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"CD REVIEW/SEP.'07: Wait For Tomorrow"

Sept 26th, 2007

Toronto rockers littleSUNDAY have released their second full-length album Wait For Tomorrow (street date: October 23, 2007) featuring eleven tight tracks. This recording is the follow-up to their alt-pop EP Cross The Line (2006) and heavier edged debut album Day of Hollow (2003).
This quartet is comprised of Rick (lead vocals, guitars), JP (lead guitar, backing vocals), Mario (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Eric (drums, percussion) who over the past year have captured the ears and attention of music fans and media alike. Now signed to a recognizable distribution deal, their original non-cookiecutter style fronted by the unmistakable sound of their lead singer is radio-friendly all the way and offers a treat for rock purists. They've opened for Thornley and now it's littleSUNDAY's turn to headline the big shows and this album just might very well be their ticket.

The cd's first track fades in with an impressive arrangement building momentum into a blaze of guitars in "Too Late". Outstanding guitar solos are mind blowing along with Rick's vocals I've come to admire and respect; this is really good stuff I'm listening to.

Track 2 is "Change", a melodious selection packed full of guitars, heart-pounding bass and Eric's high-energy drumming that has to be outstanding to hear live as it is on disc.

My favourite song on Wait For Tomorrow is "In The End" lyrically and the overall sound. Rick's vocals shine. JP pulls out all the stops here on lead guitar which has pretty much defined their unique, original style as heard on the Cross The Line EP. A good rockin' tune that you might hear while relaxing on the beach or taking an extensive highway cruise.

"Cross The Line" slows down the pace, but only momentarily during vocal performances but kicks in again during the chorus and it's grinding guitar riffs and Mario's crunching basslines.

Track 5 "Over My Head" has an offering to rock puriest who may have grown up listening to arena rock legends, notably the style and energy of one Jimmy Page. A soaring lead guitar by JP acompanied by vigorous rhythm from Rick.

"Only Human" is a driving volley of guitar licks delivering a one-two punch on your senses. Unless you're behind the wheel of a car or truck you may be inspired to bring out your air guitar.

The title track "Wait For Tomorrow" has all the right hooks including thought provoking lyrics which I hope the boys go with as their lead-off single. Rick's vocals dance from start to finish on this selection with the same enthusiasm of an agile cat leaping magically from limb-to-limb on a tree. This song is a shining example of how much the band has grown since their inception and the positive direction they are headed.

You'll enjoy solid percussion on "Something About You" track 8. Eric's clever drumming is a key factor to the band's identifiable sound.

"It's My Life" is a darker twist for littleSUNDAY. Anger, heartache and dreams for tomorrow lyrically haunt your senses. The overall combustable sound methodically drives into your soul perhaps as one looking deeply into a mirror with a systematical drum attack.

Up next is "Superstar", another fine demonstration of how a band gels creating that unqiue sound that stands above the rest. Although medium-tempo, near ballad like at some points by littleSUNDAY standards, Eric puts on a drum clinic that will have you screaming for more along with rich bass from Mario.

"Leave" is probably the most recognizable track on this cd as it has garnered airplay on multiple broadcast and internet radio stations alike from it's debut on the EP. This quintessential, high-energy selection is a wonderful way to cap off the highly impressive album Wait For Tomorrow.

All songs are written, performed and arranged by littleSUNDAY. The band is in the fine, experienced hands of Paul Merryweather from Rock Hard Artist Management and Promotions.

Prior to the release of Wait For Tomorrow the band earned passage on Yahoo! Canada Music, appeared on numerous compilation CDs, rotation airplay on various radio stations and endorsements by highly respected instrument companies. Now with a recently inked distribution deal littleSUNDAY is on their way. Highly recommended.

Chris White
- Chris White/ Party In Kingston

"Interview - Rick Farrell from littleSUNDAY"

Friday, 15 February 2008

MMN: Rick, thanks for sitting down with us. Tell us about your band!

RF: We're a four piece unit comprised of myself (Rick Farrell/ lead vocalistand guitarist), JP (lead guitarist/backing vocals), Eric Bonatti (drums), and Mario (bass guitar/ backing vocals). We all reside in the York Region area of Canada and are primarily based out of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

MMN: When did your band form?

