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Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Dream Pop




"Little Galaxies release new visuals for "Safe in the Storm" [Video]"

Venice Beach band Little Galaxies just released the visuals for their single "Safe in The Storm" off their album Patterns. For just their second official music video, they really invested in capturing the emotion this track really invokes. I personally love this song, it's what I call a "time traveling song". That kind of track that when you listening to it, it just perfectly captures you and sends you through a self-reflective time wrap. Before you know it, five minutes just went by and you're desperately looking to hit repeat in order to return to that internalized state of mind. Check it out below:

About the video: The music video was filmed, directed, and edited by Sara Allesandrini and stars Ginevra Pergolini and Valentina Ricci. Alessandrini filmed the video in Italy 3 years prior to finding the band and the music that fit beautifully to the short film's imagery and Ricci's dance choreography. The story follows a woman who faces a personal crisis and finds herself in a loop of fear and disappointment she cannot exit. She meets with what can be interpreted as either her daughter or inner kid to start a journey through childhood to rediscover herself. The video has already received attention and awards from several music videos and short film festivals including the International Music Video Underground and Remi Awards.

"Safe In The Storm" was written by Little Galaxies founders and couple Jeanna Fournier and Amir Eshraghi. The glimmering guitar work and infectious melody do an incredible job of slowly breaking down any of the listener's apprehensions and once they have you left exposed, wrap you in a blanket of warm comforting vocals delivered with earnest passion throughout the chorus.

"The song came out in its entirety the first time we ever jammed. I was worried that night and Amir held me and said, 'Don't be afraid, I'll keep you safe.' I think most of us can relate to wanting to feel safe, especially right now given the current headlines in the news cycle. I wanted to give listeners that same comfort you feel when someone who cares for you holds you close." Jeanna Fournier

The band is currently finalizing new material for their sophomore LP expected next year. - Earmilk

"The Best Concerts in OC This Week"

Little Galaxies
The Slidebar

LA four-piece Little Galaxies stays musically in tune with their name by dropping soft, melodic ballads that contain whirlwinds of instrumental arrangements that seem neither forced or overbearing; on the contrary, their sound carries a harmonious balance of pop and alt-rock with that LA edge. Their debut album Patterns displays this best, crystallizing the pop sensibilities of the current wave of alt-rock, while separating themselves from their dream pop contemporaries. Through headphones, Little Galaxies' music, upheld by singer Jeanna Fournier's smoky vocals, can blow you away, so just imagine what it can do during a live set. Get swept up in Little Galaxies' show tonight at The Slidebar, along with Wetwood Smokes and The Great Late. (Aimee Murillo) - OC Weekly

"Ears Wide Open - Little Galaxies"

No matter whether Little Galaxies are into interstellar themes, the Venice-based band does write dream-pop that shimmers like the stars. In fact, the quartet comprised of Jeanna Fournier, Amir Eshraghi, Brian Sumwalt and Adam Yasmin sounds like they sat on the beach for several nights underneath the twinkling sky and studied constellations with guitars in hand to prepare for writing their album “Patterns.” The debut, which features songs such as “Tonight” and “What Are You Looking For?” is full of the warmth they undoubtedly get every day in L.A., but also offers a whirl of melodies that are interchangeably introspective and a call out to the world. Little Galaxies’ self-released debut “Patterns” is out now. -

"LA’s Little Galaxies head on West Coast tour with three SF shows"

Little Galaxies is one of those bands that truly fits the term ‘alternative’ because, well, you just don’t know what else to call it. Psychedelic rock, ambient pop, atmospheric harmony–pick any term you like, but, for the sake of simplicity, let’s just call it ‘alternative’ for now. Don’t get me wrong, the music of Little Galaxies certainly isn’t simplistic, nor do mere comparisons to the work of others give you a full understanding of their sound. Yes, there are hints of U2 in the Edge-like guitar layering. Yes, the haunting female vocals remind you a bit of Bjork. But there is no direct correlation, no ‘I’ve heard this all before’ moment. True to their name, the band does sound a bit like something from outer space.

Embarking on their first West Coast tour last week, the LA-based band will be hitting the San Francisco Bay Area today, with gigs lined up at Bottom of the Hill, Sub-Mission and Neck of the Woods. Check out their debut album Patterns to get a better sense of their sonic structure. - The Bay Bridged

"Album Reviews - International Acts (Little Galaxies)"

Overall this is a strong debut presentation of where the band is at, in which they give a solid account of themselves. It's difficult to forge a true identity or sound in this day and age with the magnitude of music available to us, but this band are on the right road. - Unsigned and Independent

"Safe in the Storm - Music Video Review"

There comes a time when life appears to us as it is blocking our way through. We feel disoriented and lonely and fear amplifies: fear we won’t be able to find our way, that we are going to get left behind and times are going to overrun us.

This is what the ‘Safe in the Storm’ music video of Little Galaxies band explores. Directed by Sara Alessandrini the video shows a woman facing with an existential crisis.

