Frederick, Maryland, USA

A dedicated, talented, and incredibly hard-working pop-punk/hardcore band from Frederick, MD. A group of five dudes ages 18-24 who are obsessed with making music our careers, and our lives. We want nothing more than to share our music with the world, and travel anywhere we can to play for others.


Littlefoot originated as a supergroup (...haha) comprised of members of different Tri-Sate area punk, hardcore and ska bands. As fate would have it, Littlefoot became a mainstay despite the band’s member’s different backgrounds and even ideals. Littlefoot derives their main influence from other pop-punk bands such as Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, and even A Day to Remember. However, what sets them apart from the others is their technicality and innovative nature. Taking influence from bands such as August Burns Red and even Between the Buried and Me, Littlefoot's sound can be described as the most technical hardcore pop-punk you will ever hear. But they just like to call themselves "easycore" for short.

With Littlefoot's current lineup, they feel as if they are the closest they have ever been to reaching their goals. Nothing will stop them from getting out there and playing shows, making music, and sharing it with everyone else. For the 5 members of Littlefoot, slowing down is just not an option until they can make it out there in the music industry and prove themselves as a band.


Austin and His Followers (Old CD, Old Singer)

Littlefoot 3-Song DEMO (Free!)

TBA LP (November 2010)

Set List

Fresh Cut
No Tradebacks!
Highway or the... Highway
Scuffin' My Kicks

All tracks are interchangeable if we feel like it!