RF: We met several years back in a small bar just north of Toronto. I was randomly selected in a crowd of spectators as the boys frantically looked for a replacement singer to fill some empty shoes for the night. Apparently, their regular vocalist forgot to attend the show. That wasn't too smart. So I unwillingly volunteered (laughs) to step in and help them out. Needless to say, the rest is history. We really felt a good vibe on stage, and spent some time getting to know each other better. Low and behold, there was a musical chemistry that kept us coming back to rehearsals and eventually inspired us to start writing original material. From there, we kept jamming, wrote and recorded a record, won some awards,wrote some more, released some more records, enjoyed some cool press, played some big shoes, and here we are now!

MMN: What inspired you to get into music?

RF: Well, I got into music as a fan of music. As a kid, I used sit at home in my bed clutched to my stereo headset listening to some of the coolest music coming out of Seattle like Sound garden, Pearl Jam and Mudhoney. All that changed when I heard "Mother" from Pink Floyd for the first time. I felt this chill run up my spine and I knew that I had to learn how to play guitar. So I bought a cheap acoustic guitar and learned. From there, I went on to learn complete records and finally started writing my own music.

MMN: "Wait for Tomorrow" is awesome - tell us about the feedback the song is getting.

RF: "Wait FOR Tomorrow," is the title track of our newest recording that was released in late October of 2007 under the Addictive/Fontana/Universal Music label. The song was serviced to radioi n November, and since then, has welcomed some local airplay on terrestrial radio stations and heavier air play on internet stations around the world. It's been a slow and steady start, but we've been getting a lot of positive feedback from fans and industry a like.

MMN: Describe what listeners will get from your songs and lyrics?

RF: As song writers, we attempt to create pieces that touch upon a variety of social and personal themes. One would hope that these topics evoke emotional responses or at the very least, find some common ground with ourlisteners. Our music generally has fans feeling optimistic about thefuture. Lyrically, we like to end most songs on a positive note: only because there's very little point wasting time on negativity all your life. We believe that no matter how dark a place we may find ourselves in life, there's always a tiny light of hope not far in the distance.

MMN: What's upcoming?

RF: We have a bunch of shows alreadylined up for this year. We will be performing on February 23rd in Cambridge as part of the "War By Choice" Anniversary Bash, then on the 29th at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, followed by March the 5th in Toronto at the Opera House for a huge event called "Indie Night in Canada". We have a bunch of shows booked for West49 Clothing, and hopefully look forward to playing some more Big festivals this year, as well as take part in the Mazda Muzik Tour. Our calendar is always changing as we book shows regularly and sometimes on very short notice. We encourage fans to check our myspace and our website for up to date show announcements.

MMN: What is your most memorable performance?

RF: Most memorable eh? That's a very tough question. Every show has something memorable about it: whether it was a crazy fanasking us to sign the hood of their car, or dodging a barrage of beer bottles during an encore, or being stuck in a rental van,during the middle of winter, with no heat or gas whiledriving to Sudbury. I guess what stands out most for us is when we get on stage and see an ocean of unfamiliar faces who, by the end of the night, have become new fans!

MMN: What are your goals for LittleSUNDAY?

RF: Well, we plan on releasing our second single to radio in the next few months. We are also looking to film a music video, and release that inconjunction with the second single.Of course, we plan on booking more shows and doing more radio appearances. In five years, we see ourselves recording our 5th project, and touring the globe

MMN: What do you do outside of writing and performing?

RF: Outside of writing and performing, we spend some of our free time planning little shin-digs in our backyards and hanging outtogether. But withe verything in life, we all need a break from the routine to enjoy some personal time. JP and I like to takeoffat 4am and go fishing. We find it very relaxing and above all quiet! Mario is a video gamer and spends most of his time eitherstudying at school,or playing online poker or something like that. Needless to say, I don't think it always calms him down (laughs) Eric likes to attend Rock concerts and spends time polishing his yellow Mazda Protige5.. Here's something that maybe amusing to you: thanks to Eric's persistent love of cars, we all now drive Mazdas! LOL! Nothing like seeing 4Mazdas loaded withgear, pulling upi n front of a bar before a show.

MMN: Well, you better win the Mazda Muzik Tour then, you definitely sound like you deserve it! Lastly, do you have any advice to musicians first starting out?

