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Little Train Wreck


Little Train Wreck
Alt Folk-Rock
Originals & Reworked Covers
Little Train Wreck is an acoustic/electric trio that takes fan favorites, both current and classic, and performs them in a way that will take you to the crossroads of folk, funk and rock. Powerful vocals, driving djembe and gritty guitar combine to poise this group as the party favorite of both festival stages and clubs. With originals that rock just as hard as their classic counterparts, Little Train Wreck will keep your stage ba


Robbie Collins – vocals & bass
With over twenty-five years of experience performing and singing, Robbie Collins is both a vocal powerhouse and a talented songwriter. Hailing originally from North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Robbie has spent the last fifteen years performing and recording with Kingston-based group Girlz Like That, and for the last twelve years, has been instrumental in evolving the Kingston women’s music scene by organizing the popular Girls Night Out but Guys Welcome music series.

Mike Elliott - guitar
Born and raised in Brockville, Ontario, Mike has been passionate about playing guitar for the last twenty-five years. His skill on both acoustic and electric styles makes him a welcome addition to this tight trio.

Maureen Adams - djembe
Hailing from Darnley, Prince Edward Island, Maureen Adams is The Wreck’s little drummer girl. She has been active on the Eastern Ontario and festival music scene for the past 15 years including three years performing and recording with Ottawa-based band The Lighthouse Keepers. When asked why she started playing djembe she simply replies … chicks love drummers


Road Weary

Written By: Robin Collins Little Train Wreck

Road Weary
Robin Collins c 2012
I’m feeling road weary, and I’m not thinking clearly…you, you’ve been on my mind
I’m running out of reasons why I should stop believing you…you’ve been on my mind
And I’m road weary running, road weary running, hey you there on my mind

The radio keeps playing, songs are leaving me frustrated and you…you’re still on my mind
I’m shutting down my senses, breaking thru all my defenses and you…you’re still on my mind
And I’m road weary running
Road weary running..hey you there on my mind….
You’re there all the time
Every day and night
I can run but I can’t hide
You’re forever on my mind, forever on my mind….forever on my mind

And so the day is ending I won’t sleep there’s no pretending you…you’ll be on my mind
I’m turning down the lights now you shine thru and I don’t know how you……you stay on my mind
Road weary running
Road weary running
Hey you there on my mind
Hey you….hey you…..


Road Weary single