed to up the ante on an already impressive level of creative output and poised live performances.

Drawing from a pool of shared influences including Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Brendan Benson, Built To Spill and Guided By Voices- the new lineup was already crafting new songs within the first 60 minutes of their first rehearsal together.

Since 2004, Little Brazil has toured relentlessly, opening for such acts as Tegan & Sara, Nada Surf, Tapes N’ Tapes, Har Mar Superstar, Bettie Serveert, Cursive, Mike Watt, The Appleseed Cast, The Stills, The Go! Team, Grant Hart (Husker Du), Black Kids, and many others.


Little Brazil EP - (2004 Mt. Fuji Records)
You and Me - (2005 Mt. Fuji Records)
Tighten the Noose - (2007 Mt. Fuji Records)
Son - (2009 Anodyne Records)

You & Me - (2005 Mt. Fuji Records)
Shades - (2007 Mt. Fuji Records)
Son - (2009 Anodyne Records)

Multiple streaming tracks on; Pandora, XM, Sirius, Napster, Live365, LastFM, NPR, AOL Music & many, many more.

Set List

8-15 Songs
30 - 45 Minutes
Occasional Covers - Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr, Brendan Benson, Cursive & Guided By Voices.