RF: These are going to sound cliche but they're true:"The key is to never give up,and never get lazy".. "You are your worst critic and biggest fan. Know the difference!" ... "Get real advice from industry people and stop listening to what your mom or girlfriend have to say about your music - this will not help you become a better musician".. "The key to success is creating a buzz that you can carry over to the next buzz"

- Written by Carly Sutherland/ MuzikMovementnewz

"CD REVIEW/OCT.07: Wait For Tomorrow"

littleSUNDAY's new CD Wait For Tomorrow is the Canadian indie rockers' third album, and is a definite case of third-time lucky as it shows melodic rock at its finest.

Genre: rock / indie rock / alternative
Home: Toronto, Canada

"No more Waiting For Tomorrow"

There’s a quiet revolution happening in the Canadian indie music scene. Slowly but surely the country is becoming responsible for some of the finest new music in the genre, thanks to bands like Low Level Flight and Birds of Wales. Now the name of littleSUNDAY can be added to that list, with the release of their third album proper, Wait For Tomorrow.

Together for just over 5 years now, the quartet from Toronto has steadily been garnering both fans and praise alike thanks to their no-nonsense approach, both in their songwriting and work ethic. This hard work has led to the band gaining the approval of Addictive Records (Addictive is distributed by Fontana North/Universal Music Canada), and the proof of that decision is evident in the 11 tracks on offer here.

"Nickelback who?"

From the moment the first track Too Late kicks in, you can feel that it’s not going to be just another local band done good affair – there is some serious musicianship and ability at work here. Strong vocals work seamlessly with the rest of the band, to come together in a maelstrom of powerful rock songs that show the likes of faux rockers Nickelback how it’s really done.

Change follows this, with its single string intro leading into a full-on assault on a track so radio-friendly it should come with a warning. With the right amount of coverage and publicity, this is a song that could help launch littleSUNDAY’s career into the commercial stratosphere. It’ll be interesting to see how their label handles this…

"Move over Def Leppard, say hello to littleSUNDAY"

Indeed, throughout the rest of Wait For Tomorrow, littleSUNDAY show the confident sound of a band who’re not only comfortable together, but would be regardless of what setting you put them in. Blending the best of melodious rock that has served the likes of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and more throughout the years, this is a band that is ready for the bigger stage.

Songs like Cross The Line, with its slight nod to Hootie and the Blowfish arrangements, and power ballad Over My Head are proof, if proof is needed, that the time littleSUNDAY has spent on the road over the years has tightened them up not only live, but in the studio as well. Title track Wait For Tomorrow is another slice of radio-play-in-waiting and wouldn’t sound out of place on the likes of Heroes or new TV favourite Reaper.

"Yahoo Radio and beyond"

Finishing the album is what could be classed as one of littleSUNDAY’s signature tracks, Leave. A blistering piece of feelgood rock that you know is going to be on many summer mix tapes, it’s an excellent way to close an impressive release.

With the likes of Yahoo Radio having the band on rotation, as well as the influential rock stations beginning to take notice, littleSUNDAY would appear to be at the start of something really big. Listening to Wait For Tomorrow, perhaps the only real surprise is that it’s taken this long for it to do so. Highly recommended. - Danny Brown/SUITE 101


The Horseshoe Tavern – February 27, 2007

review by Sheryl DaSilva

littleSUNDAY have had a lot to celebrate lately: a freshly inked three-year worldwide distribution deal with Yahoo! Music Canada, for one; and a following that steadily grows with each show, for another. At their show February 27th at the Horseshoe, they showed why they're worthy of both.

The four guys in the band stormed the stage, and quickly grabbed the attention of the crowd with their catchy and infectious mix of classic and modern rock. littleSUNDAY pay homage to their influences, while creating a sound that's unique and their own. Rick Farrell's a charismatic showman, oozing more than enough charisma to hold the attention of the crowd. His soaring melodic vocals, coupled with solid lyrics, a pounding rhythm section with Eric Bonatti on drums and Mario Stamegna on bass, and JP's intense guitar riffs combine to form music that begs for repeat listens. It's obvious that they've taken their talent and cumulative years of experience and turned them into a tight, high energy and entertaining show, full of funk, groove, rock n roll swagger and attitude.

littleSUNDAY have their eyes on the prize, and with music that's primed and ready for radio, they're ready to appeal to as wide a market of music fans as possible. - TOONAGE MAGAZINE

"littleSUNDAY Can't Wait For Tomorrow"

Tuesday September 25, 2007 @

Toronto rock quartet LittleSunday will return with their third full-length album, Wait For Tomorrow, on Oct. 23.

