Little Mountain Band

Little Mountain Band

 Buffalo, New York, USA

Little Mountain Band blends Jam, Bluegrass, Blues, Soul, Funk, Gospel and Rockabilly to create a new and unique level of fusion. Enjoy!


It was the cold, snowy month of December in 2003. The converging minds of singer/songwriters Aaron Ziolkowski and Donavan Cudmore combined their winter blues with a jam session that hinted to the soulful art to come. Thinking of long time musical collaborator and like minded Adam Schmidt the core of the band had taken form.  With the later addition of drummer Bene Torres, LMB had found its heartbeat!  Rounded out by guitarist Joe Muffoletto's ability to take listeners on melodic journeys.  Little Mountain Band has shared the stage with such acts as the GREGG ALLMAN BAND, JEFFERSON STARSHIP, CANNED HEAT, COUNTRY JOE McDONALD, BLIND MELON, TIM REYNOLDS of the DAVE MATTHEWS BAND, TOM CONSTANTEN of the GRATEFUL DEAD, MICHAEL GLABICKI of RUSTED ROOT, CHARLIE DANIELS BAND, and BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY.  Little Mountain Band captures the hearts and minds of the audience with their searing vocals, meaningful lyrics, and uncompromising musical abilities.  With the blending Improvisation, Bluegrass, Blues, Soul, Funk, Gospel and Rockabilly LMB creates a new and unique level of fusion.


Full Length Albums
2006 Self Titled
2009 Take the Stairs(Woodstock Records)