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Little Embers

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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"Meet Little Embers:"

With their debut LP of a really superb batch of songs and playing at top-notch venues like Mercury Lounge, Spike Hill, and The Astor Room (to name a few!), they're sure to be noticed as one of the 'glad I knew them when...' bands for us all to be so proud to know! Click 'LIKE' and be sure to catch them live one of these days, you'll be glad you did! - The Queens Music Scene

"Little Embers Music Featured on Milk of Minutia"

Providing music for this episode is Queens, New York's own Little Embers. A collaborative effort between Theresa Hoffmann & her husband Anthony Rizzo, Little Embers is influenced by artists such as Wilco, Paul Westerberg and Lucinda Williams. - Milk of Minutia

"Where Queens Reign Supreme"

"When Astoria’s own Little Embers took the stage, the band and its frontwoman Theresa Hoffman treated the crowd to the classic pop and catchy hooks that have made them an undeniable presence in the Queens music scene." "
- Gina Sigillito, LIC Notes (Jun 24, 2010)

"Little Embers at the Living Room/3/12/11"

"Little Embers debut full length is a fantastic album..."
- - William Helms, The Joy of Violent Movement (Mar 20, 2011)

""Little Embers deliver a bitter-sweet ecstasy.""

"Little Embers deliver a bitter-sweet ecstasy."
- Vladimir Vukicevic , CTO RocketHub Inc. (Apr 06, 2011)

"Carrying Torches for Classic Country"

"Her poetry is full of ambient concepts, wit, and creative structures. She doesn’t lean on end rhyme if it doesn’t come naturally to what she’s trying to say. And her imagery – “vultures stain my sky” – can be chilling."
- Aaron Lee, The Garret (May 10, 2010)
- The Garrett

"Saturday, March 12th in New York City"

"Electric guitarist Anthony Rizzo calls on his punk roots (his band Garden Variety was a zine favorite in the early/mid-nineties) to keep these no-frills tunes gutsy without compromising the dreamy vibes. Theresa Hoffmann's rocker croon, a curious blend of whimsy and defiance, oscillates with the mood of the music. It's nice to hear artists play off each others' smoldering latencies with such sure-handed poise. They're dropping their new album, Raise the Dead, Saturday March 12th, so come out and discover this nice couple from Queens before everyone else does."
- Jeremy Brown, (Mar 07, 2011)

"Press Quote"

"Little Embers music is a dark swirling revelation. Her previous stuff was nice. Somewhat like early Shawn Colvin. Now... her new songs like "Radio" and the surreal "Curious Little Clowns" are way cool. She is ready to play Howl Fest. The songs have the mystical poetic feel of sixties Dylan. Her voice is dark and sweet and it draws you in. Little Embers music has a sweet seductive edge."Tattoo" makes you wanna be "begging like a kid" to sit beside the musical fire with Little Embers. Her dark, caustic prespective on reality has a world weariness and innate wisdom that is quite compelling" -(McQ) - New Century Music


EP Divded 2009
LP Raise the Dead 2011



Little Embers is a collaborative effort featuring Theresa Hoffmann & her husband Anthony Rizzo. While she writes the songs, he provides the setting from which the tunes take flight. Influenced by artists such as Wilco, Paul Westerberg and Lucinda Williams, L.E. has found their own unique style. As a founding member of the critically acclaimed punk band Garden Variety, and best known for his work in Vic Thrill and the Saturn Missile, Rizzo's sensitive, but assertive electric guitar draws upon a rich and varied musical background. Combined with Theresa's ghostly evocative songwriting, the combination is compelling. Theirs is roots music of a decidedly different stripe; the cool fire of their soulful sound has been impressing New York City audiences for some time and Little Embers' presence in the NYC music scene cannot be underestimated.

In 2010, Little Embers was seriously motivated with new material and ambition. They wanted to make that debut LP, badly. Many fans, family and friends had followed LE long enough to let them know that it was time to get creative and find the resources to get into the studio and make that first full-length album. The stars aligned and Little Embers got on board with an amazing startup crowd-funding company named Rocket Hub. Little Embers worked hard (promoting, busking, and all sorts of other stuff) and conducted a successful crowd-funding campaign. They raised $5000.00 to get into the studio with engineer Phil Palazzolo (Neko Case, Radio 4). The end result? Their first LP was released in March, 2011, to awesome reviews, and can be purchased on iTunes (and other e-tailers) titled "Raise the Dead." Little Embers is proud of this first effort, and already has the majority of material for the recording of their second album. Thanks for listening and supporting the music! We look forward to seeing you at a show down the road!