Little Dudes Green

Little Dudes Green


We have a variety of music from slow to hard rock. We are a young band and a very flexible in how we can set up. We are very happy that you've taken the time to check us out!!!


We are Little Dudes Green, a local band of the St.Louis area. We consist of Dan Green(guitar), Nathan "Nate dogg" Green(drums), and John "Johnny B" Bishop(bass).We have been a band since 2004 and hope to stay a band for a long time to come.
It started out as me(Dan) and my brother(Nate) rocking covers. Then after a gig at my school April of 2005, John started to talk to me about the show. I asked if he played any instruments and found out that he played bass(go figure). I Set up a time for him to come over so we could check him out. We thought that he was LDG material and let him play at our next gig. From then on he has been our bassist. We now have 15 covers and 10 originals.
Dan has been playing since 2000, Nate has been playing since 2000, and Johnny b has been playing since 2003. We have played about 60 shows since 2004. We have future plans of becoming a well known, well respected band.


LDG (our first demo)

Set List

We can play both cover and original sets. We have one 45min. of originals. We can play two 1 hour 15min. sets(originals and covers mixed).

Little Dudes Green:
I Don't Care
The Story of My Life
Judgment Day
One Last Time
The End of Everything
This Wont Stand
U & Me
I'm Right
The Beginning
At Sunrise

Green Day:
When I Come Around
American Idiot
Blvd. of Broken Dreams

Waitin' For the Bus
Jesus Just Left Chicago


Fall Out Boy:
Sugar, Were Goin' Down

Bring Me To Life


Rock n' Roll All Nite

White Stripes:
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

In Bloom

Good Charlotte:
The Anthem