Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade

Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS


“One of the musical finds of the year” – Faster Louder Review – by Gumbouy.

Little Vegas and the Fuzz Parade are a band of cousins and brothers who burst onto Brisbane’s live scene in July 2006. With an unheralded number of shows under their belt, their reputation and live antics have seen them share stages with the likes of The Mess Hall, Abbe May, Even, The Fumes and The Gin Club to name a few.

In 2007, Triple J pulled the band from obscurity when they enlisted them as an Unearthed Feature Artist and they continue to support the band with a recent J Mag Feature ‘NOV 2008’ and continued airplay.

“Great work on this tune - the dirgy guitar, the multi-vocals, and a tops hook in the chorus. This song is a winner.” – Zan Rowe, Triple J

Since their inception, the group have racked up substantial accolades both locally and nationally. In 2007, they won the People’s Choice Award for their Film clip to ‘Gifthorse’ seeing them win a $10 000 A & R Package with Todd Wagstaff who has worked with The Vines and The Veronica’s. The group are still working closely with Todd as they emerge and develop their future career.

2008 has seen the band receive a nomination in the Q Song Awards for the song ‘Gifthorse’ in the rock category, putting them in the top five bands to be selected from the whole of Queensland.

The band’s performance at Valley Fiesta 08’ saw them take out the Emerging Artist Prize of $2000 presented by The Valley Chamber of Commerce together with community partner’s, Queensland Rail.

Little Vegas will have a three track release out in Nov 2008 and are currently recording songs for their forthcoming Debut Album due out early 2009.



Written By: Sabrina Lawrie

open book and empty pages
suddenly my mind engages
dripping thought are ringing true
honesty brought me to you

aviary of oblong dreams
wrapped in feelings of intrigue
slow and steady the penny rolls
collectively one greater soul

protective is an understatement
of a vision pro created
sentimental property
one for all but who are we
one for all, one for all

don't be foolish and consider
only gift's that are delivered

wound so tight within the space
history left dead for chase
bordering a middle ground
tough to reach and hardly sound

I'd rather try than die regretting
every moment any setting
powerfull and ringing true
let the moment capture you

don't be foolish and consider
only gift's that are delivered

if we go from the start again
than maybe we can figure out where to end

maybe we can figure out
maybe, maybe, maybe

oooh ooooh
hey yeah


Written By: Sabrina Lawrie

a nightmare in your head
a horror in your bead
soon the sun will set
soon the fun will end

hush little baby don't you cry
I'll pry you awake
hush little baby don't be scared
of what's in your head

hush hush hush


Single Release - 'Gifthorse' - Aired on Triple J, 4ZZZ