The Addictive Records release follows last year's Cross The Line and 2003's Day Of Hollow. Those two albums have combined to sell more than 5,000 copies.

Wait For Tomorrow lead single "Something About You" was serviced to rock and alternative radio stations across the country earlier this month. The title track can be previewed on the group's MySpace page.

Here are LittleSunday's live dates:

Sept. 26 Barrie, ON @ Ruanne's w/See Spot Run
Sept. 28 Toronto, ON @ Pier 29 Boat Cruise w/Staylefish, Youthinasia, Tyler Schwende and Ken Tizzard
Oct. 10 Toronto, ON @ Drake Hotel (Indie Week 2007)
Nov. 3 Toronto, ON @ El Mocambo w/Ken Tizzard, Japhy Ryder and Simple Mission
Nov. 16 Mississauga, ON @ Lost Lounge
Nov. 23 Toronto, ON @ NOW Lounge w/Ken Tizzard
Nov. 24 Burlington, ON @ Red Rooster
Nov. 30 Brampton, ON @ Raxx
Here are the songs on Wait For Tomorrow:

"Too Late"
"In The End'
"Cross The Line"
"Over My Head"
"Only Human"
"Wait For Tomorrow"
"Something About You"
"It's My Life"
- Moya Dillon/ CHART ATTACK

"littleSunday performs at Barrie benefit"

You could almost say it was by fate that Toronto band littleSUNDAY formed.

Several years back, three of the band's members were playing in another group and hosting a live jam at a downtown bar. Musician Rick Farrell would often come in to watch the guys play and admitted he was impressed.

One evening, when the band's usual vocalist failed to show, the guys had an option - go home for the night, or try and find someone to join them. Rather than packing it up, the band went from table to table in a desperate search for someone who could sing.

That's when Farrell stepped up.

"The guys persuaded me to get up there, but I kept telling them I was a guitarist and I didn't sing," said Farrell. "After a lot of coaxing, they convinced me to try singing with them. After that, I just kept going back and next thing you know, we're writing music together."

The band, which includes drummer Eric Bonatti, bassist Mario Stamegna and guitarist Joe "JP" Polito, said they had instant chemistry with Farrell. They felt comfortable enough with him to soon record their 2003 debut Day of Hollow, and actually submitted it to several online music competitions and Internet radio stations before they had even played a serious live show together.

"We were getting a good response," said Farrell, "so we decided to take the band a bit more seriously. The Internet really allowed us to build up a following and promote ourselves."

After more than a year of playing countless shows, the band went back into the studio and released the 5-track EP Cross The Line. The band said they moved 3,000 units in about a year, a very positive development for an indie band.

Last year, littleSUNDAY signed a deal with Addictive Records, which included a distribution agreement through Fontana/Universal Music. After signing with the label, the band began to work on its third album.

Last month, the 11-track Wait For Tomorrow dropped. Several tracks off the album, including Superstar, Too Late, Wait For Tomorrow and Only Human, can be heard by visiting

"When you have about 60 songs (in your repertoire), it's only a matter of time until you record an album," said Farrell, with a laugh.

The new album was recorded at Burlington's B-Town Sound.

"It was a great sense of relief to finally have it out," said Farrell. "Personally, I think it's a clear indication of where we are as a band right now."

On Wait For Tomorrow, the band has adopted a positive mindset. They understand that life comes with its own trials and tribulations, but believe focusing on the positive will lead to good things.

"We want our music to reflect the light at the end of the tunnel," said Farrell. "People can get in a situation where they lose hope and nothing seems to work out. But, even though life can be a piece of (garbage) at times, you have to get up onto your feet and try again."

The band will perform in Barrie on Saturday, Nov. 24, as part of the Band2Gether benefit concert, at The Foundation. Also on the bill are Used For Glue, Rajasi, Japhy Ryder and Tranquil. Doors open at 8 p.m. This is a 19-plus show. Tickets are $10, with all proceeds going to the ROCK 95 Toy Drive.

