live animals

live animals

 Huntington Beach, California, USA

we rock sh!t we have been killing it sense 1997 and recorded our first cd in 98. we never fail to rock a show and are currently starting radio promotion.. reggae, punk, and alt.
this is a life long passion and will always be what we do!


Live Animals (oc)
Formed in 1997
Paul Vasterling – Bass Vocals
Russell Vasterling- Guitar Vocals
Abe Cueva—Drums
We play a mix of rock, ska and alt. (I would best describe it as Surf Rock)
We formed in Orange County, CA and played local venues all over So Cal.
Then in 2002 we moved to New Jersey and played in , NYC , New jersey , Mass, and Ohio
In 2006 we moved back to Orange County, CA and played shows around.
We have never had a problem rocking a bar.
.more info and video's can be had at

We have over 40 recorded songs



Buster Brown

Written By: Russell Vasterling "Live Animals"

Seems like only yesterday we loaded the van up and we headed to play
Took the stage while you waited. Probly contemplated witch drunk chick to lick, but I know that
You hate it when we come out all faded smoke a cig and scratch your head. Back in till later but you seem like a savior, to meet us, to greet us, tried your best so you could see us. I know that you’d be proud so I’m going to sing it up so loud..
“Buster brown buster brown. You were always down with that reggae music morning till sundown.
Back around again with the hooligans your bruiser friends yes you and them will never forget you
Will see you when we see you…”

So we took him from Lynwood down to 31st street, lived at the beach. Then drove to cabo for two weeks.
We had some miss haps on the way. Moved from Cali to NJ. Walked all over new York city cuz no dogs in subway. Went to Mass to play a show then Athens Ohio.. every were between and then the greatest show. You saw Logan on his birthday all the way to his fifth you’re his first doggy kiss ,the one will always miss..