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"Little Hercules - Little Hercules"

With guest artists Leo Nocentelli (the Meters), June Yamagishi (Papa Grows Funk), Ron Haynes (Ohio Players), Mars Williams (Liquid Soul) and Johnny Showtime (Liquid Soul), you are guaranteed a premium funk album from start to finish. Combining their talents to concoct a steaming 13-track masterpiece, Little Hercules simply centers on the groove… and lets the music write itself through divine connection with the Gods of Get'n'Down.
- CD - Derick Silvers

"Little Hercules - Little Hercules"

Now closing out their fifth year together, Little Hercules is at the front of the line of Colorado music and destined to really go big with their new self-titled album. This album is a funky brew filled with superstar guest players like Leo Nocentelli of the Meters, June Yamagishi, and the Liquid Soul horns. It is filled with driving rhythms and the signature Little Hercules “greasy grooves”. The high-energy feel never falters from start to finish. This original take on mountain funk keeps your toes tapping and the obvious care and attention to production details keeps it flowing smoothly. The harmonies and sheer musical prowess of the four piece are also quite impressive. The band is ably staffed by Jeff Armistead (keys/vocals), Cristian Basso (bass/vocals), Roy Burki (drums/rap) and Scott Kabel (guitar/lead vocals). This album is a must have for any fan of the funk. - Image Magazine - Tommy Anderson

"Various Quotes on Little Hercules"

“Little Hercules is the bomb. Just don’t say that in an airport or you’ll get in big trouble! But it might be worth the jail time.” Johnny Showtime, Grammy Nominated Trombonist for Liquid Soul 2003

“Little Hercules has great potential to be original and unique…The band has a vibe that can make it happen.” Leo Nocentelli, founding member of the Meters 2002

“The Little Hercules experience has been known to unhinge listeners’ erogenous zones and let loose with a previously unseen funky abandon.” Andy Stonehouse, Former Music editor for Boulder Camera 2002

“This band had some greasy funk laden grooves which touched on the more muscular versions of the groove. The funk of Red Hot Chili Peppers is echoed in this band. They only touch on it, but it resides in their bellies like a demon waiting to get out. This band exudes energy!” Jay Bianchi,Owner, Quixotes , Denver, Colorado 2000

“Those who experienced the Herc were raving”. Little Hercules,” leans towards raw raging originals…there is nothing like some powerful funk…….and these guys deliver the medicine.” Telluride Watch 2000

“Little Hercules is the best band that we’ve played with on the road.”
Papa Grows Funk, New Orleans 2003

"Little Hercules is about to blow up right now, and I'm just trying to get close to them," Carlos Washington, Giant People August 2003

“The high point is "Hoochie Boots," where the band backs off the hard guitar-driven funk for a little more soulful black pop in the post-Parliament mode. If listeners can't sing along and remember the chorus almost instantly, they likely suffer brain or drug damage, and the groove is wide and comfortable. Beyond that though, the tracks are fine and the band is probably a lot of fun live-again, I'll trust people who've spent a life in funk”
Alex Rawls Offbeat Magazine-November 2003

…the music writes itself through divine connection with the Gods of Get'n'Down. Derick Silvers, Founder of CD BABY

“Little Hercules is a great band.” Dave Malone, The Radiators, New Orleans, LA

“The high-energy feel never falters from start to finish. This album is a must have for any fan of the funk.” Tommy Anderson, Image Magazine Denver, CO

(Little Hercules’) their drive, energy and sound is mammoth and robust. Eric Melvin, RIFF Magazine

Now closing out their fifth year together, Little Hercules is at the front of the line of Colorado music and destined to really go big with their new self-titled album. This album is a funky brew filled with superstar guest players like Leo Nocentelli of the Meters, June Yamagishi, and the Liquid Soul horns. It is filled with driving rhythms and the signature Little Hercules “greasy grooves”. The high-energy feel never falters from start to finish. This original take on mountain funk keeps your toes tapping and the obvious care and attention to production details keeps it flowing smoothly. The harmonies and sheer musical prowess of the four piece are also quite impressive. The band is ably staffed by Jeff Armistead (keys/vocals), Cristian Basso (bass/vocals), Roy Burki (drums/rap) and Scott Kabel (guitar/lead vocals). This album is a must have for any fan of the funk.
- Greasy Grooves Management

