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The best kept secret in music


"Little Green Chairs @ Georgia Theatre, 03/01/06"

“Little Green Chairs has grown into one of the tightest groups around...”

“…upbeat funk numbers that make this band so much fun to dance and listen to.”

“…a great show and …one interesting performance after another, laced with excellent songwriting and proficient but not over-indulgent soloists.”

-Bill Bokas

"Gig Guide"

This Athens jam band has a real '70s album rock sound reminiscent of Little Feat or Sea Level.

- Dan Maley - Macon Telegraph; May 26th, 2006

"Now We're Talkin' Rock!"

"Little Green Chairs will take the stage... with the promise of getting everyone on their feet."

"The foundation of the band is original 'good-time' music that manages to sound familiar despite its uniqueness."

"Everyone has complimentary talents. The group's strong sound is the result of collaboration."

-Kelli Hutchinson - Rome Unscene; Vol. 3, Number 6

"Double Vision"

The CSRA will be seeing green with double vision this weekend when Athens-based band Little Green Chairs cruises the Aiken-Augusta circuit with former Blueground Undergrass guitarist Johnny Mosier.

The band will hit the Aiken Brewing Company for their first show of the year Friday at 10 p.m.

"Aiken has quickly become our favorite town to play," said Dan Roth, keyboards and vocals. "The response we get from Rob's crowd at the Brew Pub is so welcoming, we can't stay away for more than two months at a time!"

The group will be on the road again Saturday, but they won't go too far. Their next destination will be just 30 minutes away at The Mission in Augusta.

Roth says this weekend will be a sweet experience and Mosier is the icing on the cake.

"His impeccable playing style, coupled with his amazing tone result in a 'must-see' experience," said Roth. "Johnny has played with a who's-who of stellar musicians, including Jimmy Herring, The Allman Brothers, Government Mule, Leftover Salmon and Col. Bruce Hampton to name but a few."

Mosier, who Roth describes as a "dead-ringer" lead guitar player, was an original member of the popular Blueground Undergrass, along with his brother, rev. Jeff Mosier.

"His totally unique style is a perfect amalgamation of so many recognizable influences, you feel like you've known his playing for years," said Roth. "It's as if a regional star is joining us to make some great music."

LGC lit up the stage at Aiken Brewing Company during their Halloween show, which featured a variety of covers ranging from Steely Dan to Foreigner, as well as a few of the band's originals.

In addition to Roth, LGC is comprised of musicians Ryan Taylor, guitar and vocals, Dave Cannon, bass, and Adam Funk, drums.

For more information about LGC, go to

-Erin Brooks - Aiken Standard Press; January 12th, 2006

"Focus Factor"

Athens’ Little Green Chairs makes feel-good music. Yes, this description does run the high risk of oversimplifying the intricacies within the group’s sound, but it’s certainly a good platform for the overall effect you come away from its music with. It’s music that, for the most part, seems to emanate the same vibe that it was created out of, but, to be fair, there are vast other elements lurking beneath.

For one, the band isn’t purporting a Grateful Dead-only upbringing, as if no other band had a play in whittling the present shape of its outlook. For Ryan Taylor, Little Green Chairs’ guitarist/vocalist, forsaking the presence of groups like Steve Miller Band, REO Speedwagon or Violent Femmes is out of the question.

“Those are things that make up my youth,” said Taylor. “I didn’t even know who The Grateful Dead were until I went to college. I love a lot of things about The Dead, but there are a lot of things I could do without. You’re not going to deny what you grow up listening to, and everybody’s different.”

Regardless, Little Green Chairs has fallen victim to the all-consuming effects of the jam band scene, where even slight association ensures full absorption. But like so many groups undeserving of the conglomeration, the band takes being labeled a jam band with a casual grin and not much afterthought.

“It’s the pool we swim in,” explains Taylor. “It’s the venues that we play. All of what we’re trying to do is within the jam band scene. There are a lot of bands in the jam band scene that aren’t jam bands, and we’re one of them, but we definitely have an essence of that.

“But in the world of music — and especially for a musician — there are no lines.”

Little Green Chairs was assembled in November 2002, after drummer Adam Funk and bassist Paul Fulbright moved down to Georgia from Virginia for the purpose of playing in another group, Papa Funk. When that band was left fallow and began to atrophy from lack of use, Funk and Fulbright were incorporated into Little Green Chairs with Taylor and keyboardist Dan Roth. Though all the members were of similar mindset, a quick rundown of each of their musical influences displayed distinctly dissimilar schools of study.


Just to be clear, lots of bands survive for prolonged periods without sharing much in common. They’re usually called bad bands, though, and they don’t last long. In the case of Little Green Chairs, the band actually made its differences work in its favor, taking the most desirable qualities from each member’s diverse influences and making an ideal sound pool, like genetically splicing the effects of their influences. It’s a pleasant, perpetual tipping of the scales that keeps up a healthy checks-and-balances system within the band.

“It’s funny, because we all come from different backgrounds,” said Taylor. “I think we definitely have things in common that we all love, though. My biggest influence in life is James Taylor, but that’s not necessarily what’s going to influence everybody else in this band.

“But we sat down and talked, and found that we all have these bands in common, like Steely Dan, Rush and Peter Gabriel. Those are things that we all have in common, the end-all being that we all like good music and don’t like bad music.


In November of last year, just as Little Green Chairs was celebrating its two-year anniversary and a string of successful live dates, its internal structure was jolted by the death of original bassist Fulbright. Fulbright, who was born with a partially developed right lung, was caught by a surprise fatal blow.

“Honestly, he didn’t take very good care of himself,” said Taylor. “He smoked cigarettes and lived kinda hard. But it ended up being an asthma attack that did him in.”

