Little Yellow Perfect

Little Yellow Perfect


Little Yellow Perfect plays dance music. Little Yellow Perfect plays rock music. Little Yellow Perfect plays through fog. Little Yellow Perfect deserves your love.


In an era when hearts and souls are consumer goods and technology is intimate, Little Yellow Perfect launches its critique: "Simple Devices," recorded by Karl Derfler (Tom Waits, No Doubt, Talking Heads, the Who), and mixed by Boone Spooner (Alanis Morissette, The Cardigans, Vanessa Carlton). "Simple Devices" melds late-night inspiration and childhood radio obsessions (Roxy Music, The Cars, The Fixx, Duran Duran, U2), and is distributed in North America through Wax Orchard Records.

The band's previous record, the "This City and All of the Cities" EP, received national airplay as well as being spun on San Francisco radio icon Live105. Little Yellow Perfect has proven to be a podcaster's favorite, and both of the band¹s releases are currently available on, among various other digital distributors.

Singer/keyboardist Cris Logan met guitarist Jason Bridges in a Michigan music theory class, where they quickly convinced each other that they had nothing more to learn. Bassist "the Sound" (provenance unknown) met drummer Mike Fritz at the Bike Messenger World Championships in San Francisco. The two halves of the band fused through their mutual hatred of cover bands and love of matinee pricing.

Post-punk revivalists? Analog synth rockers, or rabble-rousers armed with keyboards? Whatever answer you get, Little Yellow Perfect is a San Franciscan indie rock band taking their name from a Stones song and their orders from no one.


'Simple Devices' on Wax Orchard, available at and retail outlets across the western U.S. The single "C'Mon" has received radio airplay nationally.

'This City and All of the Cities' on Ruler Records, available online at,

Demo tracks available at and

Set List

typical set is 40 minutes, and changes frequently to keep the hard core fans appeased. Covers are for cover bands.