Little Cow

Little Cow

 Budapest, Budapest, HUN

Little Cow is an interesting mix of joy and melancholy, humour and lyricism and gypsy-tinged ska/rock/funk pop songs performed are by charismatic musicians who create an engaging Eastern European party atmosphere during live performances. They are seriously dedicated to making feet and hips move


Little Cow 2002-2010

Early Years 2002-2004

Little Cow was founded in 2002 by László Kollár-Klemencz after the huge
success of his song for the short animation movie, called ‘Little yellow cow’ .

The emblematic cartoon figure, and the short movie was the logo of 2003
Sziget Festival:

After he organized the band, László Kollár-Klemencz remained the main
composer and songwriter.

Their first album as Kistehen (Little Cow) has been released by Private Moon
and Myfilm, published by EMI Music Publishing.

Platinum award, and Hungarian success 2005-

Their second album, Csintalan has been released in 2005, and soon reached
the platinum award.

The song Szájbergyerek (Cyber Kid) became a hit song in all Hungarian
chart, and won the “Song of the Year” category on the Hungarian Fonogram
Award. Shortly it gained fame even abroad – it was selected for the
British ‘Beginner’s Guide to Eastern Europe’ compilation album.

European releases 2007-2008

Their 3rd album, I’m in Love with Every Lady released by EMI Hungary in
2007. The English version was released in the same year by a Berlin based
label, Eastblok Music. The album is available in Germany (where the album
release party was a huge success), Holland, Austria, and of course the online
version worldwide.

They did tours in Germany, and Holland, and played in festivals across
Europe such as

-UK BestivalFestival

-Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands

-Paaspop festival in Holland

-Esperanzah festival Belgium

Several songs was chosen to different compilation records, like “Virágok a
réten” (featuring their gypsy friends Romano Drom) was for the Top of the
World album for the UK Songlines Magazine, and the “Best of the last 10
years” Eurosonic festival compilation, and Gipsy Groove album of Putumayo
World Music New York.

US success 2008

At the beginning of 2008 they played at the very prestigious global FEST,
New York City.

In September 2008 they returned to the US and Canada for a 6 weeks tour,
doing 31 shows. Besides the festival and club concerts they also had acoustic
performances in theatres. They also had gigs in festivals like the Chicago
World Music Festival, and the Hideout Block Party. Regarding to the reviews

they rocked New York’s Joe’s Pub and absolutely stormed the Lotus World
Music Festival in Bloomington, IN. They also played some fantastic clubs
including Safari Sam’s on the Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and in Slim in
San Francisco.

Little Cow Melancholics

Their fourth album was released as Little Cow Melancholic with a special
acoustic-melancholic atmosphere. It is also available online worldwide.

New album, new lines

From 2010 the writer, founder László Kollár-Klemencz refreshed KISTEHÉN
with some new musicians, and a whole new line-up. He still remained
the “head of the band” but with the new musicians Little Cow band is more
energetic than ever.

Present members of the band:

László Kollár-Klemencz – vocal, guitar

Gergo Kollár-Klemencz – keyboard, piano

Árpád Vajdovich – bass guitar

János Bujdosó –guitar

Zoltán Schvéger – drum

The punk world music– which were the characteristics of the band so far –
will be broadened with more punk-rock attitude, harder musical direction in
order to satisfy the members’ demands.

They released their brand new album album:Picsába az urhajókkal -To hell
with spaceship-, (EMI Hungary) mixed in London, and in Budapest.

The band was invited to all the biggest Hungarian festivals, and also festivals across
Europe, and in New York.

The band is now looking for further possibilities with booking agencies, record labels,
promoters. All album rights outside Hungary are owned by the band.

Band leader: László Kollár Klemencz +36 30 221 8682,
Back of the band: Péter György (EMI Publishing Hungary), +36 30 412 6424,

Press quotes and other reactions in Europe, and US 2007-2009

"Hungary’s hottest export since gulash" (Funkhaus Europa 103,3)

“The classic rock band set up, complete with accordion and percussion, creates an intoxicating melange of melancholia
and pure joie de vivre” (TIP Magazine Berlin)

"A crossover mixture that radiates the spirit of an alternative travelling circus, moves between melancholia and a wild
party a


A Man in A Tree

I'm in Love with Every Lady