Little majorette

Little majorette


Little Majorette is a swedish band with a british female singer, it is a playful and charming blend of loopy jazz, bossa nova and pop with soft vocals and infectious songs.

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Written By: zoe durrant

when we go out tonight
lets turn ourselves up
theres a band playing and its one that i really love
i got money in my pockets ready to buy us drinks
i'll have a bottle of beer and a packet of crisps

next time your in London

Wish they wouldn't let so many people in
the q at the bar they must be joking
but the music is loud and we're ready to sing along you are so much fun you can come again

next time your in London

theres an after party so lets turn ourselves up
everybody is going so lets take a look
i got money in my pockets ready to buy us drinks and the records that their playing will make you sing

next time your in London

lets get drunk

Written By: zoe durrant

maybe we could go
find a place
to explore
and maybe
we could talk
about the things
we did before

pretend we are in love again
lets get drunk
to settle our nerves again
lets get drunk
pretend we are alone again again again

maybe we will dance
find our feet
and warm our hands
and maybe we'll drink too much
fall aslep
in our fuzz


we released 'London' on 7" vinyl summer 2009 and we had a lot of nice reviews and radio play on UK and swedish radio

Set List

We usually do 7 or 8 songs and when we play live we have strings, keyboards and guitar and that brings us up to 7 or 8 of us on stage, our set list is. but we are currently writing new material to be included in this.

sous les etoile
bite the bullet
lets get drunk
innit funny