To rely on the musical cliché, Little Green Chairs was at a crossroads. It could’ve disbanded without another thought, each of its members moving on to pursue other music projects or even deciding to quit playing and writing altogether. If the remaining three members chose to carry on with Little Green Chairs, another bassist of adequate ability would be vital.

“I know that Danny wanted to go on, and I wanted to go on in some form, but what do you do?” asked Taylor. “I remember somebody in the band saying that it would be a slam on Paul’s soul if we stopped playing music. Paul, in no way, shape or form, I don’t think would’ve wanted us to stop. He would take it as an insult.

“We wanted to do a memorial show for him, and we were going to do the four-man low end (at the memorial show) — we were gonna bring in bass players that we knew and have them each play a tune.”

One of those was Dave Cannon, who held down the low end for Flat Front Tire, a New Orleans funk outfit from Spartanburg, S.C. Cannon seemed the ideal choice to fill the open bass slot in Little Green Chairs, even though the official search for the next bassist hadn’t even commenced.

“Paul - Metro Spirit, Vol. 16, No. 45

"Making A World of Difference"

"There were so many little girls in the orphanage that the staff couldn't handle the volume, so they strapped the toddlers into these little green chairs to prevent them from running around. They didn't do it to hurt the children; it was just simply too much for them to handle. Anyway, those girls would rock and sway in their confines to get some stimulation. Today I look at my daughter and all I can think is, 'Thank God she was saved from the little green chairs.' "

-- From an anonymous adoptive parent on the Half the Sky Foundation's Web site

- San Francisco Chronicle

"ABC Pick of the Week"

"The sound's full, for sure... [it's] gotten it to the point where everything play[ed] is wider than a football field, really ...familiarity has allowed for an organic, fluid relationship to form". The band blends funk, reggae, bluegrass and jazz into a curious blend that is less self-indulgent than most of the bands falling into the "jam" category.

-Chris Hassiotis
- Flagpole, June 30th, 2004

"Little Green Chairs Back In Aiken"

"...the band continues to grow in popularity in cities throughout Georgia and the Carolinas, including Aiken."

"Known for their delicious combination of rock and jam band sound, the group [explores] different shades of the musical spectrum with an assortment of original songs mixed with a range of covers."

-Erin Brooks - Aiken Standard Press; August 19, 2005


"Bend" - December 2006
1. Strange Ass State
2. Lifeline
3. Einstein
4. Magazine
5. Unrequited Love Song
6. Cleft Notes
7. Back To The Fold

"Live at Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fest" - May 2006
1. Einstein
2. Unrequited Love Song
3. Strange Ass State
4. Back To The Fold
5. Cleft Notes
6. The Way It Is
7. In The End

"Little Green Chairs" (self-titled EP) - Sept. '03
1. Einstein
2. Thought to Paper
3. The Fade
4. Happiness Ahead


Feeling a bit camera shy



Typically, this is a question asked of a band before you see them play. Yet this is often the question asked of Athens, GA-based funk-rock band, Little Green Chairs, by folks who have just seen them play. So, where does LGC reside on the musical map? Responses have varied from "somewhere in between Rush and Cat Stevens" to "a cross between Steely Dan and James Brown" and many more. They have even drawn comparisons to some of their biggest influences, such as Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Little Feat and more. For the members of LGC though, they are happy to tell anyone that they sound like Little Green Chairs.

The band derives its distinct sound by incorporating the influences of each band member to create something beyond their own inspirations. The sound is built on the ideal of rock-solid songwriting that uses socially-conscious and relevant lyrics. The foundations of these songs are found in the deep grooves pulled from the soul and the pounding rhythms found in the heart of the music. The sound is filled out with jazz, reggae and non-conventional improvisational elements that make up the brain/intellect of the sound. The components are then focused and arranged into a sound designed to resonate with the dancing masses. The result is a "70's radio"-style hybrid that is not easily defined in one genre or another. In one instance, funky, the next, arena rock, the music continues to move and move the crowd to dance. The music is not only greater than the sum of its parts, but something rarely attempted (let alone achieved) today in music... it is original!

Formed in 2002 by musical collaborators Ryan Taylor and Dan Roth (Dan K Theory), Little Green Chairs began as a newgrass group which quickly evolved into a full-scale, more progressive sound with the addition of a rhythm section in 2003.

In 2004, they were off and running, touring around the Southeast and spreading their sounds. Gaining steam and building a steady following, tragedy struck in November of 2004, as bass player Paul Fulbright died of a sudden asthma attack at the age of 24. After putting together a memorial show for Paul in February of 2005, LGC made the decision to continue playing and making music.

Since then, Little Green Chairs has continued to grow their sound by adding accomplished guitar player, Johnny Mosier (Blueground Undergrass) to their lineup in 2006. And in 2007, they have also added Edward Hunter (Blueground Undergrass) to the mix to add mandolin, fiddle and banjo to their roots-rock sound. With these new additions, LGC is focused on creating their rich tapestries of colorful lyrics and 4-part vocal harmonies. Little Green Chairs will enter the studio in 2007 to begin work on its first full-length studio release for 2008.


Support act for: Robert Walter's 20th Congress, RAQ, Blueground Undergrass, Outformation, Acoustic Syndicate, Bump, Blue Merle, Blue Dogs and many more.

Festivals: 2006 MagnoliaFest, 2006 Fall Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fest, 2006 Spring Shakori Hills GrassRoots Fest, 2004 South Carolina Family Gathering, 2004 Athfest, 2005 Harvest Farms Fest and more.

Awards: "Best Jamband" (Athens, GA) - 2006 Flagpole Music Awards


Ryan Taylor
1327 Gates Dr. SE
Atlanta, GA 30316



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