Little Grey Girlfriend

Little Grey Girlfriend


Little Grey Girlfriend is a unique group of three jazz musicians and an early music singer, with an extreme passion for pop. Erika Lloyd has an incredible voice that ties together all of the different musical influences and instrumentation. No hype- just honest, heartfelt, and fun.


After just a few months of playing together, Little Grey Girlfriend was already being recorded live by fans and posted on the net. Something about the band intrigues and pleases every listener. Some people connect with Erika Lloyd's wide ranging and trained, but accessible vocals; others love the fact that this group could easily perform as a jazz quartet and are at that level in improv and composition; many have related to the well written lyrics; and the majority simply can't help but to move to the disco, indie, drum machine and punk influenced beats.
Erika Lloyd, Brad Whiteley, Peter Maness, and Kenneth Salters, are all music school kids, there's no use in trying to hide it. All four are music chameleons, who also perform classical, jazz, musical theater, and anything else to earn a living. They are on the forefront of this generation's wave, of musicians who have easy access to and a vast knowledge of music history, who combine every genre they love into a brand new sound. Recently they have performed at many great NYC venues including Southpaw, Bar Matchless, The Trash Bar, Rose Live Music, Lucky Cat and Fat Baby.


EP on itunes and CDBaby "Little Grey Girlfriend"

Set List

Time Pops Bubbles, Little Grey Girlfriend, Lullaby, Cell's Planets, Cereal Box World, Open Your Eyes, Radio, Southwestern Yellow Line, Gridded Mirage, Party People, Sketch in Ink, It Can Happen To You
all original
When we do play covers-
Heart of Glass, China Girl, Faith, Borderline, Band of Gold, Billie Jean