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York, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

York, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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"EP Review - David Edwards"

:: Littlemores ::
29 February 2012 / White Label / 4 Trk Download
By David Edwards

There was an awful lot of burbling twaddle talked about the lack of guitar bands at the start of the year. Sadly, by people who should have known a lot better. But thankfully (as all of us who weren’t sitting at some cushy desk in NME’s office bleating and wailing because the lunch lady hadn’t got any vegan blinis from Waitrose knew all along), there are no shortage of guitar bands doing something that, while not entirely new, show an understanding of how to combine the traditional history of British guitar music into something intelligent and fresh. And above all, to come up with some fine songs.

York based Littlemores do just that. They have songs – some very good songs indeed. Lead track ‘Femme Fagin’ climbs out of a cloud of feedback into a terrific radio-flirting nugget that climbs in the right places, drops at the right moments and keeps throwing interesting surprises – from the towering harmonies and advancing guitar chords to the insistent, well-considered drum fills.’ Charlie Blow’ is a taut, riotous blast of carefree Ska, while ‘Larry’ skips along a Libertines-shaped verse before thrillingly exploding into life with a gleeful and glorious trumpet that just goes off into a coda of colour and sparkle. And closing track ‘Idle Street’ is another series of cleverly planned out ideas which are then thrown to the winds as the sheer joy of playing takes over and dictates the plan from thereon out. The most impressive thing about Idle Idols II is that you get the sense that the band are having such fun doing it. It’s a riot and it truly stands out. But having said all that, the best of all is the understated and moving ‘For The Lads’ - a genuinely touching, delicate and deftly crafted piece with lyrics that belong to the Alex Turner school of “kids will get them, kids will sing them, adults and smart folk will fully understand them”. Not an easy thing to do, but Littlemores achieve it with aplomb. It’s even touching of Billy Bragg at times, especially the poignant and disarming final verse and chorus. They can mix it up and change it at the will of their want. That isn’t easy at all.

Throughout it all, Littlemores continually radiate a carefree and hair-ruffled joy that carries them along, backed by an intelligent guitar-pop suss with a beating heart and lyrics of astute intelligence. They say what they feel, not what convention dictates. And therefore their music carries an integrity and honest embrace that is sorely missing from most current UK guitar bands. The softer side of Arctic Monkeys, the stonier path of The Maccabees and a handful of unpretentious Ska to sweeten the whole cake into one joyful, to the point and abundantly pleasing collection. They already have enough to stand out beyond many of their peers, and if they keep on writing as if they mean it, and playing like their hearts depended upon it, they could go far along their delightful path.

MMMM - Manchester Music Scene

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Feature by Dave Brown - Louder Than War


Up next are local quartet Littlemores, whose tight blend of ska-infused indie-pop is met with strong appreciation. The combination of relentless guitar and vocals by Conor Hirons, blistering basslines by Kai West, pounding drums by Jack Williams and the astounding accordion and trumpet of Ben Crosthwaite quickly brings jubilant dancing among the crowd.

Hirons' bold and proud Yorkshire vocals on 'Idle Street' and Crosthwaite's smooth transition between instruments on 'Obsession' stand out, but nothing can beat the stirring sound of the tragic 'For The Lads' and its sublime soundweaving to sum up why Littlemores are gaining critical acclaim and new fans by the set. - Soundsphere magazine


Little bit of an odd combination, Indie and Ska, but the Littlemores manage to make it work as a combination. And it certainly gives the Littlemores a standout point, which makes it a very clever one. The Littlemores’ first EP explores this genre-splice and gives us a real feel of just who the Littlemores are.

From the very start of the EP the Yorkshire accent is very prominent. Femme Fargin hits us with thick Yorkshire accents, which rather than being any kind of put off, are genuinely endearing and gives the band an edge. The mix of Ska, Indie and Yorkshire accent gives the Littlemores their own style and a unique presence. Charlie Blow and Larry are the standout tracks: bright, terribly catchy and filled with trumpets, this is how Ska should sound. The Ska influence is very prominent and really works for their style.

