little pharmer

little pharmer

 Powell River, British Columbia, CAN

Little Pharmer plays folk trash vegetable punk rock and roll. His music is equally strange and friendly, like an electric apple pie. He has been called the Bard of Agriculture, and indeed his colourful collection of songs informs as well as it inspires.


Little Pharmer's theatrical songs address a vast array of bizarre and vital subjects, from the history of hemp to the future of logging. He playfully takes on Monsanto and lawn culture, pays homage to the inner city, medicinal plants, the child's imagination, seed saving, soul saving.... His music is appropriately intense and agile, shifting from quirky bluegrass to raw rock and roll with a unique spontaneous flow. Weather performing with his wild roots band, the Old Growth Folk Weeds, or his wild rock band, Little Pharmer and the Ditch Prescription, or just with himself and a piano, he comes off as a force of nature, leaving listeners uplifted and a little shaken, like good bush medicine.


car kissed carcass

Written By: cam twyford

the mind is the life is the engine
the eyes are the windwhield the lights
the inside is the belly and the skin is the steel
ignitions good mornin good night

what's mine is the lie is the engine
what's not you can buy even light
the sun is almost as good as my electrical bulbs
but she don't work at night

last evenin' my car kissed a carcass
it was tender and gentle and light
her insides, her belly, and her skin on my steel
thanks for the evenin' good night

take on gravity

Written By: cam twyford

how many projects lie incompleted on the floor?
I started them when you came over
so my gaze wouldn't meet with yours
and how many times
have I side-stepped my soul?
I know now I can't escape from it
but I can hide in little holes
And how many truths
have I eluded?
how many times have I excluded myself
from our exchange?

all this will change.

Oh, my friend, I was sailin on my own ship on the sea
I built it out of judgements
and a fear of the deep
y'know, life is what you pay for it
until you realize it's free
oh my friend
there were walls before
and I spent all my time
lookin for the door
but i was tryin to find the sky inside the clouds
the truth inside the doubt
oh my friend
I was sailin on my own ship on the sea
but now I'm swimming
I'm going swimming
I'm going swimming

So, my friend
if you're feeling less than free
just throw yourself overboard
but remember you're the sea
the weight that you've been carrying
is just your take on gravity
so hand it over
and we'll go swimming
we go swimming
we'll go swimming

junky old heart

Written By: cam twyford

love the junky old heart of your city

where else can i go where the people move slow

and they gather like snow as we do in mexico

and they'll talk to you, and spot you the energy you need

to feel like there's a little somethin more than greed

in this city taking pity on an olympic comittee

may community hold it's own against the flood of cash

about to crash down on it

all i'm trying to say is though they're dying every day

and if you're shy their eyes are crazy but if you're open to it hey

try it... no not the drugs, the diet

it's my new low - tax judgement free high acceptance program

i don't mind sittin on the sidewalk, yo man,

you talk, and i will listen

and maybe i will liberate a ghost from your system

if i come here at all, I come here to see it all

and I come here to breath deep of it

tell me, what's your fix? mine's talkin to drugged out priests

on the east end, speakin to me

cuz i believe in the places they've been

together we get bit by wolves and meet frogs who speak spanish

and drink taquila with the homeboys

I used to think that ghetto meant danger like america's song

but this ghetto's just heaven with the doors off

and it belongs to all of us

I love you east hastings you're the heart of the city
I love you east hastings you're the heart of the city
I love you east hastings you're the heart of the city

love the junky old heart of the city

the (britsh columbian) logger's waltz

Written By: cam twyford

one log says to the other log,
"o my god - it's pretty odd to be so close to you,
and by the way, what happened to my arms?
when that little bird sounded the alarm, we should've
flown away just like he did -
now he's a free litte bird in the wind."
and the other log says,
"We don't have wings like him.
but sure enough we're flying down the freeway now
like a bundle of birds in the wind.
yes now we're flyin just like him.
except for we're about to be dinner
for the sweet sawmill."

loggin truck after loggin truck after log after log after logging truck
takin mountainside after mountainside
of pretty little trees dow to the shore.
then across the sea they float
inside giant boats
until they're sold off to the overseas buyer.
he sinks them deep in lakes for later dates
when our management skills have failed
and we don't go no more logs for sale
when them logs are endangered like whales

No- it won't ever get that bad.
cuz our sons won't log like they're dads.
They're gonna see we've been given
this forest to live in,
and not to mow down like a lawn.

