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Little Vic is bringing back NY hip-hop. Working with the likes of DJ Premier, Buckwild, Red Spyda, DJ Whoo Kidd, DJ John John, Kool G Rap, Big KO, just to name a few - has shown hip-hop fans out there that LITTLE VIC IS THE NEW FACE OF HIP-HOP.Releasing his EP(5/08), Each Dawn I Die,has been praised


With so many new artists from all over the country crossing the threshold into rap, and a drought of New York based rappers entering the game, Little Vic is invigorating onto the scene like a blast of fresh air. Armed with scathing rhymes and smoking beats, Vic sets himself apart with his innovative style, endearing personality and tremendous dedication. After years of cultivating and perfecting his craft, 24 year old, Little Vic is ready to give back to the industry that has inspired him.
“The Exorcist,” is a first time collaboration with DJ Premier, half of the famous Gang Starr duo and an established hip-hop producer. Little Vic describes his opportunity to lay a track with DJ Premier as a dream come true. Based on its name, people may assume “The Exorcist,” is a dark, violent song, but Vic and his lyrics rise above mainstream standards. Vic explains, “ ‘The Exorcist’ is not about evil. Once you listen, you know it means something else. It’s about bringing something out of you that you didn’t even know was there.”
Born in New York as Victor John Orena III, Vic assumed the nickname of his grandfather, Little Vic. Vic became involved with music at a young age, laying tracks in the studio with his Uncle Paulie, Big KO, and his cousin John. John who became DJ John John, now works closely with major music forces such as Shadyville Entertainment and is known on the New York music scene for his explosive mix tapes, often featuring tracks and freestyles from Little Vic. DJ Whoo Kidd, DJ Domination, DJ Woogie, DJ Front and DJ Eclipse have all brought Vic’s celebrated lyrical style to the streets on their impressive mix tapes.
Little Vic’s musical influences range from Jay-Z and Nas to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Otis Redding and The 4 Tops, but for Vic writing a great song is not about following trends or biting anyone else’s style. He is greatly influenced by his family, his unique personal experiences and anything else that helps keep his mind open, his sound fresh and his lyrics intelligent.
Not only does Little Vic bring his unique skills to the mic and mp, he also shows his fresh intelligence in the music industry. Vic along with his cousin DJ John John sprung up their own independent record label, Orena Records in the spring of 2006. In addition to Orena Records, Little Vic is one of three of the team of Double Shot Productions. Creating sounds unlike any other production team out today they have been involved in productions such as VH1’s “Irv Gotti Show.”
Little Vic’s debut album, “Each Dawn I Die” was released April 8, 2008 via FatBeats Distribution. With producers such as Buckwild, Big K.O., DJ Premeir the production team of Double Shot Productions, Velotz, Sly Vest and collabs with hip-hop legends like Kool G Rap, “Each Dawn I Die’s” impact on hip-hop’s underground music scene has been extraordinary.



Written By: LITTLE VIC

Some for the content, all for delivery
pick apart a rapper, vic a heart attack I'm visibly
serious as serious does, collect the wisdom
rushed over to premier for the exorcism
speak your mind, never get to scientific
im a flying discus over your hat, and iron fisted collab
the kind of fix only to keep them coming back
slamming the MP we'll have em humming that
yeah, they wanna know whats your name, where you come from
whats the game plan, same path...for the lump sum
straight from long island, gunning for the mass appeal
big sword only half a shield
catch up, vic arrives without breaking stride
without, myths on taking lives
see i've did for years and years and...keep a place inside
to the game they all patronize
who you facing, I
V-I-C mind state bonaparte
pen hits the canvas to brandish you owen hearts
still we build and keep the streets lateral
preem brought it out of me, now I bring it out of you
The exorcist

Evade the charge like I'm tony ducks
its only us, the power of the dollar what holds me up
like a cowards revolver, you fold under pressure
marciano punch lines i'll throw one to test ya chin
waiting to be blessed again
the exorcist, melt tracks down their necks'll spin
why you flow so fly, and show both sides
disrespecting the game and i don't know why
something you don't wanna battle with
vic is on that hagler shit, changing the rules im the catalyst...who's
this embarrassment? kid a rhyme for us
I do it for the gun hoopties, '89 taurus
there you go, here i come
feared by some...spittin fire sear my tongue
here by drunk..
like i haven't hit puberty how clear I cum ..the radicals
little vic primo, draw it out of you..
the exorcist

Lord jesus, save us from the fires of hell
save us from all our desires as well
cuz I aint trying to get locked or die in a cell
im not tryna keep options for clientele
because these streets kept me locked without applying help
youngins looking up to me, i rock orions belt
they said, this psychos diary might inspire me
he used his own sick words to fight-anxiety
but you have no clue what its like-inside of me
looking for a way out and its frightening...I agree
come one come all, flood will batter crews
preem brought it out of me, now I bring it out of you
The exorcist

"Caked Up"

Written By: Little Vic/ Kool G Rap

Verse 1 (Vic)

there he goes, with his dark hair and olive oil voice
wreckin machine and im hungry the pot'll boil-twice
not a royal-life so I rip on feds
since the days of jump suits and the slip on keds
and with that said...when vics on edge i need a second-to-manage
weapon to brandish...u step and threaten the man its
like your heads a paint brush how its next-to-the-canvas
this is action not words, def leppard-advantage
u lack the minerals and vitamins...syllable leviathin
vic playin rappers as if there fiddles or violins I am
ready who said he aint
plenty of penny-lanes when ur almost famous - ur brain is like the stainless with steady-aim
and i know many-came and went actin like escorts
the next-boss, all the previous leaders are X'd-off
....and the best part about this kids-they know
they dont gotta pay kareem to see a BIG KO
but ayo its giancana costello..somethin to be a part of
Hire a psychic and still aint gonna see tomorrow

Verse 3 (Vic)

in time...ill see a change or be the same im so ready
to blow free the lanes up...speak with a heathens make up
i just been watchin the clock tick...
ch pop n no stoppin-vic
stay mobile and droppin-fists
who the fuck you boxin-with
im pot to piss in...that ass is not for kissin
but kickin'
the competition...thats vic and apocolypse is
apon honest nostradamus type of writin'
...for the millions, like my grandpop but they gave him life for trying
pop prozac for the shit I might write
don't hold back when I make my own tracks like excite bike
so run your mouth and meet the next clint
cats are living street dreams, and wake up when they get-pinched
think of vic if a king exists peasants biting on my lyrics like dead skin on their finger tips
bring a wrist to slit, or sing a quick verse
whistling past the cemetary, Little Vic hearse


*(12') The Exorcist/Effortless Produced by DJ Premier/Red Spyda (10/20/05)

*(12')Caked Up feat. Kool G Rap/The Evil That Men Do Produced By BIG K.O./Buckwild (2/10/07)

*(CD)Each Dawn I Die Mulitple Producers(DJ Premier,Buckwild, Big KO, Double Shot, Sly Vest, Velotz, Lunatik Mind,) 4/8/08

*Each Dawn I Die- DIGITAL RELEASE- Multiple Producers(DJ Premier, Buckwild, Big KO, Double Shot, Sly Vest, Velotz, Lunatik Mind) 5/13/08

Set List

Always Vary Depending on Crowd, However Typically includes:
"The Exorcist" prod. DJ Premier
"It's My Turn"
"This Is What It Sounds Like"
"After All I've Done For You"
"Carry The Weight"