Little Chandi

Little Chandi


With a happening new video out Little Chandi is as fresh as a daisy on wet dew covered meadow!


Little Chandi can't recognise herself when she thinks back no more than a year to the quiet, normal and slightly geeky girl she describes herself as back then.

Now, with the acclaimed Break em Down video single all over the airwaves, Chandi has the cheerful appearence
of a girl who's getting her point across. "It's about strolling out of the box into the open air, and not being a media casualty. We seem to have struck a note." she says proudly, and the sound of this offering and its charming video have definitely stuck the right note for 2007.

"Sometimes you wake up and feel like you're having the public thought,
and wonder how helpful that is to you, and how it might be on the
other side of the wall. It's about using technology for the good in a non-
paranoid way with humanity - defining yourself in your own way."


Little Chandi and the Overtakers present their d├ębut single release. The tracks is called Break em Down!
The Up Tempo Clubland Remix,Break em Down (Dance),is a classic in its own right.