Little Rosco

Little Rosco

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Four talented song writers and musicians playing indie rock music with heart and conviction.


Unofficial Bio: Josh was born in the back of a pickup on the way to church, Ian's dad made him listen to a click track while eating fruitloops when he was 5, Rick is allergic to alcohol so he hangs out in tatoo parlors all day intead of drinking like he . . . and Gus, well, we can't say much about him because he slurs so bad no one has ever really understood a word he's said.

Official Bio: We are four very solid musicians that love what we do and take it very seriously. All of us have played in prior bands and have significant prior performance experience. Little Rosco is a new endeavor for all of us and although this band is new, we are not beginners. We recorded our first record on our own and after a summer of gigging we are ready to be tested.


Livin the Dream

Set List

Road Trip
Keep Listening
Protect and Serve
Who Are You?
Swim or Drown
The Nights