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"Local grinners take woodford by storm!"

Local band Little Grin are booked to perform a blistering set at this years Woodford Folk Festival. With an eclectic and diverse range of instrumentation, from didgeridoo, juicy bass lines, acoustic guitar, lush keys, consistently precise drums and percussion and of course, the delightful harmonies of Kali Blunt and Lydia Eglin, Little Grin are sure to be crowd pleasers at the Murri Stage on the 28th and 31st of December, followed by an encore performance at Woodford's infamous closing ceremony on the 1st of January. For further details visit - Maleny Range News


Debut slef titled EP released in late 2007.
New EP coming early 2010.



Little Grin are a four piece folk/pop/acoustic ensemble, made up of some of Queensland’s most formidable song writers, musicians & performers. At first impression, Little Grin appears to be fronted by an intimidating femme de force but upon deeper reflection (& be warned Little Grin will force even the most boorish punter to involve themselves in some kind of introspection), the two leading ladies, Kali Blunt and Lydia Eglin, are a couple of quirky songstresses who quickly captivate their listeners with their laid back chatter & straightforward connotations of their songs. Accompanied by their lovers, co parents & confidantes, Dayne Morley & Lee Baxter, who are also dynamic & established musicians, makes for a more than interesting line up.
The intricate web of social relationships within this band provides an energy that ridiculously elevates their charisma; the songs that speak of bleeding, broken hearts are about each other & ex lovers that would rather be forgotten, their songs that capture the political & social justice climate of contemporary left wing postures have clearly been ”discussed” over many cups of cold tea & iced vovos & their raw & honest lyrics encapsulate their collective desires, ambitions & hopes for a life that one day might even be vaguely described as utopian. You can see the cheeky “little grins” appear on the boys faces when, during one of their sets, they begin to think to themselves “shit, I hope the audience doesn’t know that she’s talking about me in this bit, I really was an asshole that day”, while the girls exchange a knowing nod to each other that can only say, “yep, he really was”. On the contrary, it is a tender experience to witness the blushed recognition of a man being serenaded by his lover, even if she does have her back to him & she’s singing to a crowd full of people.

Musically, Little Grin is an always evolving, intimate and unyielding band. Dayne Morley (bass player for the now defunct band Malpunktion, manager of Fifth Wheel records) provides an intricate & melodic bass that along with Steve "Solid" Kratzman's metronome like funky beats adds warmth to the girls blistering guitar techniques & elaborate keys, securing their much needed presence & instrumentation. Lee Baxter (aka DJ FBI, consistent & much loved face in the scratch & cut artist underground scene) provides an atmospheric hype on congas & didgeridoo that resonates with the primal energy of the earth & hurls the band onto the edges of electronica with his skills in turn tablism, looping & sampling. When you add Kali & Lydia’s tightly blended vocals into the mix & their combined academic, creative & music success a band forms that is a force to be reckoned with in the Australian music industry.

Little Grin have now been together for the better part of 2 years they have already made their presence felt at many venues throughout Australia, including a multitude of grungy little pubs, clubs & larger, more musically esteemed venues such as The Woodford Folk Festival, The Dreaming Festival, Caloundra Music Festival & The Fusion Festival where they deliver an extensive collection of finely tuned originals & interpret a vast range of covers.
Their goals for 2010 include plans to raise some funds for a much needed Debut album, perform at Australia's leading festivals & tour the east coast, to continue to produce & expand their forty plus song catalogue. Little Grin are the best pieces of what the Australian music scene has to offer; independent, socially aware, prolific writers, professional musicians, seasoned yet down to earth performers & active members of a niche group of musicians who aim to raise awareness for gender inequality, Indigenous disadvantage and social justice, while having fun doing what each of them love the most.