Little Invisibles

Little Invisibles

 Newark, Delaware, USA

"Musically, they map strange currents somewhere between a strong undertow of the dark and discouraged and the melodic promise of something somehow sweet and unscathed." (Dan Kennedy)

Hauntingly melodic alternative piano pop, vocally somewhere in the triangle between Bjork, Tori, & Kate Bush.


Little Invisibles

“I’ve always been drawn to the darker sides of art and music,” says Little Invisibles vocalist Gina Degnars. “Even back when I started taking piano lessons, when I was seven years old—I always wanted to play the minor chords, not the major ones. There’s a powerful beauty in darkness, I think.”
So there is. And it’s that same dark, powerful beauty that resonates throughout Little Invisibles’ brand of hauntingly melodic alternative pop. With Gina’s aching voice and poignant keyboard at the fore, the band’s epic, sweeping songs rise and swell like waves on a moonlit shore until they crash over the listener like a sea of Byronic heartbreak. Five of these impossibly moving songs—all composed, like the rest of the group’s music, by Gina—make up Closer, Little Invisibles’ stunning debut.
A dramatic unveiling if ever there was, Closer, which Gina co-produced, is a veritable jewel box of wide-screen modern rock. Within: jaw-dropping riches like the opener, “Breathless,” all ghostly piano, soaring vocals, and danceable trip-hop beats; the wounded-but-defiant lament “What Once Was,” the EP’s only piano-less track; and “Headrush,” a sultry duet with co-composer Lance Davis that pulses with heart-beating rhythms and gothic (small g) melodrama.
If it all sounds a bit Jane Eyre, well, then why not? Gina, who’s been through the relationship mill as much as any mature artist, maintains that she’s merely allowing her romantic angst to flower into songs that are beautiful and, ultimately, redemptive and uplifting for those who hear them. “When I’m happy I never go to the piano to write,” says Gina, who holds a bachelor’s degree in piano performance and studied at Boston’s Berklee College of Music. “I write first and foremost from emotion, and after a breakup you never have to look far for inspiration. But even then there usually ends up being an element of hope in my songs.”
Raised in a musical family (her brother, Rich Degnars, is Little Invisibles’ drummer), Gina became a fixture on the northern Delaware/Philadelphia/New York club circuit with her previous band, Stygian Veil, which released one acclaimed album, 2001’s Poison Berries. Little Invisibles materialized in 2009, the transition dovetailing perfectly with the striking songstress’s move to more clubby beats and soundtrack-ready melodies. Strong songs are strong songs no matter what the setting, and for live appearances the band can tailor its flexible lineup to fit the given scenario; in configurations ranging from a quartet (keyboards/guitar/bass/drums) to the duo of Gina and Rich (keyboards/drums) or Gina solo, Little Invisibles have been casting their spell on audiences across the East Coast and beyond, entrancing new fans with every performance.
One outspoken fan is Grammy-winning producer Phil Nicolo (Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Sting, James Taylor). “Little Invisibles have a wonderful focus and depth that is rare in modern music,” Nicolo says. “I find Gina’s unique imagery a breath of fresh air.”
“I’m just trying to write songs that are sonically compelling,” says Gina. “Music that gets a physical reaction from people, and, hopefully, resonates with them emotionally, too.”
One listen to Closer shows that her approach is working beautifully. Despite the name, Little Invisibles is an act unlikely to remain small or hidden for long.



Written By: Gina Degnars

Your ears are filled with my song
You won't hear the sounds anymore
Your shoulder is turned, icy cold
I don't leave you breathless anymore

I didn't mean it
Nothing I say, nothing I say will make you change
I didn't see it
All that I say, all that I say is wasted breath

The walls are thick, solid stone
I can't feel your essence anymore

I didn't mean it (etc.)

It all happened so fast

I call to you only to hear my echo return

I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it, no

I didn't mean it (etc.)

You leave me breathless
You leave me breathless


Written By: Gina Degnars

A little bit closer, a bit closer
A little bit farther, a bit farther (repeat)

We are handsome, but are we stable
We are fire, but are we fleeting
It is free, but is it worthy
We are danger, but are we precious

We are perfect, but are we an illusion
It is tempting, but will it backfire
It is burning, but can we stand it
We are conscious, but are we animals

We are faithful, but are we elusive
We are moments, but nothing tangible
We are tamed, but are we predators
We are closer, but we will never arrive

What Once Was

Written By: Gina Degnars/Little Invisibles

The tangled woods are swallowing me whole as I pursue you in your wake
I have no solid ground beneath my toes, but the alternative I just can't face

That you're not coming back for me
The worst thing that could happen
is happening

What once was will never be again
It's like a dream I wish I'd never had
I can't pretend it's as if you never existed
Will it ever be, will it ever be again?

I thought you were unreachable to me
the first time I saw your face
But then impossible became reality
and from that moment my life was changed

But you're not coming back for me
Impossible, once again, reality

What once was will never be again
It's like I a dream I wish I never had
I can't pretend it's as if you never existed
It will never be, it will never be again

I made a promise, to you, a promise
that I wouldn't do anything reckless
But if it brings you back to me, if it brings you back to me
Maybe a little reckless is forgivable

If what once was could somehow be again
Like a dream that never has to end
I won't pretend it's as if you never existed
Will it ever be, will it ever be again?
Can it ever be, can it ever be again?

Not One of You

Written By: Gina Degnars/Little Invisibles

No one sees the way I feel inside
No one offers a place for me to decide
External shards of glass in my skin
feels like nothing, nothing compared to what goes on within

I'm just not one of you
No, I'm just not one of you
I want to be one of you
Make me one of you

All that I wish to be is obstructed by your desires
So much consequence, so many reasons why
But your crystal sparkling wonderful skin leaves me unarmed, unarmed like a feather in the wind

I'm just not one of you
No, I'm just not one of you
I want to be one of you
Make me one of you

What's right for me is not wrong for you
What's right for me is not wrong for you
Eternal love will be

If you'll make me one of you
If you'll make me one of you
I want to be one of you
Make me one of you


Written By: Gina Degnars/Lance Davis

Oh to leave it all away
I killed my love to keep you safe
All this way I came only to steal your love, then throw it away
And I need to say that you belong to me
As I belong to you
Hey love, it can't always be this in and out of love quandary

Still I taste your phantom lips
I can be with no other
And though it burns straight through my skin
I swear I can feel nothing
I'm chained, imagining your velvet whisper
Untamed-why did you leave your stain upon my being
so felt but not seen

Oh to leave it all away
I killed my love to keep you safe
And all this way I came only to hold my love then separate

And I need to say that you belong to me as I belong to you