"Leo Nocentelli Little Hercules Project"

The Colorado-based funk band Little Hercules is emerging as a popular collaborative partner for a number of national acts. Fresh from a tour with grammy-nominated Liquid Soul and heading into a run with grammy-winner New Orleans legend Leo Nocentelli, the band’s all-original sound has been turning on audiences from Denver throughout the Midwest and is poised to break into new markets at the 2002 New Orleans Jazz Fest.

“When I first met these boys I knew that I didn’t need to listen too closely,” says Leo Nocentelli. “They have a certain chemistry that struck my heart.” Nocentelli, the master six stringer who co-founded The Meters in the ‘60s and has penned a huge number of essential Big Easy classics from “Cissy Strut” to “Fire on the Bayou,” first encountered Little Hercules when they opened for him at the State Bridge Lodge in Colorado.

Attracted to the group’s sound as well as to their spirit, the guitar guru brought up the idea of Little Hercules sitting in as his band on a future tour. Thus The Little Hercules / Leo Nocentelli Project was born. The Project begins touring this spring and will be billed as “Leo Nocentelli, Guitarist of The Meters, Featuring Little Hercules.”

“There’s a certain vibe,” Nocentelli describes, “that has to come before a musical relationship happens.” It’s the vibe that he and his wife Terry both felt when they met guitarist/ vocalist Scott Kabel, bassist Cristian Basso, keyboardist Jeff Armistead and drummer Roy Burki. It’s a transcendental connection that Nocentelli remembers feeling early on with his Meters bandmates, Art Neville, George Porter Junior and Zigaboo Modaliste.

“We’re going to give the people a great show,” says grammy-winner Nocentelli. “Little Hercules has the potential to be original and I’d like to contribute to the growth of their sound.”

Nocentelli predicts that The Project is just the beginning of a long-term relationship. If the shows go well this spring, the N’Awleans giant envisions joining in the next LH recording session. This collaborative spirit runs strong throughout Nocentelli’s career. In the past, he has played with, contributed songs to and influenced a vast number of musicians, including producer Allen Toussaint , Dr. John, the Neville Brothers, The Supremes, Patti Labelle, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt, Robbie Robertson, Robert Palmer, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney and Sting.

Nocentelli is not the only grammy-caliber artist to pick up on Little Hercules’ balance of grit, groove and sauce .

“I love the fact that they can combine elements of all genres into one and play them well,” says Ajax, DJ for grammy- nominated Liquid Soul, with whom LH has completed several tours. “It’s real! You can’t label it. If I had to search the web for this style of music I would type ‘diamond in the rough.’”

Little Hercules meshes funk, groove, hip hop, rock and alternative techno sounds that open up the field for other musicians to jump in. Their tight, deeply layered songs are syncopated with multiple effects. Interaction is the name of the game – there’s no doubt that these boys have fun on stage.

“Little Hercules is the bomb. Just don’t say that in an airport or you’ll get in big trouble! But it might be worth the jail time.” Says Johnny Showtime, Liquid Soul trombonist .
Showtime likes their straight up, feel-good grooves with catchy hooks. He calls them “the perfect party band to get your mojo workin’ overtime.”

The two bands are into their second year of touring together, with dates in both the Herc’s home territory of the mountain states and in Chicago, Liquid Soul’s stomping ground.

Like Leo Nocentelli, Liquid Soul identifies a certain chemistry that Little Hercules emanates on stage.