For more information, visit, or - BARRIE ADVANCE

"And the band played on"

Indie artists littleSUNDAY say big challenge is finding place to perform in York Region
By: Jessica Young, Staff Writer

The York Region music scene is dead. Local band littleSUNDAY wants to play in its own community, but there are no neighbourhood venues that support its passion.

“There’s really no music scene in York Region. It’s disheartening,” Rick Farrell said.

Mr. Farrell takes centre stage as the lead vocalist and guitarist. He sits comfortably swigging a beer with bandmates JP (lead guitar, vocals), Mario Stamegna (bass, vocals) and Eric Bonatti (drums, percussion) at All Star Wings and Ribs, their favourite local eatery on Yonge Street.

“We sit here and have our band meetings. No one has a damn clue we’re musicians or anything,” Mr. Farrell said.

Every band member voices their frustration at the lack of music venues in York Region. All the places they’ve played in York Region are now closed or don’t have the proper environment to let them play.

They have played shows in London, Windsor, Cambridge, Mississauga and Toronto and have an upcoming show in Barrie.

Walking along the sidewalks of downtown Barrie where the band often has shows, the group gets a steady flow of waves and hellos but that’s certainly not the case when they’re back home.

“Maybe with the new theatre we’ll have more resources. Our primary choice is to play in our own back yard,” JP said.

If locals can’t recognize them by sight, the band can easily be identified by name or their pop-rock sound. LittleSUNDAY was runner-up in the 102.1 The Edge X-Treme Band Slam last year, Rock 95 Local and Loud finalists this past April and Y108’s 2007 Get Hammered picnic finalists. They have also received airplay on Ontario radio stations such as Y108 Hamilton and Rock 95.

Despite the group’s many triumphs this year, band manager Paul Merryweather says getting littleSUNDAY the recognition it deserves can be an uphill battle.

“Getting an indie band to the next level is taking one step forward and three steps back. You have to keep positive and keep working at it,” he said.

The group remains optimistic, he said, and they should be. With steady gigs and a growing fan base, the year can already be regarded as a success. The group signed onto Canadian recording label Addictive Records. The band is also pumped for its upcoming performance with Suzie McNeil, the last woman standing in the reality TV show Rockstar: INXS.

Upcoming performances like the one with Ms McNeil will showcase the musicians’ latest album, Wait for Tomorrow. Under strict deadlines with the new record label, the band had to buckle down and focus on music.

“We had more experience on the road and had a lot of opportunities to write more personally. We were under a lot of pressure,” Mr. Farrell said.

In a month, they had to sift through some 60 songs and narrow the list to their favourite 11.

“It pushed us to our limits, but sometimes you need that extra push to get the best out of you. We gave it our all,” JP said.

The album was released this past October and the group is using every avenue possible to help promote their newest CD, including social networking sites Facebook and MySpace.

“Facebook is good because you can get in touch with fans in person. You can be personable with every single fan member. We’re on there every night and it’s fantastic,” Mr. Farrell said.

New fans who discover littleSUNDAY may wonder what the band name means.

When the group was in the studio producing its first album, they hit a roadblock trying to decide on a name.

“We went through sheets of paper, we couldn’t think of one we liked,” Mr. Farrell said.

They were laying down one of their tracks called Little Sunday when they realized the lyrics were an anthem for the band itself. “The song is about the journey of self discovery. The song says you’re not the only one searching for the same answers in life. If you work and come together, you achieve greater success,” Mr. Farrell said.

- York Region News

"This band is half a note away from a deal."

I was able to interview littleSUNDAY prior to their set at Torontos Bovine Sex Club on May 6th, and what started out as an interview turned out to be a fun night of just hanging out with the guys in the band.

littleSUNDAY is a hardworking independent band with an extremely tight live show and music thats ready and primed for radio. I asked singer Rick Farrell to describe littleSUNDAY in a sentence, and his response was, "high energy, new rock".The band showed me exactly what this was when they played their set.

