Little Green Chairs

Little Green Chairs


Funk, fusion-rock, reggae, improv and jazz packed into a high-energy sound for the masses to dance to. Blending solid song structure and improvisation, Little Green Chairs sounds like "70's FM radio" conveniently packaged into one little green band.



Typically, this is a question asked of a band before you see them play. Yet this is often the question asked of Athens, GA-based funk-rock band, Little Green Chairs, by folks who have just seen them play. So, where does LGC reside on the musical map? Responses have varied from "somewhere in between Rush and Cat Stevens" to "a cross between Steely Dan and James Brown" and many more. They have even drawn comparisons to some of their biggest influences, such as Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Little Feat and more. For the members of LGC though, they are happy to tell anyone that they sound like Little Green Chairs.

The band derives its distinct sound by incorporating the influences of each band member to create something beyond their own inspirations. The sound is built on the ideal of rock-solid songwriting that uses socially-conscious and relevant lyrics. The foundations of these songs are found in the deep grooves pulled from the soul and the pounding rhythms found in the heart of the music. The sound is filled out with jazz, reggae and non-conventional improvisational elements that make up the brain/intellect of the sound. The components are then focused and arranged into a sound designed to resonate with the dancing masses. The result is a "70's radio"-style hybrid that is not easily defined in one genre or another. In one instance, funky, the next, arena rock, the music continues to move and move the crowd to dance. The music is not only greater than the sum of its parts, but something rarely attempted (let alone achieved) today in music... it is original!

Formed in 2002 by musical collaborators Ryan Taylor and Dan Roth (Dan K Theory), Little Green Chairs began as a newgrass group which quickly evolved into a full-scale, more progressive sound with the addition of a rhythm section in 2003.

In 2004, they were off and running, touring around the Southeast and spreading their sounds. Gaining steam and building a steady following, tragedy struck in November of 2004, as bass player Paul Fulbright died of a sudden asthma attack at the age of 24. After putting together a memorial show for Paul in February of 2005, LGC made the decision to continue playing and making music.

Since then, Little Green Chairs has continued to grow their sound by adding accomplished guitar player, Johnny Mosier (Blueground Undergrass) to their lineup in 2006. And in 2007, they have also added Edward Hunter (Blueground Undergrass) to the mix to add mandolin, fiddle and banjo to their roots-rock sound. With these new additions, LGC is focused on creating their rich tapestries of colorful lyrics and 4-part vocal harmonies. Little Green Chairs will enter the studio in 2007 to begin work on its first full-length studio release for 2008.


Support act for: Robert Walter's 20th Congress, RAQ, Blueground Undergrass, Outformation, Acoustic Syndicate, Bump, Blue Merle, Blue Dogs and many more.

Festivals: 2006 MagnoliaFest, 2006 Fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fest, 2006 Spring Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fest, 2004 South Carolina Family Gathering, 2004 Athfest, 2005 Harvest Farms Fest and more.

Awards: "Best Jamband" (Athens, GA) - 2006 Flagpole Music Awards


Ryan Taylor
1327 Gates Dr. SE
Atlanta, GA 30316



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Strange Ass State

Written By: Ryan Taylor

Babe, you got me going through the motions
Just like I used to do
I can't give up on this feeling
Lord, I can't give up on you

Tried to have myself committed
But the doctor says I'm fine
Doctor, please, I need that medication
Before I lose my mind

Friends say I should forget you
God knows I've tried a thousand times
Tried to drink 'til I just can't remember
Even had me hypnotized

But the drinking just made me hungover
Hypnosis cost me 2 weeks pay
Seems no matter what I do now
Lord, I'm stuck here in this state

Oooo...just one look in your eyes, baby
Got me feeling paralyzed
Now I can't move
And I can't speak
Baby, I can't even breath
The world's so cruel
Is this my fate?
I tell you man
It's the strangest state
I can't deny
'Cause I know it's true
I'm in the strange ass state
The state of lovin' you

So I tried walking on water
Anything that might impress
But I just sank to the bottom
And I forgot to hold my breath

Now, it's all I can do to just tread this water
Then, you ask if I can swim
Now, I've got the feeling that I'm drowning
This strange ass love has done me in



Written By: Dan Roth

Hey man! Are you not my brother?
I mean in the human sort of way
Why would you seek to hurt another?
Showing me the darkness of your day

The lifeline only reaches
Across the chasm if you want
Like it or not it teaches
The lessons that you shun

Pride will take you out into the world
Accomplishment will make you who you are
Fear of interaction and innocence unfurled
Will keep a man from ever going far


Hey man! Are you not my brother?
I mean in a human sort of way
Why would you seek to hurt another?
Showing me the darkness of your day



Written By: Ryan Taylor

Little green chairs are in my room
But they don't ever seem to move
And old dusty books I've never read
And a coffee stained mug I've never used.