“Every time I’ve seen these cats they are having fun…When I sat in with them in my neighborhood, Chi-Town, it was the most fun I’ve had in years,” Ajax remembers. “They don’t have to play 500 notes in four bars to lay down a fat groove. Others do.” When asked to explain the energy between the two bands, Ajax says, “Hopefully, one day the question will be: ‘Why do you think there is energy between you and your bandmates?’”
“I like that there are so many sounds coming off the stage with Little Herc. I’m always trying to figure out where they hide the rest of the band,” says MCB, Liquid Soul MC. Ron Haynes, horns, mentions the possibility of laying down tracks for “Mushroom Belt,” a new Herc tune that has audiences getting their groove on.
Things are looking good from Little Hercules’ point of view. “The impact of Leo and the guys from Liquid Soul on us is huge,” bassist Cristian Basso says. “We want to keep writing and playing songs from the soul that get people going . The opportunities and feed back that we’ve had through contacts with these grammy-level acts are an inspiration for us to keep growing, keep reaching out to new audiences.”
Already, there is a notable bond between the Herc and NOLA mu - Greasy Grooves Management

"Hoochie Grooves"

“Man, somebody call LiL Zeus and ask him to take this Herculean spell off of me so that I can listen to other music I need to study. This CD has been playing non-stop for over 24 hrs casting the Minturn spell all over my place…..and I love it! Hooked on Herc. P.S. It’s got those “Hoochie Grooves” I can’t deny!”

Cecil “Pnut” Daniels, July 2003
- PNut Daniels

"Little Hercules-Little Hercules"

“Little Hercules has great potential to be original and unique…the band has a vibe that can make it happen. (Leo Nocentelli, original guitarist of the Meters and a Lifetime Achievement Grammy winner)

Little Hercules is the new huge beacon of funk in Colorado and the disc explains my point. Being from Minturn (a tiny blemish of a town in the mountains west of Vail) shouldn’t let the geographical remoteness of this band coax you into believing they’re just another jam band. They’re a monster funk and groove-laden outfit with huge talent and soul. Already a veteran of the NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) scene through gigs at clubs following the jazz fest shows, including House of Blues, Parish NOLA and also such venues as the Blue Note in Chicago, Little Herc (commonly know as) have made friends in high places that rock with them on this album.
The guitar work is spine wrenching and erased the lines I used to hold on how rock and funk guitar should resonate. Founding member of the Meters, Leo Nocentelli plays rhythm and lead guitars on “Malt Liquor Revelation”, and “Sweet and Low”. Liquid Soul, fans and supporters of Little Hercules work, offer five individual player contributions to the disc. Adding to the funkified guitar barrage is June Yamagishi playing the second rhythm guitar piece on “Hoochie Boots” and the rhythm and guitar solo on “Whatchusay”. Ron Haynes adds an eminent trumpet attack on “Hoochie Boots”, “Malt Liquor Revelation”, “Freaky Teaser” and “Mushroom Belt”. Johnny “Showtime” Janowiak pumps out the power trombone pieces on “Hoochie Boots”, “Malt Liquor Revelation”, “Freaky Teaser” and solos on “Mo Bene”. Mars Williams rips out the saxophone solo on “BTM Interlude” and on “Better than Molly”. DJ Ajax masters the scratches and sampling on “Hoochie Boots” and “Fallen”. Scott “Gusty” Christiansen adds the didgeridoo on “Grace and Precision”.
But it is the four members of Little Herc that truly add the spice. Jeff Armistead, on keyboards and loops keeps the flow of the sounds zippy, fun and ear cleansing. Scott Kabel, lead vocals and guitar, bears an incredible resemblance to a super 70’s and 80’s funk soul singer, while pumping out the six string riffs too. Cristian Basso, on bass, plays like his fingers are made of super-flex rubber and offers a solid fixture to the heart and beat of the music. Roy Burki, on drums, keeps the pulse rampantly pulsating without losing a funky to hip combo of rock and funk rhythms. The combo of Little Herc’s songwriting and playing mixed with the guest players is the right combination for the ultimate in funky listener fascination.
The name Little Hercules and their music are synonymous: They’re from a small and modest town but their drive, energy and sound is mammoth and robust. The production and mixing keep you intently waiting for their next surprise. This album will rob you of any musical or personal inhibitions and offer a whole new set of butt shaking horizons to choose from. It is said if you can free you mind you’re a*# will follow. This disc will make you want to lose all sense of structure and restriction in your life and go find the next Little Herc show to dance and sweat the night away. This is a must have local CD.
- RIFF Magazine, Denver, CO