Farrell is an incredible front man with a killer voice and a whole lot of sex appeal. The rhythm section which comprises of bass player Mario Stamegna and drummer Eric Bonatti plays some tight, hard rocking grooves. And I have to smile when JP plays a complex guitar solo on his classic Flying V guitar. The best part about watching them is that they look like they are having a good time on stage and that they belong there.

littleSUNDAY not only has a set of radio-ready material, but they also work hard at promoting it. According to Farrell, each of the members along with their management team contributes to promoting the band. They are constantly networking, booking shows, creating affiliations within the music industry and doing on-line promotion. Communication is key", says Farrell, when describing how they stay organized with everything that is going on.

Another key area of promotion is their street team which is led by Shaun Bunder. Shaun caught a littleSUNDAY show and was so impressed by the music that he volunteered to help out the band in whatever way he could. This evolved to his current role as Street Team Leader.

Their huge list of accomplishments can attest to the hard work the band puts in. littleSUNDAY were voted finalists in several band competitions such as Edge 102.1s X-Treme Band Slam and 97.7 HTZ FM Rock Search. They charted Number 2 on the world wide Garage and were voted Best Live Act by the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

This band is half a note away from a deal. That's what I overheard a reputable industry contact saying to someone in the audience while littleSunday was on stage rocking the house. After talking to the band, listening to their latest EP as well as seeing the live show, I would have to agree with this statement. And I can't think of many independent bands that are more deserving of a record deal right now.

(article by Liz Lulu © 2006)
- Liz Lulu, the SPILL Magazine

"littleSUNDAY: The Best Next Thing"

CANADA- Everyone knows about the superstars in the Rock genre. Artists like Blink 182, ACDC, and Green Day. It is okay to enjoy the familiar sounds of the past, but in the future, quality Rock is on the verge of coming out of its shell thanks to littleSUNDAY.

Band members Rick Farrell, Eric Bonatti, JP, and Mario Stamegna sold over 1000 units in Canada off their first independently released debut album, “Day of Hollow” in 2003. Since then, the band has gradually become known as “Infectious New Rock”.

littleSUNDAY has such good music, that the three-time Grammy Nominated Engineer/Mixer [Brad Gilderman] showed interest earlier this year. Gilderman, known to be diverse in mixing multi-platinum records in genres that include soundtracks, R&B, and Pop, decided to work with littleSUNDAY in association with Red Galaxy Records, who is also diverse with its artists. Although Red Galaxy Records is scouting out littleSUNDAY, the band is currently affiliated with Gen Sub Records.

With experience and individual talent, the band is said to be energetic and full of a mixture of adrenaline and alternative sounds. littleSUNDAY’s music also has a hint of Classic Rock but enough stylish, modern Rock to be nominees and semi-finalists in so many competitions.

They were 2005 Toronto Independent Music Awards Nominees, Rogers High-speed Superstar Finalists in 2004, 97.7 HTZ FM 2003 Rock Search Semi-Finalists in 2003, and winners of the 2002 Unsigned-band-wars Global Music Search. littleSUNDAY has also appeared in many CD compilations such as IndiePool, Emergenza, and Jaggermeister Live-Rock-Shooter.

With all of these accomplishments in a three-year time span, littleSUNDAY is destined for success.

Just wait and see how “Infectious New Rock” will come to describe littleSUNDAY.

(Amber - © 2006)

"littleSUNDAY Sign With Yahoo Music"

Toronto indie rock band littleSUNDAY have announced details of a three year deal signed with Yahoo Music Canada
Genre: Indie rock / alternative
Sounds like: Collective Soul, Jesus Jones, SoulKid #1
Home: Ontario, Canada
As experiment-friendly and non-restricting being on an indie label can be, it's always beneficial to have a little muscle behind you, as many indie bands will tell you. As of February 20th 2007, the news that Canadian indie rock band littleSUNDAY have signed a deal with Yahoo Music Canada is a huge boost for this talented four piece, and confirms my belief in good music still being recognized.

A band that I've been listening to intently for a while now, littleSUNDAY mix the indie musings of SoulKid #1, with the rockier leanings of Collective Soul and the funk-laden beats of early Red Hot Chili Peppers. With anthemic crowd pleasers such as Leave and Cross The Line, their songs have been uniting fans from all over the indie genre.

