Little Tremors

Little Tremors


“…Little? About as small as a rupture in the earth’s core, obliterating the Great Wall of China. Jagged-edged guitars, and zigzag vocals, these Tremors’ penchant for natural disaster is set to cause severe devastation. We’ll still be feeling the aftershocks in months to come… THE FLY”


Little Tremors’ instantly recognisable and defiant sound echoes the 70’s and 80’s but is one entirely their own. Formed in Manchester by a Danish born singer, and a local boy guitarist less than ten months ago, they already have an impressive CV. The band have demoed with legendary producer Hugh Padgham and are now mentored by Steve Morton (Hoosiers, The Automatic). Following their first gig at Doncaster Live Festival in August to 5000 people, and their raucous packed out gig for In The City in September, they have quickly built up a large fan base, and have gained a lot of experience. With their high energy, super tight performances fronted by Camilla Roholm a “sassy, hyper animated, born performer (Sandman)”, this young band has had live reviewer’s in several magazines and fanzines foaming at the mouth with delight. Fun and sexy, an unstoppable force. With their hard work ethic, model looks and catchy pop infused punk hits –given the right break this band could take over the world.

Set List

All original material. Set can be any length required.