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Little Saigon

Round Rock, Texas, United States

Round Rock, Texas, United States
Rock Punk




"New album review"

“Urban Blight - Good overall, I can hear everything individually of itself very well. Nice tune, love the solo, and I get cruising the urban jungle safari feeling right before the guitar breakdown, the stooges maybe, the vocals have a good even tone. Thursday - all the makings of a single, the lyrics are pretty cool man, nice solid groove and tone all the way through. Love the drum on this one. where is the wagon wheel?? the Beer - The Kaossalator s out there. Love it ! Shes the dog - Very Nazareth - Love the riff, also hearing some Sabbath. The change is cool, and the vocal are working better on this one for me, love the back ups, who all's singing on there? You? cant tell. sounds good. My favorite so far ! Silver or lead - Nice feel on the intro, building some suspense, your rolls are great, then break is pretty cool. What is this a movie sound track.? nice sounds man. sorta an epic feel, really. The sleep walkers - the gang vocals is good for you guys.” - JC


“I just listened to your band on reverbnation and it was great! Pay the Price – I love punk! Fear & loathing - Nice rim shots and Jefferson airplane tribute at the end. Purple Crush – And now a Hendrix shout out. Pretty clear you guys have amazing influences. Love the wah pedal. You’re drumming is wicked too. Ho Chi Minh – Metallica is coming to mind. Damn cool! Day Labor Man – Yay, more punk! With funny lyrics! City on Fire – Did I just hear roto toms? Is that Lemmy? A very nice way to ride the last hour of the day out after a brisk wine tasting. Thanks! ”

- Beth Shaffer


Still working on that hot first release.



We are originally from Detroit. Back in the early 90's there was a battle going on near the west side of Detroit between two hoods. Shacktown -vs- Little Saigon : Stevo lived in the shacks and Lenny was a Saigon dweller.Shacktown was mainly white trash types with a hillbilly flavor. Little Saigon was mainly drug dealers with high caliber weaponry. Saigon won the war and soon Stevo joined forces with Lenny. The first Rock experiment was called the "Neboznians" where we mainly wrote about death and war. Then one day JD arrived to the Motor City fresh out of a Russian Gulag. He spent many years in prison with Tom Schovio and they were able to craft a drumset out of kitchen utensels. JD strong armed us with enhanced prison tactics and we were forced to change our name to "JD power and associates". It was only a matter of time before the law caught up to us, so we decided to change our name to " Little Saigon" and move to Austin, TX to pursue our American rock & roll dream experiment.