One logger says to the other logger,
"I heard our jobs are gonna get clear cut this year!"
and the other logger says
"I recon buddy you just got the fear. c'mere have a beer
and quit worrying Jimbo, your job ain't in limbo
think of all those houses we're gonna build!"
and jimbo says "yeah about those houses-
I'm startin to feel some guilt. cuz I heard that you can make
houses out of whatevers around
like straw and hay and sand and clay
and some say even cowshit-
I've seen mansions man - completely made from the land
by people willing to work with their environment."
"Well then jimbo I guess we'd better plan our retirement.
cuz if you can make houses out of whatever's around
then we can afford to build ourselves on today.
we won't have to pay anyone along the way
like the logger and the driver and the building material supplier."
he and Jimbo agreed, to quit cuttin trees,
and they went off to find somewhere to build.

you see it won't ever get that bad
our sons won't log like their dads.
they're gonna trade in our stubborness
for courage to govern this forest with sensetive hands.


jungle toothpaste glue

Written By: cam twyford

how much power is there in a bag of flour
well it depends how many hours it's been scince it was ground up
if it's more than 72, well then just add some water you'll have some glue.
just add some water you'll have some glue.
sure in times of famine - I'd rather eat glue than nothin,
but don't tell me there's nothin to eat.
I seen all kinds of food growin at the side of the street:
Dandilions and clovers! pull your vehicle over
the weeds wanna be eaten by you,
but your mouth is full of glue.
if I was Robin Hood I would sue
because his flour is robbin' you.

how much disgrace is there in a tube of toothpaste
well it depends how deep it's lace with trisodium glutemate
I don't know what that is. maybe you feed it to your kids
but I'm gonna make toothpaste on my own
outta simple things I find inside my home
little bit of salt and baking soda
pull your toothbrush over
custom made flavour and taste
for the shiniest bones in your face.
little bit of custom made flavour and taste
for the shiniest bones in your face

how much grief is there in a pound of beef
well that depends if you believe that the earth deserves to breathe
see - to the earth each tree is a lung
and we've been cuttin down the jungle
in the Amazon, about a million trees a day
because my favourite food needs a place to graze.
hungry dudes with big bulldozers
tippin jungles over
don't get in the way of my cow
or my bulldozer gonna take you out!
I don't care whose mamma you are
I need beef for my belly and oil for my car
acre after acre, tonight we're havin steak for dinner...

little bird lullabye

Written By: cam twyford

the little bird flew
through the big old empty sky
he landed up a tree
and closed his little eyes
he dreamed of bird things
he dreamed of open wings
he dreamed of everything singin
in the morning he awoke
and cleaned his wings before he flew
you can't go anywhere without the moon
the little bird flew
through the big old empty sky
I let go of everything
and now I can fly
I dream of bird things
I dream of open wings
I dream of everything singing
the horizon is my church
but I never end up goin
a line is just a circle being born.


Little Pharmer and the Ditch Prescription studio album release (spring 2013)

"edible audio tour" EP - Cam Twyford (released fall 2011), all 7 tracks in rotation on CJMP 90.1 fm - POWELL RIVER

"live @ the Airfare Lounge" - Cam Twyford (released winter 09)

LOCAL FARM ROCK- Cam Twyford, (released fall 09)

"sidewalk, east vancouver" - Cam Twyford, (released summer 08) track 8 - "take on gravity" in rotation CHLY FM -Vancouver Island

Seed Songs EP - Cam Twyford, (released summer 06)

Live @ the gypsy hotel - Cam Twyford, (released winter 04)

Set List

(1-2 hours as required, all originals)
car kissed carcass
aint no shortage of solutions
which came first
the motion in the trees
you won't ever leave
jungle toothpaste glue
salad not sod
hello said the little man
came down the coast
junky old heart
plains of plastic
take on gravity
you again
sane too often
dreaming in blood
drive down the dollar
soul soldiers