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"B93.1 KOSO FM, Modesto, CA"

"As the Music Director at KOSO radio station, I was recently invited to attend a concert in order to check out a band. That band was very good, but I couldn't stop thinking about the band that came on stage before that one. The headlining band did have great songs, great technical abilities and an overall professional sound, but that first band had all those things and something else ... that magic spark ... that sincere love and appreciation for their audience ... that feeling of joy and fun that they were able to so clearly translate to the audience ... they had what some call the 'it' factor, or star quality. That band was Little Yellow Perfect. I urge those in the music industry to do whatever you can to be a part of the excitement called Little Yellow Perfect."

-- Donna Miller, B93.1 KOSO FM, Modesto, CA

- Donna Miller, Music Director

"Sushi High"

"Take the hooky sophistication of Interpol, exchange the mope for pop, and you'll start to get an idea of LYP ... The last three decades have all gotten their rock on in different ways and LYP has found a way to take the best bits of those times and glue them together."

-- Claybird, contributing writer for online zine Sushi High - Claybird, Sushi High

"SF Entertainment Commission"

"Little Yellow Perfect's deft mix of danceable rock and stylish looks places the band comfortably on the uber-hip San Francisco rock scene -- until they graduate to the next level, that is."

-- Jocelyn Kane, Deputy Director of San Francisco's Entertainment Commission - Jocelyn Kane

"Billboard (All Music Guide)"

"Singer Chris Logan provides much of the sound structure by way of his slightly strained vocals with hints of both Bono and Liam Gallagher, but a little of something new as well." - Billboard (All Music Guide)

"LA Weekly"

"Fashionable S.F. pop-rockers Little Yellow Perfect…"
-- LA Weekly, Sept. 23, 2005 - Calendar

"The Owl Magazine"

"Dance-rock? Fashion rock? Alternative? Catchy guitar-rock? Underground power-pop? Regardless of any overly-categorical definition of SF-based Little Yellow Perfect's sound, one thing is clear: these guys can get a song stuck in your head.

This City and All of the Cities is a six-track EP released in August of 2005, a year after LYP¹s original drummer 'took a wrong turn on his way to a gig in Berkeley and was never seen again.' New drummer Mike Fritz definitely makes his presence felt on this EP, while fans hope his sense of direction is on par with his drumming.

With only six tracks, listeners are left wanting more, especially after hearing standouts 'Used as Directed' and 'Satellites' a few times. Vocalist and primary lyricist Cris Logan showcases his stirring voice, making these two songs both beguiling and easy to hear. So easy, in fact, it won¹t take long until you're embarrassing yourself mouthing lyrics in front of friends.

Look for LYP in The City, Oakland and Berkeley, coming through with a sound slightly reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World, The Killers and Interpol, with that Golden Gate to the East Bay twist." -- Tim O'Rourke, the Owl Mag, Sept. 28, 2005 - Tim O'Rourke

"San Francisco Chronicle"

"Bay Area dance-rock band Little Yellow Perfect employs the same heady mix of grit and glitter as the Killers and Queens of the Stone Age to get indie types going." - Datebook, by Bill Picture

"International Pop Overthrow"

"Little Yellow Perfect--a band that combines guitar rock and 'fashion rock,' appealing to fans who aren't embarrassed to sing along with their car stereos. Better make room in your car's CD changer..." - David Bash, Founder/CEO of the International Pop Overthrow

"Zero Magazine, August 2005"

Little Yellow Perfect, interesting name, even more interesting band... Taking the best from Queens Of The Stone Age and the better from Stone Temple Pilots, Little Yellow Perfect are not just another band to disregard. Their sound stays embedded in your head, their lyrics are easily remembered and after listening to “Fireflies,” you find yourself singing it well into your work day.

--Trisha, Zero Magazine Local Spotlight - Trisha, Local Spotlight


'Simple Devices' on Wax Orchard, available at and retail outlets across the western U.S. The single "C'Mon" has received radio airplay nationally.

'This City and All of the Cities' on Ruler Records, available online at,

Demo tracks available at and



In an era when hearts and souls are consumer goods and technology is intimate, Little Yellow Perfect launches its critique: "Simple Devices," recorded by Karl Derfler (Tom Waits, No Doubt, Talking Heads, the Who), and mixed by Boone Spooner (Alanis Morissette, The Cardigans, Vanessa Carlton). "Simple Devices" melds late-night inspiration and childhood radio obsessions (Roxy Music, The Cars, The Fixx, Duran Duran, U2), and is distributed in North America through Wax Orchard Records.

The band's previous record, the "This City and All of the Cities" EP, received national airplay as well as being spun on San Francisco radio icon Live105. Little Yellow Perfect has proven to be a podcaster's favorite, and both of the band¹s releases are currently available on, among various other digital distributors.

Singer/keyboardist Cris Logan met guitarist Jason Bridges in a Michigan music theory class, where they quickly convinced each other that they had nothing more to learn. Bassist "the Sound" (provenance unknown) met drummer Mike Fritz at the Bike Messenger World Championships in San Francisco. The two halves of the band fused through their mutual hatred of cover bands and love of matinee pricing.

Post-punk revivalists? Analog synth rockers, or rabble-rousers armed with keyboards? Whatever answer you get, Little Yellow Perfect is a San Franciscan indie rock band taking their name from a Stones song and their orders from no one.