"Little Hercules CD Review"

Little Hercules by Sean Pruitt

Friday 27 August 2004

Little Hercules (self titled)

Oh, my oh my. This is one great album. Funk-o-delicly awesome is about the best way to describe this newest offering from probably one of Colorado’s best kept secrets. I was delightfully surprised when I popped it into my CD player. The sound is crisp, clean and very well arranged. Oh, and I can not forget to mention the superb production. This was the first time I had the chance to really sit down and listen to Little Hercules. With the great sound of funk, combined with a touch of rock and jazz, Little Hercules takes you to a musical place unlike any other. The bass lines are too cool, with killer guitar riffs, a nice touch of keyboards mixed in and super beats from the drums, makes the music combination unbeatable. Add in the smooth vocals and there you go! The band, consisting of Jeff Armistead, Cristian Basso, Roy Burki and Scott Kabel, is a wonderful combination of talented musicians that have taken their talents and put together one fine, unique album. The artist guest list on this album is well worth mentioning as well.... Leo Nocentelli - Guitar (The Meters) June Yamagishi - Guitar (Papa Grows Funk, Wild Magnolias) Mars Williams - Saxophone (Liquid Soul, XMARSX, Psychedelic Furs, Billy Idol, NRG) Ron Haynes - Trumpet (Liquid Soul, Fareed Haque) Johnny "Showtime" Janowiak - Trombone (Liquid Soul) DJ Ajax - Turntables (Mobile Homies, Liquid Soul) The addition of these great talents to this album gives it that extra edge that will delight people who love all genres of music. If you’re tired of the same old stuff put out on the mainstream and you are looking for something to feed your mind and soul musically, then Little Hercules is exactly what you need. This self titled album is the fourth offering from Little Hercules and I don’t see anything standing in their way of being a huge success. If I had to put a rating on this album, as most people think there needs to be, then I’d have give it a 9 out of 10. You can visit Little Hercules at You can also purchase Little Hercules from their site. I'd like to congratulate Little Hercules on a job well done and thank you for the opportunity to write a review for it. It was well worth it!! I’ll mix in a Little Hercules tune on our jukebox as well and if you take the time to listen, visit their site and leave a little note in our forums. Sean Pruitt Tad Loud Productions - Tad Loud Productions- New Mexico

"Question and Answer with Little Hercules Bassist, Cristian Basso"

The lineup has changed for Little Hercules. Who is in the band and where did the former players go? (please include what instrument they play, too)

The members of Little Hercules are:

Jeff Armistead – Keyboards, Vocals
Cristian Basso – Bass, Vocals
Scott Kabel – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Brian Loftus – Drums, Vocals

The former member (drummer) left the band for personal reasons over 2 years ago. Little Hercules has not heard from him and does not know if he is still involved with music.

In May, Little Hercules traveled to New Orleans to play some off-shoot shows of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. How did that go? What is the state of affairs in the Crescent City?

In late April 2006 Little Hercules toured the Southeast including shows in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Colorado. Little Hercules performed with Papa Grows Funk in New Orleans at the legendary Maple Leaf Bar on the second Monday of Jazz Fest. Little Hercules has a great deal of respect for the members of Papa Grows Funk and were pleased to have performed with PGF at the Maple Leaf for the 4th consecutive year in a row. The show was full of guest musicians as well as a great audience. The show closed out Jazz Fest in an uncompromised, musical and spiritual New Orleans fashion.

Little Hercules was both overjoyed to be a part of the festivities, and overwhelmed by the devastation witnessed to the city of New Orleans. The rebuilding of the city will take a long time and will need continued support from the country. Little Hercules hopes that people throughout the world will continue to support Louisiana musicians and the city of New Orleans so that the tradition and heritage can continue to grow and inspire.

Little Hercules is working on a new CD. What is it called? When will it be released and what does it sound like?