Indicated mostly by the lyrics, the personage finds herself stuck in a moment of doubts and disappointment she cannot beat. The focus of the director goes on the sensation of loneliness and lack of direction. The young woman is ‘dancing’ in circles looking for a way out. A possible solution would be to connect with her inner child and travel back to her childhood.

This idea of travelling back to the childhood in order to escape the ‘block’ is particularly interesting. Childhood is an age of innocence and carefree moments and travelling back can therefore be looked at as a refuge from the multitude of negative thoughts. This realm of memories can also be psychologically comforting and regenerating. But childhood is also when most dreams arise; dreams that later become the career aims for the adult. Children always regard reality as an infinite array of possibilities. They are yet ‘untrained’ in the limits and obstacles adults eventually resign to. The main character of ‘Safe in the Storm’ calls on the child in her hoping she will receive guidance. One can only guess she is trying to expand her perception on life once again and regain the energy and possibly the childish enthusiasm to identify and pursue her forgotten dream. After all, any obstacle in life can be overreached with a little bit of enthusiasm and self-confidence.

The video is truly enjoyable visually. Camera promises to enchant the eye of the audience with beautifully framed shots and finely graded colours. There is a professional feel to Little Galaxies’ ‘Safe in the Storm’ and the video connects well with the lyrics. We reckon this is going to be a very enjoyable experience for quality music video lovers; it sure was for us! - The Monthly Film Festival

"Little Galaxies (recommended)"

LITTLE GALAXIES are a recommendation from our Los Angeles based music network. They come across as a band with substance and style imbedded in their music which comes together in a way of consequence. That is necessitated by design, but it is the casual ease that accompanies the transition that draws you to the band. There is a reverance in places, while other aspects embrace a more withdrawn approach. Yet it all gathers in a way that has a contented comfort to it all that resides where it needs to and where it should.  - Unsigned & Independent

"Little Galaxies - Patterns"

Have you ever had one of those intoxicated moments where you and a friend(s) sit in the grass and just gaze into the stars while talking about the meaning of life? That euphoric moment where time stands still and nothing really makes sense but in contrast everything never seemed so just. Well that moment has a soundtrack and it’s created by a band entitled Little Galaxies. Jeanna Fournier, Adam Yasmin, Amir Eshraghi and Brian Sumwalt blend alternative pop and soul in a smooth easy listening 10 track debut album Patterns. If your anything like me your a sucker for a warm nurturing sound of a strong female lead as the band is solid keeping the consistency of the album grounded from start to finish. The singles “Tonight” and “What Are You Looking For?” are probably the strongest representations of what Little Galaxies are capable of as a collective. Climatic at points while still remaining subtle and intriguing makes Little Galaxies’ Patterns a picture perfect first album for a group that has a lot to promise in the near future. Check out the visuals for “Tonight” below and the album is available for purchase or download via the links provided. - Wheat City Magazine


Little Galaxies - Patterns (Debut Full Length Released October 2013) 



Little Galaxies is a band formed in Venice Beach, California by Amir Eshraghi and Jeanna Fournier. “True to their name, the band does sound a bit like something from outer space” (Bay Bridged). Their music draws influence from psychedelic rock, pop, folk, and jazz while experimenting with inter-dimensional textures to create a sonic microcosm of their own. 

After a 3 year hiatus due to Fournier incurring injuries from a car accident, the band made a triumphant comeback earlier this year with shows at the Satellite, Venice Beach’s Townhouse for Westside Revival, and Harvelle’s. Their energetic live shows have been drawing in fans new and old, hypnotizing the audience as they watch Eshraghi explore the outer limits on his theremin, guitar, and expansive pedal board while Fournier’s reverberating vocals echo through the room as she sways across the stage with her long golden locks. With the addition of their new rhythm section— Christian Johnson on drums and Andreas Sandnes on bass— Little Galaxies' sound has evolved to a higher dimension and is ready for liftoff as the band gears up to release the first single “Out in Control” off their upcoming album. 

The band first emerged in 2013 with the release of their debut album Patterns, recorded, mixed and co-produced by Sejo Navajas at the historic 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica (The Beach Boys, No Doubt, Incubus). After releasing the album, Little Galaxies performed all over Southern California and beyond including shows at LA's Hotel Cafe, the Satellite, the Venice Art Walk main stage at Google, San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill, the Adams Street Festival in San Diego, and showcases at SXSW in Austin, TX. 

Their music has caught the attention of several notable music blogs including Earmilk, Buzzbands LA, OC Weekly, and the Bay Bridged. They won the Deli Magazine's "Emerging Los Angeles Artist of the Year" award with a feature in their SXSW print edition and Radio KSCR's "Best Music Video" & "Best Feel Good Video" awards for their single "Tonight." Most recently, Little Galaxies composed the closing song of the documentary SOS: The Salton Sea Walk at the request of Mayor of the Salton Sea's West Shores, Kerry Morrison. 

"Through headphones, Little Galaxies' music, upheld by singer Jeanna Fournier's smoky vocals, can blow you away, so just imagine what it can do during a live set” (OC Weekly). Come to a show this fall to see for yourself, and be on the lookout for their new single “Out in Control” available for streaming and downloading this October.

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