Little Frank & the Premiers

Little Frank & the Premiers


A blended Americana. No not a drink from your corner Starbuck's, but a mixture of everything from Blues & Memphis Soul/Rockabilly to Country & Western and Rock.


In a time where more common rock-based
music is passing for contemporary blues;
Little Frank and the Premiers are out there
keeping the traditional roots music torch
aglow. By making the blues & rockabilly
styles of Chess and Sun records sound
fresh and vital. Since forming in the late
1990s, they have been performing on some
of the finest festivals and concert venues in
the region.
Co-Founder Little Frank, has been touring nationally & internationally with blues legends and Grammy award winners, Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin and Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, for several years. This has recently brought Frank to the attention of many critics in the genre.


Soon to be released EP - FRANKIES BBQ

Set List

Mixture of originals and obscure relevant covers