Little Hercules has a new CD titled “Fascination”. “Fascination will be released on September 15, 2006. The current lineup of members is considered to be the most musical yet. The new release confirms this, as the band continues to expand their already high energy sound with soulful vocal harmonies. The songs are a cohesive mix of funk, groove and rock inspirations with meaningful lyrics. “Fascination” dives into deeper depths of musical prowess where time changes, vocal harmonies, overlying melodies combine to make up Little Hercules’ best record yet. The CD has a sound unto itself, confirming Little Hercules continues to pave the way through the frontiers of driving funk.

How are the new members adding to the sound?

Brian Loftus is the newest member of Little Hercules. Brian relocated from Santa Cruz, CA to join the band. Brian made a conscious decision to pursue being an active member of a band that writes its own music. Little Hercules welcomed him with open arms and he has proved to be a great addition to the band. Brian has not disappointed as he brings a level of extreme professionalism, strong song writing skills, solid drumming and relentless work ethic to Little Hercules. With the addition of his vocal, Little Hercules has been able to work on 3 and 4 part harmonies to expand the band’s sound even further. In addition, his knowledge of the music business as well as his decision making skills has allowed the band to approach song writing as four equal members.

What's next for Little Hercules?

Little Hercules has spent the last year touring and writing/recording our latest CD “Fascination”. The band is active in the national music scene. Most recently, Little Hercules backed Alligator recording artist Eric Lindell for Triple A Radio Summit showcase in Boulder, CO. Also, the band has befriended DJ zTrip after an early summer concert where he performed live with the band at State Bridge River Resort. The band has also been sharing festival and “A” venue bills with artists such as Oteil Burbridge, Blind Boys of Alabama, the Radiators and Medeski, Martin and Wood.

Little Hercules plans to release their new CD in mid-September and increase the number national appearances while continuing to work with artists that they are inspired by and can learn from. The band will be submitting the new CD to organizers of global festivals, as well as national events like Jam Cruise, Telluride Blues and Brews, in addition to focusing both live and radio play within the national college market. Little Hercules plans to continue their regional touring shortly after the release of the new cd, “Fascination”. Song writing has begun for the next round of new songs that we are planning to be released as a series of MP3 singles throughout 2007, then to be released as a compiled CD. Look for a breathe of guest artists to be included in the next Little Hercules recording project.

On Thursday, Little Hercules is playing with Papa Grows Funk? What is their sound all about and how do you think the show will pan out?

Papa Grows Funk and Little Hercules have been playing together f - Vail Daily 8-24-06

"Little Hercules, Fascination"

Little Hercules, Fascination
toast it or coast it

Bob Aubrey,
October 18, 2006

If you don’t know of Little Hercules, well, where’ve you been? These guys are super tight musicians out of Minturn, playing some super tight rock/funk. Some would argue that these guys are a jam band and I wholeheartedly disagree. Jam band fans will dig Little Hercules’ new album, but these guys are way more on the funk side. That, and their songs have a beginning, middle and end. They don’t go on forever.

Little Hercules consists of Scott Kabel, Christian Basso, Jeff Armistead and Brian Loftus. You can tell these guys have been playing for quite some time (10 years).

Loftus (the drummer) has been with them for only about two years, but it sounds like he’s been with them from the beginning.

There’s a little bit of everything here, sick bass lines, tight drumming, four-part harmonies, old school funky keys and nice lead guitar work. Some of front man Scott Kabel’s vocal work even approaches the realm of Mike Patton occasionally, which is a very, very good thing.

Throw in the new Little Hercules disc, host a house party with everyone in the neighborhood, and watch how a lot of different people, with different musical tastes, will all have a good time together.

