Live Alien Broadcast

Live Alien Broadcast


Live Alien Broadcast is a Baltimore-based original rock band that has been together over 10 years. We have released 4 full-length albums, and EP and singles, and have toured most of the country with many National Acts selling in excess of 10,000 copies of our recordings.


In the 10+ years that Live Alien Broadcast has been together, the band has gone through many changes but remained constant in it's dedication to pure original rock. The band has been- and still is- described as having a completely unique sound that has never become "dated" or stale, and is still relevant to anything currently on the radio- even their material that is 5-8 years old. Many reviews and fans have said, "It's an atrocity that Live Alien Broadcast's songs still are not on mainstream radio." With a catalogue of more than 50 original songs and more in the works, Live Alien Broadcast has remained true to thier original vision: uncompromising original music that defies trends and continues to move the masses. After 10+ years, the band is still continuing to draw new fans and transcend the trends.


Distant- full length CD released on Monument Records
Even Further- full length CD released on Fowl Records, 2 songs receiving major local airplay
Long Way Down- full length CD released on Fowl Records, 3 songs receiving major local airplay
"Give/Sleep/Turned" EP- 3 song EP
"Something Wrong" single- major local airplay
Ordinary- full length CD released on GiG/Mothership Records, 2 songs so far receiving major local airplay

Set List

The setlist changes nightly and ranges from 45 minutes to 2+ hours occasionally. It is a combination of all of our original material from more than 50 songs.