Little Machines
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Little Machines

Thousand Oaks, California, United States

Thousand Oaks, California, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Club Reviews- Little Machines"

Contact: David Graveline,,


The Players: Dave Graveline,
bass, vocals; Ben Gilmore, guitar,vocals; Jeff Weichman, keyboards;Adam Steinberg, drums.

Material: From groovy flashbacks
of ‘70s guitar rock with added
psychedelic tones, to driving ‘90s bands like the Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains, Little Machines presents a well-defined sound that is chock-full of diversity and drive. Blending dynamic time changes with mellow-drenched harmonies,
their songs contain enough soul to give this bad a unique presence in a time where originality is rare. The strong influences from the likes of
the Doors and Stone Temple Pilots are meshed beautifully together placing this band on the edge of artistic fringe.

Musicianship: Singer and bass
player Dave Graveline exhibits an extensive vocal range, teetering from low-ended smooth whispers to power house rock without ever wavering in certainty or tone. His bass work is equally impressive and doesn’t get compromised by his role as co-frontman at the same
Guitarist and co-vocalist Ben Gilmore provides a dose of smooth and edgy guitar riffs along with well crafted solos that complement the songs faultlessly. Keyboardist Jeff
Weichman adds fuel to each song
in the set with an array of music and effects that fill out any void in their wall of sound.

Performance: Graveline and Gilmore effectively played the role of frontmen on stage and gelled well together. The singers’ harmonies were engaging and they often played off each other with their instruments.
Though set up on the front left side of the stage, keyboardist Weichman was seated and mostly hidden by his many boards and gadgets, which were the tools used to give this band their psychedelic sound. Drummer
Adam Steinberg played dynamic beats throughout, giving each song its own vibe yet still flowing with the rest of the set.

Summary: Little Machines focus on the details of their music, and it is obvious in their live performance. With creatively crafted material and musicianship that is on a professional level, they have created an entertaining and impressive product that should garner attention from the
industry and fans alike.
—Anne O’Neary - Music Connection- Jan09 issue


Little Machines EP-- March 2008
Tracks- Little Machines, 2 Brothers, L.A. Man,

No streaming or radio airplay yet on these songs, but still working at it!



One day, about 4 years ago, Ben Gilmore, a guitar player in a local band, was talking with his ex-girlfriend. She was a Neurologist who studied the human brain. She said, "You know people are just like little machines." Ben's eyes lit up-what a name for a band! The name for Little Machines was born.

The music of Little Machines was born about 15 years ago, when Ben and David Graveline met at an Eagles show and discovered a mutual love of , James Brown, Metallica, Radiohead, The and everything in between. They have played together in different incarnations and several bands, everywhere from 5K runs at the boardwalk to the club scene. They headlined in 1997 at The Coconut Teaser as The Press, and thrilled everyone with funky rock and a surprise country encore. All their efforts have culminated in Little Machines.

Little Machines is about people-their emotions, their struggles, their fears and joy. It is about the idea of music as a way to reconnect with our humanity, when often the daily grind and our own fear make us feel like Little Machines. We are dedicated to making music with melody and message. We love heavy riffs and vocal harmonies. We want people to gain something from our songs-clarity, insight, understanding, and moving to the groove of our souls.

Our influences include The White Stripes, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Muse, Radiohead, The , Zeppelin and The Doors.

We continue to play the Santa Monica/ West Side of L.A. and have songs, videos and a blog on us there anytime to play a gig!