Little Brother Project

Little Brother Project

 Houston, Texas, USA

Little Brother Project is a five-piece funk and groove based band from Houston, TX. They are a diverse and talent driven group whose live shows include catchy songs as well as skillful improvisation.


Little Brother Project is a five-piece funk and groove based band from Houston, TX. They are a diverse and talent driven group whose live shows include catchy songs as well as skillful improvisation. With their wide variety of influences touching on so many styles, they create a welcoming and hip sound that is enjoyed by all.
A typical LBP show consists of a 60/40 spilt between upbeat, danceable, and emotional instrumentals and the soulful style of lead singer, Phyve. “The best part about an LBP show is you never know what you will get. Sure, it’s all funky and groovy but the communication between the four of them leads you on an ever-changing journey. Great to watch, and even better to listen to,” says one fan that has seen them perform at Deans in downtown Houston, TX.

Little Brother Project is:

Marc Reczek - Guitar
Marc has been playing guitar since the age of ten. He was voted one of the top 5 guitarists in Houston by the Houston Press. Originally from Vermont, he moved to Texas to attend college and earned a degree in Music Business. His influences come from a variety of sources including Phish, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, Drop Trio, The Grateful Dead, Medeski Martin and Wood, Slide Five, Alice in Chains and Umphrey's McGee. His rhythm style is "all in the wrist" Reczek says describing the clean and percussive approach he takes to writing funk grooves. When soloing, he strives to make complete sentences. Greg Lizee, an engineer who has worked with Reczek, sums his playing up by saying "he can shred but doesn't like to very often. He has a particular style that evolves within the music. It’s very interesting. It's the 'feel' of his playing that makes it distinctive."

Jeremy Horton - Bass
Jeremy is a second generation rock bassist, and has been playing bass guitar and percussive instruments since he was fifteen. With three prior stints in local Houston funk and metal rock bands including Moses Guest, Jeremy anchors the rhythm section.

Morris Montgomery - Drums
Morris is a self-taught drummer with an uncompromising passion for music that began at age 9. While growing up in Memphis, TN. he learned music theory and played the alto saxophone. In high school he was a member of concert, jazz and marching bands. This earned him several awards and achievements including television appearances and touring the country in his high school gospel choir. Morris moved to Houston in 1989 and attended TSU where he obtained a degree in drafting and design technology. His influences include; Dennis Chambers, John Blackwell Jr. Max roach, Buddy Rich, Dave Weckl, David Geralbald, Marco Minneman and Vinnie Colaiuta.

Phyve - Vocals
Phyve is an R&B soul singer who has been strongly influenced by the likes of Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye. This individual is largely credited with his work as a studio musician in the Houston area. He has gained a plethora of experience as well as establishing a name for himself with many local acts.


Cool Water

Written By: Little Brother Project

Blue skies overhead, but there's a storm coming
Cool Water, pour down on me
Wash it all away, so the sun can shine again
Shower me with your rain, here comes a storm again

Save me if you see me drowning, let me dance out in the rain

Cool Water

Stormy weather saved the flower

Cool Water


Written By: Little Brother Project

It doesn't come that often, when it does it comes real slow Don't believe in second chances or yesterdays news

Blank piece of paper, a pen that won't write
Just around the corner, a curb that never bends

Put your car in gear, get out of park
Grab a plane, catch a train, get on a Bus


Written By: Little Brother Project

Stay if you want to, not cause I ask you to.
If memories are not enough to hold you, there's nothing I can offer

And a window opens, and I shut the front door.
Say goodbye to an old friend, saw a new day comes

And a window opens and I shut the front door
Say goodbye to an old friend, saw another day comes

Caught in the Middle

Written By: Little Brother Project

Left side of a devil
Right side of a saint
Caught in the middle of an argument

If I am born to die
Lay my soul to rest
Caught in the Middle of an argument

Reach for one
Take for the other
Caught in the Middle of an argument

Reaching for one
Take for the other
Caught in the Middle of an argument

You win you are the king again When you right
There's nothing wrong with it
Caught in the Middle


The Ziggy Sessions - 2001
Rare release of the first "all improvised" recording of Little Brother Project.

Urban Ocean - 2002
First studio release on Bro Sure Records.

The Travis Tapes - 2003
First live release on Bro Sure Records.

Brazil - 2004
Second live release on Bro Sure Records.

Live and Well Shaven - 2005
First full length release on C-Room Records. Includes live cuts over the past two years performances.

Glass Houses - 2008
Producer: Gordon Payne (featured on Are You Ready for the Country 1976 Waylon Jennings, Troubadour 1976 J.J. Cale, and many others).

Set List

Changes everytime. Sets are generally an hour and a half.