Little Children
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Little Children

Gävle, Gävleborg, Sweden | INDIE

Gävle, Gävleborg, Sweden | INDIE
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"With Silence As A Weapon"

POP Linus Lutti not afraid emptiness. Instead of wallowing in alarm guitar, he takes up the total tranquility. Children who makes his low-key pop for over active minds.

One of the most prevalent in recent years in the grip of Western pop music seems to be to wage war against the void. To fill every little second of his compositions with sounds and sound back. Wavves distorted lo fi alarm, Amazing Baby's psychedelic guitar walls and Crystal Castles intrusive electromagnetic attacks, are just some examples of groups that have chosen to place the silence from the back of the classroom.

On the opposite side we find artists like Linus Lutti. Equipped with a pair tasted expression and a naked, frail voice, he groped his way and interact with silence rather than crush it. Many would probably be, reflexively, to sort him into the singer / songwriter category, along with other contemporary Jeff Buckley-traditionalists. But Linus Luttis affirmation of peace making him slightly more elusive. Sometimes it's spoken to almost a standstill.

- There are breaks in the doing that matters, not to put things in and fill out, but instead to accept the emptiness, "said Linus Lutti when we meet on the beach.

Until a few years ago he was one half of the Stockholm duo Idiot Kid. A low-key folkpopakt who released an acclaimed album on the label Conny Lindström's Castle, played by Erik Enocksson and then did not come so much further. First, because the relationship with Linus Annsofie Lundin Group second half, took over. But also because he got tired of both himself and the music was done.
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Photo: Mr Robin Haldert

- I had been able to start a pop band and make Erik Hassle-songs at the time, just to focus on something else. But then I began to rediscover myself and what I like, and then it became this, "said Linus.

And "this" is the Children. A project that takes its name from a song by jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman and has recently recorded a couple demo tracks together with Johan Berthling musicians as accompaniment. But unlike the Idiot Kid is Linus Lutti alone this time. While you can hear some similarities to his former team in Childrens restrained sound.

- Yeah, it does not differ much in terms of the music, but it is different in that there is so much thought behind it. With Idiot Kid, I could sit and think about a chorus or a verse to fit the big picture and if it sounded right, it was much more of a concept. But this has just floated on.

The songs are quiet and cautious. As a soft vacuum or in opposition to a society that is increasingly characterized by an alarm. Linus explains the brittle with a willingness to face himself in solitude. To dare to sit at home alone in his sofa without send SMS messages or watch TV.

Has it been difficult for it before?
- Yes, there has been a dilemma in my music that it should be so naked. But I force myself to do so, because then it just from me.

Are you restless else?
- Yes, I have always had a responsible service on the job, gone to school, been involved in music and done several things besides. I have probably inherited it from my parents but I can do it only to a certain point, then I go into the wall. Now it's the first time I forced myself to cut down on the job force, "said Linus who normally works as a Bar Manager at Strand.

Another reason for Childrens stripped character is Mark Hollis. When Linus hesitated before which direction he should take, says John Berthling him if the former Talk Talk singer's self-titled solo album. And he fell directly. Inspiration can also come from more unexpected quarters, as the music of the Salvation Army.

- It's so beautiful melodies of hymns, like "Just a day". Sometimes when you've been to funerals have you sat and listened to music more than thinking about why it is there.

* Is: Linus Lutti, guitar and vocals. 26. Born in Gävle, residing in Stockholm.

* Comp Musicians: John Berthling (including double and electric bass, synth and xylophone), Magnus Granberg (saxophone) and Per who plays drums in El Perro Del March tapes. - Throwmeaway blog in Swedish (translated into English)


In Silence - album Playground 2010



At a time when emergency force, screaming or talking loud and noise become a virtue, is Linus Lutti the quiet antithesis.
Already one half of Idiot Kid, the duo he formed, used the cautious approach. With fastidious instrumentation and electronic
sound-designs Linus now builds up a wall and melancholy pop music that does not let himself be ignored.
With Little Children, his musical alias since early 2009, the tone is the same. The low-key style is at the front and is possibly
even more stripped down. Sparse Guitar playing is played as if they were feet tramping on the fragile ice. The horns and
woodwind instruments along with the percussion enters here and there in the arrangements with psychedelic and jazzy
vibes changing the direction of the songs. Sometimes the impression is almost sacred and with one organ they create a
sound-stage space reminiscent of John and Andrew Berthling (TAPE).
In the middle of everything is Linus Luttis voice. As strong or as fragile as a fading light, the music is stationed into moods of
emptiness with our existence. Silent, sweet and intimate and with the strength of empty space he connects with the listener
with a less-is-more approached.
Sometimes the songs are reminiscent of the musical performance of Bonnie Prince Billy TROT folk tunes. Sometimes they
are as if Mark Hollis (the singer of Talk Talk) more monotone pop music. But above all, “in Silence” is pop album that demands
attention. In this day and age, when the noise level is higher than ever, it is silence that is heard.