I’m also starting to think the track “Bama Pudding” has something to do with Moe’s BBQ, but I could be reaching. Toast this sucker. Little Hercules threw it down on this one.
- Bob Aubrey 10.18.06 Vail Trail

"The Run Off Groove #137 - 2007"

If The Doobie Brothers had hung out with Toto and Los Amigos Invisibles, you might get the music one can hear on Fascination by Little Hercules. They blend elements of soul, funk, and pop to create some wonderful music that is party and radio friendly. These are jams, songs one could easily hear in expanded form in a live setting, but in the studio these four guys know how to work with each other to create a very moving sound to where you can't do anything but dance. The funkiness doesn't go overboard, in fact everything is controlled and yet maintains the kind of looseness that will make them a personal favorite among fans.
(Fascination is available through .)
- John Book


Little Hercules "Shwa" 1998 BMI
Little Hercules "Live at the Fox Theatre" 2000 BMI
Little Hercules "Still too Juicy" 2002 BMI
Little Hercules "Little Hercules" 2003 BMI
Little Hercules "Fascination" 10.15.06 BMI

Little Hercules single "Hoochie Boots" from the CD "Little Hercules" is being played throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, California, Louisiana, Texas, and New York and and www.myspace provide internet listeners with audio samples-Video Samples can be seen at and



“When Little Hercules is on stage their sonic expressions add to any top bill. The respect
(for Little Hercules) continues to grow nationally.”
Jambase Oct 1, 2004 New York City w/ Bonerama and Fred Wesley

“A steaming 13-track masterpiece, Little Hercules simply centers on the groove...and lets the
music write itself through divine connection with the Gods of Get’n Down.”
Derek Silvers, CD Baby Founder, Portland, OR

“Soulful black pop in the post-Parliament mode...the groove is wide and comfortable.”
Alex Rauls, Offbeat Magazine, New Orleans, LA

“Little Hercules grab listeners by the hips and leads them to the dance floor.” San Francisco, CA

“The high energy feel never falters from start to finish. The harmonies and sheer musical prowess
of the four piece is impressive.” Tommy Anderson, Image Magazine, Denver,CO

“(Little Hercules) churns out a wall of throbbing funk so deep and dark you might not be able to
sleep with yourself.” Sun Valley, Idaho

The Beginning
The members of Little Hercules found each other in the small Rocky Mountain railroad town of
Minturn, Colorado in 1998.

The Sound
A glimpse into the future of timeless Funk. Little Hercules are crusaders on the frontiers of hard-driving funk-rock. It is inevitable with all the time the band has spent with artists from New Orleans that some of the sounds you hear coming from the band are New Orleans funk inspired.
This band keeps crowds on their feet dancing.

Guest Artists
Little Hercules has been blessed with a variety of artists joining them live on stage throughout the
years. A partial list includes: DJ Logic, G. Love, Eric McFadden (P Funk), Leo Nocentelli
(the Meters), Cecil “PNut” Daniels (Widespread Panic guest), Ron Haynes (Fareed Haque),
Johnny Janowic (Liquid Soul), DJ Ajax (Liquid Soul), Greenweed (Liquid Soul), MCB (Liquid Soul)
June Yamagishi (Papa Grows Funk/Wild Magnolias), Carlos Washington (Tiny Universe), Fat Nasty (Rebirth Brass Band).

Recording Artists
Little Hercules has had the pleasure to record with June Yamagishi (Papa Grows Funk), Leo Nocentelli (the Meters) DJ Ajax (Liquid Soul)
Mars Williams(Liquid Soul, XMarsX), Ron Haynes (Lenny Kravitz) and Johnny Janowic (Liquid Soul).

Sharing the Stage
Little Hercules has backed Leo Nocentelli (the Meters) as well as the legendary Bo Diddley and Alligator recording artist Eric Linedell. Little Hercules has performed with MACEO PARKER, Stockholm Syndrome, The Itals, Liquid Soul, Zigaboo Modeliste, PBS, Rebirth Brass Band, Soulive, The Greyboy All-Stars, Papa Grows Funk, The Radiators, The Houseman from Galactic, Spearhead and Medeski, Martin and Wood, The Radiators and DJ Ztrip.

Little Hercules has toured extensively throughout the United States including venues such as the
Boom Boom Room (San Francisco), Tribeca Rock Club (NYC), House of Blues Parish (NOLA),
The Triple Door (Seattle), The Fox Theatre (Boulder, CO), Otto’s (DeKalb, IL) and The Gerald
Ford Amphitheater (Vail, CO) to name a few.

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