Flash McDaniels

Flash McDaniels


Equal mix of power and groove. A meeting of thrash and funk, bang your head and shake your ass at the same time.


From the ashes of what became left of deep funk pushed forth, in a writhing dispute with the evils of the universe, a dark tree bearing purple fruit. Spying this spontaneous life, a jealous succubus exalted the nubile creation to musical perfection until slow greasy tears of joyous harmony dripped in divine soulful weeping. In aching anticipation, the succubus waited for the first shake of a branch when the tree came to pure musical bliss—at the first sign of laughter, she struck for silence, splitting the tree into two equal parts of groove and power: Sam (Bass) and Matt (Guitar). Leaving it for dead, she continued on her mission to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting, unaware that before her assumed destruction, one fruit had fallen from the tree, life still pulsing through its purple veins. In a pure-hearted attempt, one child of funk, with soul beyond his years, sat beneath this tree and meditated. Reflecting in its visage the face of the demon as an eternal scar, the fruit throbbed and rocked until it became a man. A cackling of laughter thundered throughout the sky as greasy rain fell onto the child and man below. The tree twisted and turned with strength gained from the child of funk, Selden (guitar), until it reformed, thrashing its branches back and forth, and then calmly over its own child.

“Little Brian,” the tree said in deep laughter.

Grasping for order in disorder, strangers came to the tree, trying to complete what all knew to be an absence. After many a trial, there appeared a stranger called Butch (drums) carrying two sticks which beat against the ground behind him in effortlessly metered tapping. Standing before the group, he held the sticks up and placed them together, forming an exact copy of the tree of thrash funk. When the two sticks met, they exploded into great golden light that seeped into four places around the nucleus that was the tree and its family. Four more men of spontaneous brass combustion sprouted from the wise soil and took their places. They were: Jay (Trumpet), Clay (Tenor Sax), Nick (Trombone), and Kazuki (Bari Sax).

Instilling in Little Brian an exploration of the dynamic between funk and metal, sometimes dripping with greasy funk, and other times opting for a no holds barred thrash metal attack, the band taught him all they knew of the power of good (pure musical creation) until he was ready to be set loose to find the demon…and destroy it.

By Tarah Quinn


Little Brian "Thrash Funk" LP
Little Brian Novel by Tara Damask

Set List

Animal Cruelty
Bitch Gets Punked
Slaughtered Seals
Rat Damage
Break Ya Neck
Thrash Funk
Slow Greasy
Car Chase