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Little Meow

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"Little Meow's Soundtrack"

Artist Profile:
"Little Meow"

This mini soundtrack of songs are taken from the forth coming animated feature film "Pursuit of Little Meow."

The hit single "I'm Little Meow," features vocals from the singing cat as he "stomp his paws" on the tracks.

A worldwide tour is planned for 2009 in conjunction with the feature film being released.

Concert dates are being sold across America as the excitement builds for the feline star “Little Meow.”

- WarnerWave Music


Album: Little Meow
1. I'm Little Meow
2. What You're Gonna Do?
3. Be There For You



Little Meow's music is taken from the forthcoming film:


LOGLINE: After he is trapped in a city of dogs, an adventurous kitten must escape and save his land from and evil king.

SYNOPSIS: LITTLE MEOW is a rambunctious little kitten. He lives a peaceful life in the feline town of Peaceville with his parents, BEN (a construction worker) and WANDA.
One day while playing at the park, Little Meow gets lost in the woods. As he tries to find his parents, he comes upon PURRY, a female kitten who is running away from home because she is angry with her parents.
A storm brews on the horizon and a tornado takes up the two kittens, spinning them through the sky. After the tornado spits them out, the two eventually find themselves in Pooch City, the mythical city of the dogs.
The city is populated entirely by dogs and ruled by the tyrannical KING ROC. Little Meow and Purry try to escape the dogs but they are captured and brought to King Roc’s dungeon by DUKE and LUKE, King Roc’s loyal servants. It is here that Little Meow meets FUZZY, an old cat who has been in the dungeons for years. He warns the kittens that it is only a matter of time before King Roc has them “cat-purized”
Before cat-purizing Little Meow, however, King Roc has a job for him. He wants Little Meow to lead Peaceville’s king to him so he can finally conquer the feline land.
Meanwhile, Ben and Wanda search for Little Meow. They soon meet EDDIE and GLADYS, Purry’s frantic parents. Ben and Eddie head into the woods in search of their children.
Back in Pooch City, Purry makes a horrifying discovery. As she sits in the dungeon, Fuzzy reveals what cat-purizing really is – turning cats into dogs and dogs into cats. Fuzzy himself was once a dog, until he was punished by King Roc and turned into a cat.
Before being forced into service, Little Meow manages to escape the headquarters of King Roc. He nearly escapes Pooch City but he decides to go back and save Purry. On his way back he comes across a grizzled old dog named UNDERGROUND SAM and finds an unlikely ally. Underground Sam tries to stop Little Meow from going back to save Purry before she is cat-purized. He knows how to get back to Peaceville, but Little Meow knows that he must save his friend. Underground Sam finally agrees to help the kitten.
In their search for Little Meow and Purry, Ben and Eddie come upon the entrance to Pooch City. Before they know it, they are sucked into the city and being chased by the dogs.
Underground Sam and Little Meow make it back to the dungeon and find Purry. Just then, they are confronted by Luke, Duke and Fuzzy (who is helping King Roc to redeem himself). But when the three begin arguing over power, Little Meow takes the opportunity to escape with the cell keys.
As Duke and Luke chase Little Meow they come across Ben and Eddie. The cats elude the villainous dogs and Little Meow finally catches up with his father. Together the three infiltrate King Roc’s castle and rescue Purry.
But King Roc has no intention of letting the felines go. He takes it upon himself to stop the cats. As Underground Sam leads the cats out of Pooch City, King Roc rushes to stop them. Finally they emerge back into Peaceville. It is here that Little Meow says goodbye to his friend Underground Sam.
Just as they emerge back into Peaceville, the felines have an unexpected stroke of luck. They come upon Ben’s construction crew about to destroy the tunnel. It’s too late; they destroy the tunnel, sending Little Meow flying and burying King Roc.
In the end, Little Meow is fine. He and Purry are finally reunited with their families. They return to the park to play but when a new storm rolls in, Little Meow is sure to hide in the safety of the car.