Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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LITTLE J delivers a dose of Rock, Pop & Hip Hop! Performing original parodies called RECYCLED MUSIC. Taking tunes from da past & giving them fun lyrics! Singing about-What you think about-But don't dare say!

Little J is DA RAPPER WITH A CAUSE writing positive rap like BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS & THINK B4U DRINK to stop the harvest of diamonds and raise money for MADD.


Hip Hop/Rap, Parody Music, Adult contemporary
"LITTLE J" Baerga (Born September 9, 1966) Known on stage as LITTLE J and professionally as J. GAMBINO is an Italian & Puerto Rican Singer, Songwriter, Comedian, Poet, Commercial producer & Published Author. LITTLE J emerged in the music scene of New York City & Las Vegas in the early 1980's. Born in Chicago & raised by parents from da South Bronx "LITTLE J" grew up with an East Coast attitude determined to make it revealing many talents during high school as a published poet for the American Indian Movement Newsletter called "Paper Talk" and as a live performer demonstrating talent as the lead Singer/Songwriter for a Rock Band called "Free Spirit" as well as writing & performing original Rap lyrics for a trio band "LITTLE J" performed with called "The Oreo Cookie" consisting of two black females & "LITTLE J" as da "Cookie Cream" Little J having attended an inner city all black school(Pearce Junior High) was very comfortable to Rap & Rhyme among the black community hoping to one day perform at "The Apollo" theatre in Harlem, New York. "LITTLE J" speaks fluent English, Puerto Rican, as well as some Italian & Japanese.

In 1987 after graduating National Broadcasting School with an FCC license "LITTLE J" secured a DJ position at KYRK Power 97 a popular Las Vegas FM Radio Station. Cracking jokes and entertaining listeners with a variety of voices & personas "LITTLE J" quickly spread the laughter. Believing that "Laughter Is Da Best Medicine" LITTLE J performed as an Emcee/Comedian in a variety of Las Vegas Showcases. After many successful venues "LITTLE J" decided to produce an original brand of comedy called "Recycled Music" Taking tunes from da past & giving them fun new lyrics! "LITTLE J" Sings about...What you think about...But don't dare say! In 2001 "LITTLE J" aired weekly on a popular Las Vegas FM station called Mix 94.1 "The Mark & Mercedes Show" which brought "LITTLE J" fame as the radio personality called "Weird Sal" an Italian version of the parody singer "Weird Al Yankovich" LITLE J shocked the public & boosted ratings when it was revealed in a "Live Broadcast" that "Weird Sal" was NOT REALLY AN ITALIAN GUY but infact "LITTLE J" impersonating the charming old school character known as "Salvatore Gambino" Dressed in drag and making public appearances "LITTLE J" was da first "DRAG KING" to be aired & promoted on a Las Vegas radio station. This charming wiseguy character was such a huge success that fans encouraged "LITTLE J" to record music as "Salvatore Gambino" and release the first "Weird Sal" single called "SUSHI" a parody version of the Rod Stewart song "Passion" Six years later in 2007 "LITTLE J" released two album projects called 1)LITTLE J-Recycled Music-Tunes You Can Laugh With and 2)LITTLE J-Eclectic-Rock,Pop & Hip. Both CD's reinforced "LITTLE J's" dream of success in da music world. All song lyrics are written & performed by "LITTLE J GAMBINO" & registered with BMI New York City & produced by "LITTLE J PRODUCTIONS."

In 2011 "LITTLE J" won Two Uplaya Auddy Awards & A SILVER Auddy for writing & performing a positive rap song titled "BEETHOVEN OF DA BRONX" & A PLATINUM Auddy for writing & perfoming an original Rap/Rock alternative song titled "SHE STOPPED BREATHING" "LITTLE J's" full length CD's are for sale at Zia Records in Las Vegas and individual tracks can be purchased online at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Etc.

Additionally... "LITTLE J" is known as "Da Rapper With A Cause" & In 2001 "LITTLE J" was given the FEMA AWARD for writing & performing "America 911" to raise $50,000.00 to help support all the children whose parents died during the September 11th attack on da World Trade Center in New York. "LITTLE J" is very socially active writing & performing original positive rap music to support organizations & fundraiser events for MADD, SPCA, Streetwise Alive, The Littlest Giant, Stop The Harvest of Diamonds & many others. "LITTLE J's" music video's can be viewed on Youtube "LITTLEJGAMBINOMUSIC" & music can be purchased at & other online sources.
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2007 LITTLE J - Recycled Music-Music U Can Laugh With
2007 LITTLE J - Eclectic
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2009 LITTLE J - Single-You'll Be Comitted 1 More Time
2010 LITTLE J - Recycled Music-Weird Sal
2010 LITTLE J - Beethoven Of Da Bronx
2011 LITTLE J-Who Is Little J?Singer,Songwriter,Comedian
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2011 LITTLE J - As Old Man Bob-Take Your Top Off