Little Hercules

Little Hercules


"those who experienced the Herc were raving...they lean towards raw raging originals... there is nothing like some powerful funk and these guys deliver the medicine." Telluride Watch "Vicious grooves!" Jackson Hole Daily


“When Little Hercules is on stage their sonic expressions add to any top bill. The respect
(for Little Hercules) continues to grow nationally.”
Jambase Oct 1, 2004 New York City w/ Bonerama and Fred Wesley

“A steaming 13-track masterpiece, Little Hercules simply centers on the groove...and lets the
music write itself through divine connection with the Gods of Get’n Down.”
Derek Silvers, CD Baby Founder, Portland, OR

“Soulful black pop in the post-Parliament mode...the groove is wide and comfortable.”
Alex Rauls, Offbeat Magazine, New Orleans, LA

“Little Hercules grab listeners by the hips and leads them to the dance floor.” San Francisco, CA

“The high energy feel never falters from start to finish. The harmonies and sheer musical prowess
of the four piece is impressive.” Tommy Anderson, Image Magazine, Denver,CO

“(Little Hercules) churns out a wall of throbbing funk so deep and dark you might not be able to
sleep with yourself.” Sun Valley, Idaho

The Beginning
The members of Little Hercules found each other in the small Rocky Mountain railroad town of
Minturn, Colorado in 1998.

The Sound
A glimpse into the future of timeless Funk. Little Hercules are crusaders on the frontiers of hard-driving funk-rock. It is inevitable with all the time the band has spent with artists from New Orleans that some of the sounds you hear coming from the band are New Orleans funk inspired.
This band keeps crowds on their feet dancing.

Guest Artists
Little Hercules has been blessed with a variety of artists joining them live on stage throughout the
years. A partial list includes: DJ Logic, G. Love, Eric McFadden (P Funk), Leo Nocentelli
(the Meters), Cecil “PNut” Daniels (Widespread Panic guest), Ron Haynes (Fareed Haque),
Johnny Janowic (Liquid Soul), DJ Ajax (Liquid Soul), Greenweed (Liquid Soul), MCB (Liquid Soul)
June Yamagishi (Papa Grows Funk/Wild Magnolias), Carlos Washington (Tiny Universe), Fat Nasty (Rebirth Brass Band).

Recording Artists
Little Hercules has had the pleasure to record with June Yamagishi (Papa Grows Funk), Leo Nocentelli (the Meters) DJ Ajax (Liquid Soul)
Mars Williams(Liquid Soul, XMarsX), Ron Haynes (Lenny Kravitz) and Johnny Janowic (Liquid Soul).

Sharing the Stage
Little Hercules has backed Leo Nocentelli (the Meters) as well as the legendary Bo Diddley and Alligator recording artist Eric Linedell. Little Hercules has performed with MACEO PARKER, Stockholm Syndrome, The Itals, Liquid Soul, Zigaboo Modeliste, PBS, Rebirth Brass Band, Soulive, The Greyboy All-Stars, Papa Grows Funk, The Radiators, The Houseman from Galactic, Spearhead and Medeski, Martin and Wood, The Radiators and DJ Ztrip.

Little Hercules has toured extensively throughout the United States including venues such as the
Boom Boom Room (San Francisco), Tribeca Rock Club (NYC), House of Blues Parish (NOLA),
The Triple Door (Seattle), The Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO), Otto’s (DeKalb, IL) and The Gerald
Ford Amphitheater (Vail, CO) to name a few.

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Little Hercules "Shwa" 1998 BMI
Little Hercules "Live at the Fox Theatre" 2000 BMI
Little Hercules "Still too Juicy" 2002 BMI
Little Hercules "Little Hercules" 2003 BMI
Little Hercules "Fascination" 10.15.06 BMI

Little Hercules single "Hoochie Boots" from the CD "Little Hercules" is being played throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, California, Louisiana, Texas, and New York and and www.myspace provide internet listeners with audio samples-Video Samples can be seen at and

Set List

Little Hercules can perform 5+ hours of music. Typically, the band performs (2) three 1 1/2 hr. sets/night. The majority of the songs are our original funk/rock material.

The band has backed Leo Nocentelli of the Meters the legendary Bo Diddley as well as Alligator recording artist Eric Lindell. The band mixes funkified New Orleans inspired grooves with high energy funk rock.

Examples of Little Hercules songs include:
Malt Liquor Revelation, Whatchusay, Cool Ride, Fat Nasty, Answer, Los'in its Soul, Fallen, Sweet and Low, Hoochie Boots, Freaky Teaser, Juice, Better than Molly, Grace and Precission, Fascination, Henry, Upside Down and Stinkbug to name a few select songs from their 60+ song original repetoire.
Example of some covers we play include:
Red Hot Mamma (Parliament), Whole Lot of Rosie (ACDC) Hair (Graham Central Station), Soul Shake down Party (Bob Marley), Eminence Front (The Who), Spanish Moon (Little Feat), People Say, Pock-a-way, Look-ka-py py, Africa, Jus