The deal with Yahoo Music Canada couldn't be more impressive or timely. From early March, users of the Yahoo LAUNCHcast Radio service from all over the world will be able to find littleSUNDAY on the Indie Rock, Canada Rocks and Real Rock stations. With a potential worldwide audience in the millions, this is recognition indeed. Coupled with an imminent appearance at the legendary Horseshoe in Toronto as part of the New Music Nights tour (which I'll be reporting on and hopefully grabbing an interview with the guys), these are exciting times indeed for littleSUNDAY.



2009 - "Let It All Out" (7-song EP)
2007 - "Wait For Tomorrow" (Full Length CD)
2006 - "Cross The Line" (5-song EP)
2003 - "Day Of Hollow" (Full Length CD)




In today’s world of interchangeable bands with copy-cat styles, people are on the lookout for fresh and original music. They want songs with refrains that will echo in the mind, lyrics that aren’t taken from a teenager’s diary, and a vocalist with a distinct sound that becomes the band’s signature. In the past that was commonplace, but recently, formula has surpassed creativity. The prolific words of Sam Cooke declared “a change is gonna come.” It’s time for that change, and littleSUNDAY is at the forefront.

The Toronto area quartet’s lead vocals and rhythm guitar are mastered by frontman Rick Farrell. The rest of the band is comprised of JP handling lead guitar duties as well as backing vocals, Mario Stamegna on bass and backing vocals, and Eric Bonatti adding the drums and percussion to the mix. littleSUNDAY formed during the early part of the decade in a twist of fate that would rival what any fiction writer could create. By chance, Rick attended the show of a band that JP, Mario, and Eric were involved in, and the lead singer was in-absentia. Rather than cancel the appearance, the band requested someone to come on stage and help out, and Rick was the one that answered the call. The rest, as they say, is history.

The group has experimented with various genres, and in the end melded all of their influences into the radio-friendly alt-rock sound they possess today. It is one that will easily fit with Canadian artists that are popular today, as evidenced by their recent pairings with comparative acts such as Thornley, Default, Suzie McNeil, Edwin, Honeymoon Suite, See Spot Run, Jonas, and Econoline Crush. Make no mistake that littleSUNDAY is a strictly commercial band though, as their music brings something to the table for everyone: crunching guitar riffs and a solid drum attack for the rock purists, poignant lyrics to draw in the sentimentalists, and hooks that catch the attention of all those in between. Their tracks do not alienate nor exclude listeners. The band’s approach has become to create a common ground, and taking everything into consideration… mission accomplished.

Their discography is evidence of this. Day of Hollow, their 2003 release, reveals a harder edged flair, but as the band evolved, they dipped into the alt-pop scene on 2006’s Cross the Line. While both releases were regional successes and garnered industry attention, these talented musicians realized they needed to solidify their sound, merging the rock with the pop, and the result is a revitalized and innovative style sure to put this band on the map outside of their home base. One listen to tracks such as “It’s My Life” and “Too Late” from the "Wait For Tomorrow" album, exemplify this new direction, and it cannot be denied that this band has taken all of their collective experience and grown into a force to be reckoned with inside the musical arena.

The last few years have brought much positive progress. in 2007 littleSUNDAY released their CD "Wait For Tomorrow" across Canada, with the title track serviced to major stations throughout the country. Prior to that, they worked with Yahoo! Music Canada, and in 2008 signed a one year distribution deal in Canada. 2008 also saw the band included in appearances such as the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, the Beaches Festival in Port Colborne, Toronto IndieWeek, and the Cravefest Film Festival. Adding to the littleSUNDAY advancement was an endorsement by Carparelli Guitars, a company noted for their stellar workmanship and their crafting of some of the finest musical instruments. There is no doubt that their burgeoning success will shatter stereotypes and increase their already growing fan base.

The accolades they’ve received already are proof positive that they deserve more than just casual consideration. From inclusion on numerous compilation CDs, rotation airplay on various radio stations, endorsements by highly respected instrument companies, and a distribution deal, it is readily apparent that people are taking notice. Is littleSUNDAY the “next big thing”? Some questions in life are tough to answer, but this one is easy – unequivocally yes!

In April 2009 littleSUNDAY has unleashed a new 7-song EP titled, "Let it All Out!". It's a stimulating collection of full-out rock-and-roll tunes, tightly wrapped in pure attitude and raw musical power! Be sure to check it out.

So the question of the year is, "Are you Ready for the Big Show?"

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