Now, the early morning sun comes thru my window
But I don't really want to move
Just another day and it starts the same
Don't think that I could refuse

And whatcha gonna do
When the beat comes back to you
Said whatcha gonna do
When the beat comes back to you

Now, I'm walking towards the edge again
You know I'm barefoot in all my dreams
Over rocky roads and broken glass
But my feet don't even care to bleed

And up ahead there is an ocean
But walking on water's against the law
Guess we'll just have to do this the hard way
You know it just takes time to wade across

And now Einstein's on the rise again
And the Spring has turned to cold
Said Einstein's on the rise again
And I'm beginning feeling old

And the lion's den shines so bright it seems
It's reshaping history this way
But the light's still giving way to time it seems
Makes up the dream that is today

It's just a clockwork playground for your mind
But the children all see a different light
Rebirth of thought and of the world
Give us all another chance to rise

To rise, to rise, to rise, to rise
To rise, to rise, to rise, to rise

And now Einstein's on the rise again
But not much to my surprise
Yeah, Einstein's on the rise again
Now, can't you feel it start to rise

To rise, to rise, to rise, to rise
To rise, to rise, to rise, to rise


Written By: Ryan Taylor

Looking at yourself in the mirror
Can't you tell you're all of the rage
Younger than your eyes have suggested
Think of this your coming of age

I see you running round the downtown
Just trying to fit the bill
Kick your evening up into high gear
Can't help you're catching a thrill

When the sun goes down and the moon is high
Another chance to make the scene
Try to deny, but this life you've found is like
Living inside a magazine

I see you running in your circles
What does it take to make the cut?
Or do you even know the difference between
Being "in" and growing up?


Unrequited Love Song

Written By: Dan Roth

Woman I show you all my love
But you don't seem to need as much
Looking inside me I tell you it's true
Ideas so prolific to help me get through

One vocal outburst is all it will take
As I put pen to paper, these thoughts I must shake
Looking inside them all insights confuse
My soul-lovin', frustratin' song-writing muse.

Hey now, can I get another?
Hey man, when will I hear another?
I didn't think that I could write another...
Unrequited love song about you.

For eternity now we've been playing this game
The dense subject matter, it moves me to sing
Lopsided pieces of puzzle all fit
Inside of a box with no meaning to it

Moving in time yet spinning my wheels
To beg, plead, persue at the back of your heels
I gaze up above and I ask for the truth
How could I have fallen so in love with you?


Back To The Fold

Written By: Ryan Taylor

Shadows fallen on the day
The sun has come and gone away
And the moon is rising in the night
Illuminating silver light

We live in anxious times
But you can't rush the night

Now, the world has turned to black and white
Color's fallen from my eyes
And I'm tracing every chance I get
The overlap of silhouettes

Just trace the circles edge
You'll only come back here again

The hands of fate keep spinning the wheel
There's a chance with each and every deal
It's a matter of the cards you hold
We're all trying to make it back...
Back to the fold

Through the trees I see a light
Giving color back to night
And there's people dancing 'round the fire
And no one ever seems to tire

There's people dancing 'round the fire
Cast deep shadows in the night

And the music's soaring through the clouds
Straight up to heaven all around
Riding on the winds unfurled
Bringing song to all the world

Life is marked by all the signs
We're standing tall in troubled time



"Bend" - December 2006
1. Strange Ass State
2. Lifeline
3. Einstein
4. Magazine
5. Unrequited Love Song
6. Cleft Notes
7. Back To The Fold

"Live at Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fest" - May 2006
1. Einstein
2. Unrequited Love Song
3. Strange Ass State
4. Back To The Fold
5. Cleft Notes
6. The Way It Is
7. In The End

"Little Green Chairs" (self-titled EP) - Sept. '03
1. Einstein
2. Thought to Paper
3. The Fade
4. Happiness Ahead

Set List

Typically 2 sets - 1 hr. 15 min. each

Thought to Paper
The Fade
Happiness Ahead
Dark Waters
In the End
Back to the Fold
Solid Ground
Cleft Notes
High from Rain
Shoot The Moon
Art Imitates Life
Unrequited Love Song
Strange-Ass State

Sample of Covers:
Tom Sawyer - Rush
Digging In The Dirt - Peter Gabriel
Josie - Steely Dan
Home At Last - Steely Dan
Use Me - Bill Withers
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Standing On Shaky Ground - Delbert McClinton
7 Daffodils - The Weavers
Cold As Ice - Foreigner
Roll With The Changes - REO Speedwagon
Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys - Traffic
The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby
Cortez The Killer - Neil Young
Brickhouse - The Commodores
Breakdown - Tom Petty
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
Chameleon - Herbie Hancock
Cissy Strut - The Meters
(many more covers & originals... over 4 hours of music!)