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Little Brown Peach @ Charley O'Corleys

Valdosta, Georgia, USA

Valdosta, Georgia, USA

Little Brown Peach @ Charley O'Corleys

Valdosta, Georgia, USA

Valdosta, Georgia, USA

Little Brown Peach @ Suwanne Music Park

Live Oak, Florida, USA

Live Oak, Florida, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Little Brown Peach - Valdosta Scene Magazine

Little Brown Peach - Valdosta Daily Times

Little Brown Peach was voted

best band in Valdosta, GA by the

readers of The Eleventh Hour.

They play once a month here in

Valdosta as a full band, and they

play all over the South East. - The Eleventh Hour

A variety of influences, ranging from the Allman Brothers to Phish, is apparent on te nine original tracks from Little Brown Peach's new self-titled CD. Full of jamming breaks and intense deviations, the multi-tempo songs are enchanting and refreshing. Drummer Wynn Hyatt proves to be solid throughout, while the vocal and guitar roles are ever interchanging and evolving.
The CD starts appropriately wit the piano/organ prowess of the legendary Paul Hornsby on "San Fran Bushman", which provides an immediate understanding o this band's aptitude and influences. Taylor Strickland demonstrates his prowess on the slide guitar with a stinging delivery on "Can't Help It", and he displays his vocal abilities on "Long Way to Ride".
Both "Stop, Slow Down" and "On the Sea" show strong rock influence, while "Difference" grows from a folk-country root. "Parading Masquerade" invigorates the body, causing toes to tap and hips to shake.
Hornsby makes another major contribution on the beautiful and captivating "Cryin' Eyes", wherein the organ blends surreptitiously with the alluring voice of Blake Brown and the evocative bass guitar work of Alex Brown. Little Brown Peach concludes with a quirky tribute to the good ole reliable "Coffee Bean".
Like most groups in the jam category, Little Brown Peach is more at home outside the confines of the studio, for this is an extraordinary live performance band. If an opportunity arise to check them out in their natural habitat, make sure you do - these guys can play.

By Emily Parks - Hittin' The Note Magazine


Marinate Your Head -album 1

1) Partly Cloudy
2) First Time
3) Movin'
4) Planes, Trains, and
5) Runnin' From The Man
6) One Small Pill
7) Aquired Time
8) Dream Balloon
9) Frequency Picture
10) Which One Wins
11) Las Vegas
12) Parading Masquerade
13) Marcus
14) Open Door

Self Titled -album 2

1) San Fran Bushman
2) Can't Help It
3) Long Way to Ride
4) Stop, Slow Down
5) On the Sea
6) Parading Masquerade
7) Difference
8) Crying Eyes
9) Coffee Bean



Little Brown Peach is an accomplished jam/rock band with infinite potential. Over the past couple of years, they have realized goals they once only dreamed, and all while being unsigned and self-managed. Since the beginning of the formation of Little Brown Peach seven years ago, three of the four founding members are still faithfully playing under the original name. The band has employed a small handful of drummers, including Allen Aucoin who is now currently playing with the notable and talented band known as the Disco Biscuits. After Aucoin's departure, the last and final drummer came aboard, making the band complete for the past four years.
Its members are as follows: Taylor Strickland (rhythm and slide guitar/vocals); Blake Brown (lead guitar/vocals); Alex Brown (bass guitar/vocals); and Wynn Hyatt (drums).
The band�s sound has been described as a mesh between Phish and the Allman Brothers Band. A local fan and friend of the band, Jeron Truitt, once described Little Brown Peach as "the lovechild of Widespread Panic and the Grateful Dead." Influences of all are apparent, but if one thing is true, these guys have their own distinct, resonating style. In the event brochure, the team of Magnolia Fest described Little Brown Peach as "a young band rapidly making a name for themselves' with a sound that is familiar yet fresh, they are destined for great things in the years to come."
Within their first two years as a band, Little Brown Peach opened up for some familiar names, including Kevin Kinney and Randal Bramblett, and more recently, JJ Grey and Mofro. In the past year they were invited to play at two of the most recognized festivals in the southern region, the Allman Bros. Band's Wanee Festival and Magnolia Festival, which they gladly accepted. The festivals featured big names such as Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, and Bob Weir.
Currently, the band has released two albums that are packed with stimulating originals. The first, titled "Marinate Your Head," was released in 2006 and was solely recorded and produced by the members of Little Brown Peach. It includes many of their fan's favorites, such as the funky-beated �Marcus� and the ever-popular �First Time.� The band�s second album is self titled and was released in 2008, in which they employed the helping hand of the legendary producer Paul Hornsby (Capricorn Records) to produce the album, who also accompanied them on the keys for three of the album�s songs, �San Fran Bush Man�, �Stop, Slow Down�, and �Cryin� Eyes.�
Of everything they have accomplished, perhaps the most impressive is the loyal fan base Little Brown Peach has built over their short journey. Their most devoted fans reside in their hometown of Valdosta, GA. Nearly every gig they�ve played at their local venue brings in a full house; we�re talking max capacity! They have quite the following on the road as well. They continuously play all over the state of Georgia and parts of Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina, and frequently are accompanied with an eager audience. As Hittin� the Note Magazine said, ��this is an extraordinary live performance band�full of jamming breaks and intense deviations, the multi-tempoed songs are enchanting and refreshing. If an opportunity arises to check them out�make sure you do�these guys can play.