For the Lads adds some variety, being a slower emotional track. Simple, but brilliant; more on the indie side of the spectrum, as is Idle Street. There is a very good mix breakdown between styles on this album which really keeps things interesting. Idle Street makes for an excellent closure and leaves the listener with a feeling of wanting to hear more from these charming Yorkshire lads, five tracks being the perfect amount to give us a real sense of the band and their music but also leave us eager for more.

Overall a wonderful combination, your classic Indie set up but with a Ska skake up. A good fusion of guitars, trumpets and Yorkshire charm. Could easily be the new Arctic Monkeys. - AAA music


Ska and indie. They couldn’t be more far apart if they tried. However bringing both of the genres together in a weird fusion is what gives Littlemores their “edge”, if you will. Starting out in 2008, the band’s first EP, Idle Idols II, pushes the boundaries of the genre fusing to show what Littlemores are all about.

Femme Fagin kicks off the EP in style. During the verses it’s hard not to notice the Yorkshire accents. The accents are thick on the record but it’s what adds to Littlemores charm. Why be a band that sounds exactly the same as every other band? The sound on Idle Idols II is unique in many ways. The catchy ska tune of Charlie Blow is more suited for summer – much like most ska, but it’s sure to brighten these dark, bleak days of early 2012. It’s exactly how ska should sound. Trumpets, upbeat and catchy as fuck. Perfect.

For The Lads has a strong Jamie T vibe about it, it’s a slower track which is rife with emotion. It’s what Ed “soppy” Sheeran should sound like but doesn’t. Maybe it’s Littlemores Yorkshire charm that makes them great or maybe they are simply five like minded individuals who play their music extremely well. Probably the latter. Larry is another bouncy ska track which has a Reel Big Fish feel about it, yet it relates a hell of a lot more to the UK scene than anything. Littlemores are like the Billy Bragg of ska, except a bit more cheerful (no disrespect, Mr. Bragg sir).

Finishing on more of the indie side of things (with a hint of ska), Idle Street is the perfect closing track. For a band like Littlemores to come out with an EP this good, something must be wrong. There isn’t much fantastic music to come out of Yorkshire but it won’t be long before Littlemores join the likes of Arctic Monkeys on that list. Idle Idols II is catchy, full of passion and rife with a bunch of fantastic songs for any occasion. Littlemores have outdone themselves and if you ignore them or this EP, you will be missing out on a fantastic musical experience. - ROCK REVIEWS 24/7


Idle Idols II EP - released Jan 2011

Untitled EP - to be released in March 2013



Littlemores are a York based four piece band playing indie (ish) guitar music with meaningful lyrics

Our EP Idle Idols - which tells stories of the lives of the inhabitants of a ordinary northern street - received 5 stars on Stereoboard and a blinding review from Rock Review 24/7, and one track - Larry - topped the Strummerville DIY chart for two weeks last summer - and we were the houseband on Radio 1's Switch show with Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac way back in 2010

Winners of the Barfly/Fibbers Battle of the Bands 2110, we've gigged constantly and already have played festival slots including Galtres (for the past 3 years) Moor Music/Beacons, Richmond Live and are already booked for Galtres 2013, Apollo Festival and Stockton Calling

We have had a great year of gigging supporting some brilliant bands such as The View, The Janice Graham Band, The Moons and Danny Mahon and are sorting out a spring tour to coincide with the release of our second EP in early March
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(Littlemores play) "intelligent guitar-pop with a beating heart and lyrics of astute intelligence. They say what they feel, not what convention dictates, and therefore their music carries an integrity and honest embrace that is sorely missing from most current UK guitar bands. The softer side of Arctic Monkeys; the stonier path of The Maccabees. - Highly recommended"

(David Edwards drownedinsound)

Littlemores from York, started up. While I ordered a pint, what started as oh-so-familiar Arctic Monkeys quickly developed into something rather special.

Frontman Conor’s spectacular turns of phrase would have Alex Turner blushing, with sweet nostalgia and gritty maturity beyond his years. It’s not contrived, it’s honest. Musically, nothing I’ve not heard before, but oh boy, are their songs captivating

(Bang the drum magazine)