BandSpoken Word

Raw and relentless spoken word vibes and vivid revelations of tough love, motivation, clarity, and brutal self assessment. An all out verbal assault has been launched and there's no where to hide. You ready?


Bo's public training and speaking career was "officially" launched in 1996 as the keynote speaker for MCI's National LAN Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. Since that time he has delivered more than 400 courses and seminars to more than 5,000 people throughout the US.

Although his early focus was on Information Technology, his passion has always been the people behind the technology. Bo realized early on that people everywhere, in all facets of life, were struggling with the same issues. These universal issues and their destructive scope transcended traditional demographic boundaries. And as Bo moved about the country speaking and training he encountered, embraced, and invested in people in various situations. This desire to impact peoples lives in a positive way was manifested in a self-funded Not-for-profit endeavor launched in Atlanta, GA.

1997 marked the birth of TechnoVersity, a technology based training company that focused on bringing the power of technical education and certifications to the disenfranchised. By 2000, more than 300 people had graduated various stages of the IT program and moved on to pursue technical careers. But the life issues persisted it became painfully obvious that technical education was not enough. Many people returned to Bo and TechnoVersity for motivation, encouragement, and guidance in all areas of life from faith to finances.

Bo has continued to actively mentor, motivate, coach, and counsel a large number of the people he's tried to empower over the years. In fact that list has become so extensive and demanding it was the primary reason Bo gave up a lucrative career in Information Technology to pursue motivational speaking and Life coaching full time.

Bo recognized that he was saying the same things about the same life issues over and over again to people all over the country. These conversations became the core of what is now "Private Conversations - Vol. 1)

In a recent interview, Bo described this series and his mission in the following manner: "These private conversations are not about easy answers, quick fix strategies, or any of the typical 'feel good' filler that floods the motivational markets. Private Conversations is an exercise in tough love because I'm not afraid to ask the tough questions. And more importantly I understand how important it is to get people to start asking themselves these same tough questions.

In this day and age, everyone has an answer. We are bombarded with solutions and programs designed to address every possible situation. And, in addition to that, there are millions of books full of millions of different answers to all but this one very critical question.

"How often do people fix something before they know it's broken?"

What good are all those answers if the people that need them most don't even know they need to ask the questions?


New artist. First Release Summer 2004

Set List

Again (6:30)
Drama (3:00)
Intro (5:00)
Time Bandit (15:00)
Cost (12:30)
Aisle 3 (9:00)
Penny (2:30)
Harvest (16:00)
Layaway (14:00)
The Way (1:00)

All motivational spoken word encompassing relationships, time, money, success, failure, focus, and excuses delivered over smooth rythmic tracks (currently on loan from Jack Frost/Flint, MI). Big ups Frost.