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The best kept secret in music


Rare is the moment in recent times where a Hip Hop release is considerate of the necessary partnering of good production and solid emceeing. Better still is when the music is stellar and the artists do not fear the risk in releasing a product that is replete with a constant and positive theme throughout. There is nothing at all wrong with partying and the like but there has to be a manner of balance in the music as well. Atlanta (by way of NYC) MC Ekundayo does his best to bring about this balance with his solid disc Get Right Or Get Left.

After a brief instrumental intro, the disc’s first single “All I Know (Paper Chase)” is an amazing song highlighting the universal struggle many face in chasing the dream of financial freedom. Ekundayo’s production is expertly smooth; the vocals and harmonized hook also shine bright as well. The following track “In The Real World” mirrors the perfect blending of beats and rhymes of the song before it. Ekundayo’s confident yet subdued lyrics resonate well behind the lilting backing track. The production, while simple, is never busy and maintains the perfect amount of slight variation which allows Ekundayo’s rhymes to stand out as they should. Other standouts include the somber and sincere “Katrina” which directly portrays the tragedy of the New Orleans disaster through the eyes of a person who suffered through it. Though misguided in some fashion with its conspiracy theorist slants, the song will definitely strike a nerve in anyone who witnessed that destruction.

The track “Got That” is one of the more energetic songs present on the CD, and also one of the more surprising ones too. Ekundayo’s tales as the resident weed man almost contradicts the positive and earthy vibes that dominate the disc but it works simply because of a clever hook and fantastic production from Proximity Minds. There is a lot to enjoy about the disc and while the lack of varied tempos and flows make the disc lag toward the end, there isn’t one bad track at all. The simple and nuanced presentation of this release makes it one of the year’s best.

- D.L. Chandler -

If only one word could be used to describe Ekundayo's Get Right or Get Left, that word would undoubtedly be "smooth," a word which aptly describes both the rapper's flow, as well as the superbly produced tracks.

Get Right or Get Left starts off with the somewhat played-out theme of chasing that paper in "All I Know (Paper Chase)." However, rather than being just another tired hip-hop story, Ekundayo manages to pull together an interesting urban tale. The catchy melody of the hook "All I know is I gotta get dough" may make this composition a classic for Ekundayo. Even with the strong start, Ekundayo takes it up a notch with "Katrina," a hard-hitting look at the human dramas and slow government response associated with the disastrous hurricane. Set to the soul staple, "Stop, Look and Listen," "Katrina" draws the listener in from the opening beat all the way to its controversial conclusion. "Katrina" is a defiant cut that reveals something new with each listen.

A strong visual image of Ekundayo is painted in "Hazesacks," which also provides a solid portrayal of his captivating personality. Another intriguing track is "Loving U," a smooth tale that describes a special lady, as well the things that Ekundayo loves doing with her. "Loving U" is both innocent and naughty, complete with a catchy hook that makes the song stand out in an album full of strong cuts.

Ekundayo steps up the energy slightly in "Oh Okay," which, though faster in tempo, seems to lack some of the catchiness of many of the other tracks.

Ekundayo also manages to sprinkle in a little fun and games, along with some real life drama, through entertaining outros such as "Friday Night," "Telephone Love 1" and "Telephone 2."

With Get Right or Get Left, Ekundayo has managed to put together an ultra-smooth hip-hop gem. The album is one that can be enjoyed from start to finish without ever hitting the skip button. Get Right or Get Left is hot enough to appeal to true hip-hop fans, but smooth enough to appeal to R&B and neo-soul lovers - a combination that is very rare indeed. (Self-released)

-Jonathan Mason



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Feeling a bit camera shy


The Liuns Den is a family of artists stemming from many different backgrounds, such as africa, the carribean,central america and the u.s. Brought together through the energies that be, so that they may lace the track with their quest to take over the world. Their steady blend of reggae with a strong hip-hop influence has the tendency to take the listener to many places. One minute youre on the beach in the Caribbean, the next youre on the block workin the daily hustle.

Originating out of Uniondale High School in Long Island during the early 1990s, founding members Mounten Liun, Thunda Kat, Luz Wed, Sabertooth, Kwezorro da Latin Liun, Brane, and Jus Black, began performing at various clubs and events throughout New York such as Hofstra University,Nassau Community College, Old Westbury College, NYU, Baby Jupiter, Planet 28, Lyricist Lounge, Nuyorican Poets Cafe,Chameleon Lounge, Club Tropics,to name a few.

In 1995, it became evident that The Liuns Den was more than just another on-again, off-again hip-hop group. A few members relocated from New York to Atlanta. In Atlanta, the Liuns Den became a well known act in the city performing at clubs such as Apache Cafe, The Peacock, and MJQ. As well as opening performances for recording artists Dead Prez at the Liuns Den's own venue, the Liuns Lair and reggae artist Culture at the Reggae Fest in Birmingham Alabama.